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Capcom recently released a trailer which shows the novelties of theupdate Ver. 13.50 by Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. Two new monsters are introduced in this new update: the Arch-tempered Namielle and the Master Rank Kulve Taroth.

These had already been presented during the developer diary 5, along with other dangerous monsters introduced in the last update. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, which we have reviewed, will also receive two new variants on PC soon.

We remind you that the game is currently available, both in its basic version and with its Iceborne DLC, on 4 PlayStation, Xbox One and PC.

What's new in MHW: Iceborne update Ver. 13.50

The protagonists of the new trailer shown by Capcom are the arch-tempered Namielle, an enhanced version of a monster already present in the title, and the first of the “arch-tempered” category to be introduced in the game, and the Kulve Taroth of master rank.

The Kulve Taroth is already available in its "high rank" version, which until now, upon death, left weapons with random statistics.

In his master rank version, in addition to leaving materials for the enhancement of the latter, he can also drop materials to build his new armor, Kulve Taroth α +.

For the arch-tempered Namielle it will be possible to obtain the armor instead Namielle γ +. There will also be two free pendants, theornament Kulve oro and Arch-tempered fragment of Namielle.

For a fee, there will be two other pendants: the shining heart of Kulve topaz and heart of Kulve emerald. Finally, with the update, some paid hairstyles will also arrive, like that Rath, broken braid, wandering samurai and thick hair.

Update 13.50 will be released on 23 April on all platforms in the game. For more information on the new updates and on this in particular, we refer you to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne official site english.

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