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It is shortly to Monster Hunter World: Iceborne, with new weapons and abilities to change and revolutionize the current Meta and game system. The well-established goal of World is therefore about to set, leaving room for the new Master rank.

But what is the best way to prepare for the upcoming expansion other than forging and upgrading the best pieces of equipment?

In this second guide to the goal of World we will list the best weapons to be used in the end game and to be used alongside ability already covered in the last guide.

Almost all of the best weapons in the game are among the random drops of the Kulve Taroth, but, where possible, we will also list non-meta weapons but still excellent and normally forged.


The absolute king of the Greatswords is undoubtedly the Greatsword Wyvern Flush "Impact". This weapon, winner of the competition to create a fanmade weapon, is the best in its category for the high raw attack and natural white sharpness. It also has the fire element dormant, allowing you to play Non-Elemental Bonus.

For the operation of the weapon itself, i.e. slow and targeted charges, the elemental greatswords do not find space in the meta and are beaten by non-elemental greatswords. The only noteworthy elemental greatsword is the Kjàrr Vaal, weapon of the Kulve Taroth Arcitemprata, usable against i 4 Rath of the game.

Another good sword is the Ruin Flame Galea, weapon of the Lunastra with parts of Nergigante. Although it does not win any match up in the game it is a good alternative to the Flush for the good pure damage and the blast, but we recommend forging the Flush with the appropriate event.

Long Sword

For the Longsword, as with most weapon categories, there is little choice. There Kulve he has all the best weapons in his hand.

For the sheer damage they fight there Sword Taroth Fire and l 'Divine Slicer. The first is the best choice using the classic set with Perfect shape, not needing a Craftsman. The Slicer wins in particular sets with Heroism.

Lo Helmbreaker spirit has a negative multiplier when used with a Sword elementary, but despite this the Spade Kjàrr they still manage to make times similar to non-elementals. Especially the Kjàrr Vaal, best Dragon Sword along with the Harrowing Scourge of Deviljho.

Last is the Long Sword Lunastra + Nergigante, which despite the outbreak is unable to keep up with the fire.

Sword and Shield

The Sword and Shield on World was "split in half". The weapon has two playstyle totally different, which change the weapon to choose to make the most of them.

- Old combo: The classic sword combo. This quick coupler is ideal forelement, since the quantity of the element does not depend in any way on the danno of the weapon. Unfortunately, every good elemental SnS is from the Kulve Taroth AT, without any possible forged alternative. There NergiLuna it is the only good alternative, but inferior to the Shield Bash.

- Blow of Scudo: The Hunter launches into the air and then plummets hitting the monster with it shield of the weapon. This attack does not apply element e status, but is affected by attack and weapon critical. For this the non-elemental weapons dominate this type of playstyle. The best SnS ever is that of Geralt, directly from The Witcher, followed by the NergiLuna and Deviljho e Taroth Barroth.

Double Blades

The Double Blades, similar to the Sword and Shield, are very fast weapons that do elemental spam their strong point. For this all Elementary charge constitute the goal for this category of weapon.

The only advisable forging elemental Double Blades are Anjanath e Deviljho, but they lose a lot compared to Kjàrr for the need to use the pieces with Critic Elementale.

The two-element double blades are not recommended Fire and Ice (mixed series Kushala Daora and Teostra). The elemental damage shown on the screen must be considered divided by 10 first, to derive the true elemental value of the weapon, and after again for two because each blade applies half of the element.

Putting this calculation on Fire and Ice, with 240 Ice and 240 burst, it is deduced that a blade applies 12 ice once every two shots, and another 12 outbreak with an average of one hit in six.

Double Blades can also be used non-elemental: the best are the Zirael di Characteristic da The Witcher, followed by Devils.


The Hammer is one of the weapons impact of the game, that is, capable of to confuse monsters giving blows to the head.

The Hammer also wins with Non-Elemental Bonus, with the Hammer Taroth Sleep or the hammer of the Devils.

Il Kjàrr Vaal it approaches the time of the Taroth sleep on the Rath, and the hammers XenoLuna e NergiLuna are excellent alternatives to Taroth Sleep and Diablos, which unless you do extremely fast and precise hunts loses thewhite sharpness.

Hunting horn

Monster Hunter's other Impact weapon, the Hunting Horn can playing melodies to boost up the user and companions.

This does not mean that it is a sidearm, on the contrary the Horn can boast i valori di KO higher than the game.

The most important melody of a horn is Attack L, which played twice becomes XL connection and upgrades all hunters within the performance range.

The three best horns are Taroth Sleep, Deviljho e Lunastra.


The Spear is the weapon with the fewest options in the game. He throws it Cimiero Taroth “Odo” it is superior to any other spear, forge or Kulve.

Other good options are there Kjàrr Ice e Kjàrr Thunder o Thunder Taroth, exclusively against the Kulve Taroth.

Shotgun Launcher

The Rifle Lance has four different playstyles. Each type of bullet is used differently, and even the spear used without bullets has a valid playstyle.

- Normal: All Lance Rifles Taroth rarity 8 with bullets normal Lv.4. The Normal combo features the melee combo followed by the full download and charging. A good forge is there Spear of the Pink Rathian.

- Folding fan: Kjàrr Water o rarity 8 Taroth with fan Lv. 4. The Fan combo alternates lance strokes e bullets not loaded. The Kjàrr Vaal it is targeted, but is still played with the style of the fans.

- Targeted: Taroth King rarity 6. Targeted bullets never attack with a spear, they just spam the bullets. The damage of the bullets is always the same for spears with the same level, regardless of the attack of the weapon. For this the Taroth rarity 6 is the best, thanks to the possibility of using three upgrades in Regeneration without losing damage.

- Melee: Same combo as normal but avoiding the discharge, ideal for sets with the 100% affinity. The best Lancia melee is there Taroth said, forged Jagras e Deviljho.


One of the few cases where Kulve weapons are overtaken by weapons Moon, the two swords NergiLuna e XenoLuna they are the best in the game thanks to their excellent stats and blast.

The Swordfish Kjàrr Paralysis is the best option in multiplayer, and Elementary charge they can turn out to be an interesting match up with some monsters.

The only good Sword Ax to exploit Non-Elemental Bonus and the Taroth Water, but is overtaken by the Lunastra.

Loaded Blade

The Loaded Blade of Devils she managed to hold her position from best weapon in its category since the release of World, now joined by the Taroth Devils, identical but with more defense.

However, the impact vials they are no longer the only possibility accepted by the meta. Thanks to the Arch-tempered Kulve Taroth and hers Kjàrr we find ourselves in an inverse situation, in which the elemental vials manage to beat the impact.

This is possible thanks to the Kjàrr Ice and its 620 (62) Ice. This allows the weapon to do great elemental damage even to non-faint ice monsters, winning or getting close to Diablos damage on all monsters except Nergigante, Kushala Daora, Legiana, Behemoth, Leshen and Rath.

For the latter the Kjàrr Vaal is the best choice, and the Kjàrr kadachi beats every other melee weapon to break the golden mantle of the Kulve Taroth.

Another good forged Loaded Blade is the NergiLuna, but inferior to all the others.

Insect Falchion

The Falcione Insetto, which we remember being much more effective when used on the ground without exploiting air strikes, it is the ultimate swordsman weapon. This weapon also uses the meta of Touch of the Master.

The best generic falchion is the NergiLuna, followed by the Taroth Sleep.

Also Elementary charge are used, and the Kjàrr Paralysis is the best glaive in multiplayer and the best against Devils e the Odogaron.

For the Kinsetti, the two best are Pseudocath (Burst) e Cancadaman (Paralysis).

Light Crossbow

The crossbows are divided into light e Heavy. The two are distinguished by the attack and the usable bullets, generally the light one uses less powerful bullets but can use the Rapid Fire.

- Normal Bullets Lv2: Taroth Support

- Fan Bullets Lv2: Jyuratodus e Kjàrr Vaal

- Fan Bullets Lv3: Deviljho

- Dragon bullets: Kjàrr Vaal

- Water bullets: Kjàrr Vaal

- Thunder Bullets: Kjàrr Thunder or XenoLuna

- Bullets Ice: Kjàrr Ice

The other elemental projectiles are inconvenient to use because of the small hitzone monsters or bad crossbows. Elemental damage from crossbows always has a 3 skill point cap.

Heavy Crossbow

The Heavy Crossbow uses more powerful bullets of the light, but with less mobility and without Rapid Fire.

- Piercing Bullets Lv2 / 3: Kjàrr Water, alternatively Taroth Support

- Cluster Bullets Lv3: Deviljho

- Status: Zorah Magdaros (also uses Explosives e Bunch)

- Fan Bullets Lv3: Taroth Jagras


To conclude the guide let's talk about the Bow, one of the most modified weapons compared to the past of World.

The arch is a 'elemental weapon thanks to its various combos and multi hits, and should never be used non-elemental.
Il Perforadraghi, to be avoided in any situation, it has a negative damage multiplier when used by elemental weapons.

Most of the best bows are now from Kulve, with a few exceptions.

- Fire: Anjanath, follows the Kjàrr King

- Water: Kjàrr Water and Taroth Water

- Thunder: Taroth Thunder, Kjàrr Kadachi follows. Also good is the forged Kadachi

- Ice: Kjàrr Legiana, follows the forged Legiana

- Drago: Kjrr Vaal, Taroth Regina, Vaal Hazak, Dragosso.

Monster Hunter: World is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is an expansion of the game to be released on September 6th on Console and January 2020 on PC.




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