Monster Hunter World How to Increase Health and Stamina

In games like Monster Hunter World in which you are always at the center of the action and the fighting is getting more and more difficult, knowing how to increase health and stamina can be crucial to not make a bad end against the monsters that will give us battle.

By default, the bars that indicate health and stamina in Monster Hunter World are quite small. There are several ways to increase them, some fast and some more complex. Let's see together which ones they are.

How to increase health and stamina

Here are all the ways to increase the health and stamina bars:

  • Eat a meal in the cafeteria. The best dish to order to see your health grow is undoubtedly the Chef's Choice Platter.
    You can unlock better ingredients by doing this for the cook in Astera. He will have a yellow exclamation mark above his head when new missions are available.
    You can also get ingredients from delivery quests entrusted by other characters. So the advice is not to sell all the items you find, but to keep the ones you'll need to complete subsequent delivery quests.
    The Canteen will automatically update as you progress through the game, resulting in better ingredients.
  • Use Potions and Mega Nutrients
    The Potion Max is the best as it increases the health bar up to the maximum allowed. A good hunter must always have one or two of these potions in his pocket when undertaking a mission. Use them only when the effects of your meal at the canteen have worn off! Otherwise it is a total waste. To crack Potion Max you need Mega Nutrients and Mandrake mushrooms.
    Mega Nutrients provide a small health boost.
  • Get armor / spells / decorations that improve health
    Every piece of armor has a special skill. For example, Bone Helm is great for giving a health boost. Use it at the beginning, when spells are not yet unlockable.
    Spells will be unlocked in the middle of the game. They give a buff of skill (such as more health, defense, attack power, more endurance, etc.). You can also upgrade your armor to increase the effect but it will take a while to collect materials.
    Decorations: The option to create decorations on your armor is unlocked halfway through the game after unlocking the 6-star tasks. Basically, your armor will have free decoration slots (a bit like runes) after this point. These slots can be filled with the decorations you'll get from 6-star quests or even higher. You can also melt old decorations at the Pentolone located in the village of Astera to create new ones.

Note: There is no way to increase your health permanently (only with armor and amulets, but when you switch to a different armor your health will go back). Your health doesn't increase even when you increase Rank, but it stays fixed throughout the game!

Tip: Always eat a Chef's Choice Platter before each quest and take two Max Potions with you. When the effect of the meal wears off, your health will return to normal, but if you drink Max Potion, you can maximize it again. Also bring other potions that provide buff. For example, Armorskin Potion makes your skin rock-hard, so you can suffer more damage.

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