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Capcom, present at E3 with Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, showed some small news destined to radically change the game. Let's see them together, starting from the presentation of the new city, Seliana.

Seliana, city in the snow

Seliana is the name of the new one basis of the research commission, shown in detail in the live Capcom. The base is much larger than the old Astera, and has all the structures already present with the addition of the Centrale steam powered. Walking around Seliana was shown the panoramic mode, which can also be activated in this quest, will allow you to freely zoom the view.

The Steam Plant

Already announced with the first trailer, the steam power plant is a Seliana novelty. It is a structure managed by the Felyne of friends (Cacciaprede) and by the Wyvernian of the coordination center, obtaining fuel you can use the control panel to get items.

Fuel is obtained by completing missions or by trading it from NPCs in the game. In the live we saw some familiar objects, already present in the G Rank of the other titles: Powders of Life e Buoni Gourmet.

New small monsters, the Wulg

I Bulge are new Fanged Wyverns that can be used as mezzo di trasporto in the Brine Expanses. Like all small monsters allies, it will be possible to ride them. They will follow a point on the map marked by the player. Riding the Wulg it is also possible to sharpen the weapon, use the slingshot and use some objects.

New scaling for multiplayer

On MH: W there is no distinction between the number of players present on a mission and the monster's life, a monster will have the same life with 2, 3 or 4 players. That will change on Iceborne: The Monster Will Have different statistics depending on the number of players, and if a player abandons the mission the statistics will be recalculated and readjusted.

Hunter Rank and Master Rank

Against all expectations, it has been shown that the GC, Hunter Rank, will not be reset to a predefined amount upon starting Iceborne. However there will be two stats: The GC, which rises with low and high rank missions, and the Master degree, for Master Rank missions.

Major changes to the jewelry slots

The brand new ones were shown level 4 slot he slot also on cloaks e cane. Timed item slots can contain abilities, but they will have no effect if the item is not used or is reloading.

Tigrex, terror of the ice

To conclude the live, a hunt for Tigerx. His moveset is very schematic, made up of charges and jumps, and appears slower than his version of the old chapters. With the hunt for the Tigrex it is noted that the Clutch Claw it's spammable, you can also use it with the monster in rage, but if the monster attacks you still take damage.

Monster Hunter: World is already available for PS4, Xbox One and PC and we have also reviewed it. Iceborne is a massive paid expansion that will be released on September 6 on consoles, and on PC with a date yet to be announced.

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