Monster Hunter World Guide to the Hunt for the Behemoth

The legendary Behemoth has finally arrived in the New World.
Brave hunters, warriors of light, take up arms!
A new mode of hunting awaits you to oust the terrible monster.

We have hunted him, and we will provide you with everything you need to know to survive in this Behemoth hunting guide.

How to get the mission

As soon as you enter the session, talk to the Assistant Seria near the search committee.
It will let you know of strange creatures sighted in the wild spires.
Enter the optional mission and follow the Cactuars, monsters who are decidedly out of place in the New World.
Once there, a video will start showing a light crystal stolen from a Kulu-Ya-ku, which will use its power to grow to a disproportionate size.
Defeat him in order to obtain the rejection mission of the Behemoth, who will then arrive in the New World.
Once you hold back enough, the mission will be complete and you will be assigned the "Counterattack to the Beast" hunting mission, where you can finally start your Behemoth hunt.

The Behemoth

This legendary monster comes from another land, and we'll immediately get a report on his weaknesses.
Head and tail are his weak points, focus on those.
Horns and legs are breakable, while the tail can be cut off.

It suffers a lot from dragon-type damage, on average ice and water damage, and minimally thunder and fire damage.
The Behemoth is affected equally by all statuses, so he can be put to sleep, paralyzed, poisoned, stunned, and "burst".


We recommend the use as always of potions and megapotions, possibly bring herbs and honey to make an additional stock.
Essential lightning insects, healing powders and strength and defense pills/dust.
Health pills and antiques may also be useful in case you faint during the mission.
Use the mega-bombs if you have a chance to put him to sleep and bomb him.

Equip the technical cloak and the vitality cloak, alternatively the healing flare.

The fight

The fighting with Behemoth is very special: this collaboration shakes the foundations of both games.
The mechanics of Final Fantasy in fact have been included in this game, giving us a particular and exciting hunting.
A mechanics from FF is introduced: the aggro.
The hunter who hits the Behemoth in the head several times will attract the monster's attention.
The aggro is shown through a red line of light that connects you to the monster.
The Behemoth will mainly attack you, both physically and with spells.

Yes, the Chaste Monster of Spells: the writing on the side heralds the cast of Meteora, Charybdis, Thunderbolt and finally Ecliptic Meteor.
He also has several physical attacks that we're going to explain, all in detail.


Meteor will cause a meteor to descend from above and explode on contact with the ground.
It is very easy to avoid: keep running and move away from the impact area, marked with a red light zone on the ground.


Charybdis is a spell that will make a tornado appear under your feet.
The tornado is similar to the one produced by Kushala Daora: instantaneous damage, rejection with loss of balance and remains fixed on the ground.
That's why when the Behemoth begins to cast this spell you'll have to run as far away as possible in the hunting grounds.
In fact, leaving one or more tornadoes on the ground is dangerous for the team: just pass close or go against them distractedly and you will be vulnerable targets.
Run to the walls, or at any rate away from the hunting area to make them arrange so as not to interfere in your hunt and make it more difficult than it already is.

Pro-tip: You can interrupt the cast of Charybdis by throwing a flash bug in the face of the prey.


Casting Thunderbolt the Behemoth will cause lightning strikes in random areas of the ground.
Absolutely avoid them, possibly using the superman-dive (which makes you invulnerable throughout the dodge).

Ecliptic Meteor

The Ecliptic Meteor is the final move of the Behemoth.
It has the particularity of instantly killing anyone who is IN THE WHOLE GAME MAP, regardless of the level of physical or elemental defenses.

To survive you must find shelter behind the small falling meteors that remain on the ground during the fight with the monster.
Hide back there, stand between them and the small air circle that heralds the arrival of the final meteor and you will be able to survive.

Also, before the cast of this fearsome final move, the Behemoth cannot die.
So be patient and survive as long as possible to finally kill this terrible monster.

Physical attacks

One of its attacks is the sinking blow: if you are far away, the Behemoth will quickly charge towards you, or will leap out to hit you.
Dodge with the superman-dive in any direction and you will be safe.

Then he has a blow where he carries on his hind legs, gets up, and drops weight on you.
Try not to get hit or you'll be landed, easy prey to further fatal blows.

Follow the tail shots, which can be either rear, if you are behind him, or 360°, in which the monster will turn on itself by hitting all around.
These moves are both dodgeable and parable, if you use shielded weapons.

Finally he has a blow where he hits you with his claws with a paw, causing great damage and bleeding status, extremely dangerous in a hunt like this.

The composition of the team

Being a crossover event, this team composition mechanics has been added.
It is advisable to use a team with several specific roles, each with their own tasks.
Obviously this will make the hunt easier and give you that Final Fantasy feeling, but you don't have to follow this setup.

1- Tank

The tank is the one that attracts the Behemoth's attention, causing the aggro.
Possibly with a spear or rifle launcher and armor that increases the chances of parade.
This way you can constantly hit the head and break the horns, a key piece in armor crafting.

2- Healer

The curator will have to keep an eye on the team and keep it alive, and provide very useful buff to his teammates.
Recommended the use of a Hunting Horn with care and increased attack - defense.
Also useful is the song that reduces the consumption of resistance.
Alternatively you can use a Sword and Shield set with Wide Area, which provides the cure to everyone simply by drinking potions and eating berries.
Everyone bring some life powders and keep an eye on your comrades and be ready to treat them.

3- 2 Damage Dealers

The attackers will have to bring as much damage as possible to the target by riddling it with endless blows.
Get your freak on weapons and armour, but fast weapons such as Double Blades and Loaded Blades (which allow you to cover yourself) are recommended.
One of them should use a bow or crossbows.
With the latter it is possible to inflict negative status on prey.
By putting him to sleep you can use the mega-bomb barrels to inflict a lot of damage and paralyzing him will make him an easy target for all hunters.


Whoever succeeds in killing the terrible Behemoth will have great rewards:
-The Drachen Armor Set α, which besides being extremely beautiful is really very strong and in goal.
Provides Attack, Expert and Critical Plus, key skills for a Falcon Bug set (with at least a 2 slot for each piece of armor).
-The Bug Falcon "Gae Bolg" with 589 atk, 300 dragon damage, 20% affinity, elemental boost and a 2 slot.
-dressed as Behemoth for the Poogie. -Mm-hmm.
-Moogle armor set for your comrade Felyne.

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