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Social Point, one of the most important companies in the mobile games industry is responsible for bringing a video game, which even today more than 40 million people around the world, which has inspired in the style of Pokemon game play. Legendary monsters This Monster Legends you will find both a campaign mode and a multiplayer mode, in the campaign mode, your goal is to conquer a series of Islands while in mode online you can join other players and fight against others and their numerous monsters, both in the stadium and equipment war mode. We are talking about Monster Legends, a game with a very important social part and which also incorporates a small bell. In this game we will go hunting monsters or defeating them to make them we already have at our disposal is most powerful. The more gameplay in this Monster Legends resides in the intersection between monsters towards some more powerful that can create.

Resources Monster Legends

As in the as MMO(Massive Multiplayer Online) is also a management game, with management we mean that I will have to raise our monsters, collect food and make them stronger for the combat arena. In addition to of course raise different species to cross them and to leave a more powerful monster and get to create an incredible team to do battle against other monsters in the arena of combat. Of course you will have to train your monsters, and give them food. Food and other resources like gold that is will give you while you have a good habitat and best. Join as your friends with their respective monsters, upload them level, aparealos and get the best monsters either epic or legendary to battle against other players around the world. Not let pass the opportunity of converting you in the best fighter of the sand.

Best combinations Monster Legends

You will then show some of the legendary monsters who may be creating this 2016:
Nemestrinus: Rhynex + Darknubis The Chief of the forest, which returns to establish the balance of ecosystems. It can buy also by 2,300 gems and its price to the sell it is of 7,500 coins of gold. Weak against the element fire.
Lord of the Atlantis Razfeesh + Elemental Drop The King of the seas who decided to start their way ashore, strong against fire but weak to electric power. You can sell for 7,500 gold coins or on the other hand it can also be purchased by 2,300 gems.
Vadamagma Skipples + Duchess Monster that is born of a volcano, very powerful against enemies of fire although is weak to them enemies of type water, besides it is invulnerable to the blindness. Is available from level 25, you can sell for 7,500 gold coins or buy by 2,300 gems.
Thorder Rabidex + Tartarus Knight of lightning, one of its main features is its speed. Strong against the element water but weak against the opponents of the Earth element. You can get at the store by 2,300 gems and you can sell for 7,500 gold.
Darkzgul Fayemelina + Darknubis As one of the heads of the dark Darkzgul is strong against them monsters of type land but weak against the light. You can buy by 2,300 gems and sell it by 7,500 of gold.
Goldfield Erpham + Elemental Drop Powerful against the element of light but weak monster to the item of plant. If we were to put in a single body the word "magic" without a doubt would be Goldfield. You can sell for 7,500 gold and buy by 2,300 gems.
Arch Knight Goldcore + Esthirel The development of light, strong against the element of darkness but weak against the element of magic. You can sell for 7,500 gold and buy in the store by 2,300 gems.
Laomu Erpham + gallant Legendary monster of type nature, spirituality and his reminiscence will blind to many monsters. Strong against the magic element and weak against the element of fire. Is can sell for 10,000 of gold or buy in the store by 2,300 gems.
Nebotus Obsidia + Chtulhu First legendary of darkness. Resistant to the element Earth and weak against the element light. You can buy by 2,300 gems if you do not want to mate as selling it for 10,000 gold.
Worker Hulk Pandalf + Hyperion Monster light element-resistant but weak element natura. You can also get in the store by 2,300 gems and sell it for 10,000 gold.
  As every legendary monster has seen it belongs to a type of element representing its greatest exponent in its ecosystem. You can get both pairing table as well as monsters by buying them at the video game store, which will make you lack many gems and so also are the Monster Legends hacks which you can find on the net. Actually the legendary monsters do not stop being evolutions, what in this game are transmitted as mating to give rise to a stronger species. Increasingly emerging video games where our mission is to train and train to beings to fight against other players, and undoubtedly is a genre that has bright future. Not only by the possibilities in combat but can give an endless gaming experience.

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