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Hunters, as you may have noticed Monster Hunter: World is not limited to monster hunting alone, but it is a real living, pulsating world.
The possibilities are high and the tasks to be done are many: we can dive 100% into this universe.

A simple but very interesting mechanics of this game is the ability to capture small animals in the various open maps.
This can lead to meeting the demands of some NPCs, providing you with rewards, as well as the ability to free such pets for your accommodation to keep you company.
In addition, some of these are extremely rare and will lead you to unlock a trophy.

Let's see together the locations and ways to get these elusive little monsters.

Rainbow Bright

The purpose of this trophy is to capture the elusive Prism Hercudrome.
It is located in the Ancient. Forest, and due to its twilight nature, this insect will only come out into the open at dawn or at dusk.
The location of the insect in question is this:
In particular, it will appear on that tree to the right of the clearing.
Equip your net on the slingshot, approach it calmly and take home the beautiful holo insect and the silver trophy.

Bristles for All

To unlock this trophy you'll need to capture the Bristly Crake, a legendary bird covered in a hard and bizarre plumage.
It is located in the Rotten Vale, but the big problem is that unlike the rainbow hercules insect the Bristly will only appear with luck.
So you will have to try and try again until you are lucky enough to meet him.
But where does this strange biped live? Let's say he loves to stay in the backside of the Mosswine, the pig you've surely seen around hunting for mushrooms.
As already said, it is only a matter of luck to meet him so if you do not meet him at the first attempt do not get discouraged: open the map, go back to the camp, wait a few minutes undermining or collecting resources and repeat the process.

Follow the hunter's path and you'll know exactly where to check.
The mosswines are not found exclusively here, but the Rallus appears only in the Putrefatta Valley, and only in that area will it remain stuck to allow you to capture it with ease.

A living fossil

By capturing the extremely rare Petricanths, a fish that is now considered extinct, you will unlock this trophy.

The Petricanths is found exclusively in the Rotten Vale, and just like the others its spawn is dictated by luck.
If you don't find it, you'll have to leave the map and go back.
His search can be frustrating, but you can take advantage of it to catch golden fish in the same pond to earn some zenny.

The location where you can find him is in area 15, especially here:

You will see a pond where there are fish, if in addition to the usual golden fish you notice the rare Petricante pull out a fishing rod, hook, line and be careful not to let it escape!

Snuggles for all

Capturing this little bird known as Dawny Crake, a soft and cuddly relative of Bristly Crake, will get you the "Snuggles For All" trophy.
The Dawny crake has soft and fluffy plumage, perfect to cuddle and embrace.
This cute look of his, though, is just to counter all the curses you'll throw at him to try to find him and capture him.

Equip the camouflage cloak before you approach or you'll scare them away!
Our goal lives on the backs of the game's biggest herbivores, the Aptnoth and Apceros, which are located in the Ancient Forest respectively:
and the Wild Spires:

Like the others, his spawn is random and dictated by luck: sneak up on the herds and use your ears: if there's a herd of birds on a herbivore's back you'll hear lots of chirping.
Equip the catch net on the slingshot and get close enough to catch one or two of them.
Be careful not to let them get away!

Enjoy your pets!

Once the hunt for these small but no less difficult to catch monsters is over, you can show them off in your quarters.
By talking to the Felyne attendant you can position them at various points in the house and sometimes they will interact with you.

So long hunters, and may the Sapphire Star light your way!
Happy hunting!

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