Monster Hunter World Guide to the Siege of Kulve Taroth

Since April 19, Capcom has introduced a new and fearsome old dragon, the Kulve Taroth, to Monster Hunter World. In order to maximize the collection of materials and the number of rewards, an entire 16-person session is required - divided, of course, into groups of four players.

Unlocking the siege in Monster Hunter World

First, you'll need to have completed the main Monster Hunter World story and have a hunter rank greater than or equal to 16 to enter the siege of Kulve Taroth.

To unlock the mission, the hunter will have to go on an expedition and, with a bit of luck, find a clue about the old dragon. The search shouldn't take you too long: Kulve Taroth is covered entirely in gold, so pay close attention to any golden mounds.

After several tests, we noticed that the best way to complete this step is to go to the Crystal Heath and look for heaps in zones 10 - 11 - 12 - the hot areas with lava and magma.

Once back from the expedition with your clue, you will be able to talk to the admiral who, during a meeting, will tell you about the fearsome golden creature. Now you can take part in the siege of Kulve Taroth!

It's advisable to make the siege with an entire session, so it's easier and more fruitful to hunt the golden beast.


The new senior dragon of Monster Hunter World obviously requires a minimum of strategy.

Given the impressive size of the creature and the volume of damage it causes, it is advisable to bring the cloak of vitality with you. If you are sure instead of being able to avoid the monster's physical attacks, the fireproof cloak is another excellent choice, in order to minimize the damage of the Kulve Taroth's fiery breaths.

Of course, monsters can't be defeated simply by defending themselves: it's important to attack as well.

Bearing in mind the vital importance of breaking the old dragon's parts, the Braggart skill proves to be extremely useful. Using the Critical Strike skill is also recommended: every hit you make on a monster's weak spot will have an increase in affinity.

It is important to remember to take the essential items of the hunt, such as Mega Potions, Ancient Pills, Rations and especially Fresh Drinks.

The siege of Kulve Taroth

Only one siege of Kulve Taroth is available within each session of Monster Hunter World, so you will need to complete it before you can do it a second time. In order to complete the siege, players will have to take part in the mission several times.

The siege has different objectives, each with its own score. Each hunter's main objective is to score the most points before the destruction of Kulve Taroth's horns, which will mark the final end of the siege.

The Golden Elder Dragon also has a pursuit level, the maximum of which is 6, which establishes the creature's weakness: the higher the level of pursuit, the easier it will be to break its parts, thus making the most of the time provided for the siege.

Each player has his own Reward level, the maximum of which is 17, which determines the quality and number of rewards he will get at the end of the siege.

The siege of Kulve Taroth can be divided into 3 phases:

In Phase One, the monster will move inside the caves of El Dorado, without attacking them. Players will have to collect footprints and objects left by the Kulve Taroth, trying to damage it as much as possible.

In addition to the classic weapon approach, the map also features several guns and environmental traps in the form of boulders. There will also be golden Gajalakas in the area ready to annoy anyone who disturbs the old dragon - a single shot of Explosive Crystal will be enough to stop them.

We recommend concentrating attacks on the weaker parts of the Kulve Taroth: Head, front legs, chest and tail - which has four different pieces.

The second phase of the hunt will begin by moving the Kulve Taroth to Area 2, a more open and unobstructed area where hunters will face the old dragon first-hand.

The objective of this stage is always the same: damage it as much as possible, break parts and remove the layers of gold that defend it.

For archers and artillerymen there are two raised areas not accessible by Kulve Taroth's hand-to-hand attacks.

It will often attack by rolling sideways on itself or making small frontal charges. As soon as she looks ready to pull her head back, get ready: she's about to throw one of her dangerous fiery winds.

Do not be fooled by the monster's slowness, its size and strength can bring even the most skilled hunter to his knees.

If the Golden Elder receives enough damage, he will be forced to retreat to Area 3, a magmatic area for which the use of the recommended Fresh Drinks is required. There are two environmental traps in this area: 2 lava eruptions and 3 stalactites to drop over the violent creature.

The beginning of the third step is indicated by the removal of any gold coating previously exploited by Kulve Taroth. Free of any weight, the last phase of the battle takes place in Area 4.

Now devoid of gold coatings, the Kulve Taroth is able to carry attacks with extreme speed and even more aggressiveness. The flames of the old dragon, in this form, hit a larger area and, in addition, will often hit the ceiling: this will result in the fall of gold cast that, if not avoided, will cause damage to hunters.

Once the horns are completely detached, the Kulve Taroth will escape and the siege will be considered complete. Remember, before returning to base, to collect the materials left by each horn!

To get the additional rewards, instead, just talk to the lady of the celestial hunt again and, under the section concerning the siege, select the Rewards option.

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