Monster Hunter World: How to Increase Weapon Affinity

Monster Hunter World is available for PS4, Xbox One and PC from January 26, 2018, but even today, a few months later, is one of the most played titles. This is obviously due to its very high longevity and the fact that it takes a very long time to be fully browsed. The game world Monster Hunter World is rich and varied and discovering all its secrets is not easy without a little help.

The guides are here for this and today we are going to see how to increase a very important attribute related to weapons. It should be remembered that Monster Hunter World it does not have a system of character progress similar to that found in other role-playing games. The character does not increase in level, the only ways to improve performance are, first, find weapons and armor increasingly powerful and, second, acquire skills that will facilitate our task as a monster hunter.

A very important attribute to always keep under the magnifying glass is Affinity.

What is Weapon affinity

Affinity is the value with which your critical hit probability is measured. A high affinity weapon will be able to deliver more critical hits than a weapon without this trigger. A critical hit inflicts more damage than a normal attack, and if it hits a monster's weak spot it has a good chance of knocking it out (depending on the weapon and attack used).

Every single weapon we collect in the game will have an affinity value ranging from -100% to +100%. Basically, weapons have a value of 0, it's up to us to increase it. Let's see how.

How to increase affinity

There are only 2 options.

  • Upgrade your weapon or make a different one. You can do it in the Astera forge. The affinity of some weapons will always remain the same regardless of the upgrade level. You can see it before you make any decision in the forge.
  • Thanks to skills. If you don't feel like going around finding weapons that already have high or decent levels of affinity, then you will have to develop the necessary skills to achieve the goal. Let's see below which are the skills that improve the affinity statistics:
  • Instigator: Increases attack power and affinity when large monsters get angry.
  • Attack Bonus: Increases attack power. Also improves affinity to higher levels (you need to group more of these abilities to get the effect). You can find this skill on the Rathalos Helmet and the Bone Fighter. Attack Bonus II is even more effective and can be found on higher level missions.
  • Kidnap-Damage: Increases the likelihood of critical attacks when making a quick attack with a melee weapon in extraction.
  • Critical eye: Increases affinity in an obvious way. On Kulu suckers you have a good chance of finding this skill.
  • Maximum Power: Increases affinity when resistance is full.
  • Weak Point: affinity increases in relation to attacks that inflict damage on monsters' weak points.
  • Affinity in Slide: After a slide, affinity increases for a short period of time.

The best options to increase affinity remain to upgrade your weapon and gain the Critical Eye skill through armor, spells and decorations. Critical Eye, in fact, is the ability that improves the affinity value more considerably.

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