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We finally managed to get hold of the new Capcom creature, which after 3 years of absence on Nintendo platforms is preparing to return in style.

After the release of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, the series has moved to home consoles and PC, thanks to Monster Hunter World.

The latter was going to evolve and upset the combat system that had remained unchanged until then, even managing to clear the series that, before the arrival of World, was mistreated in the West.

While a new chapter was coming to us, at the same time the sequel of that chapter arrived in the East, which introduced several new features, improvements and the much desired G-Rank, totally absent in our chapters. The undersigned had even bought a Japanese Nintendo 3DS to be able to play these new chapters ahead of time.

Then, we owe a big thank you to Monster Hunter World that with everything he has managed to propose including free updates and the huge Iceborne expansion managed to give Capcom a sign, letting her know that the Eastern market is hungry for Monster Hunter.

With Monster Hunter Rise, the same thing will probably happen again, as the new title tries to please both fans of classic chapters and new ones from World.

Well done this preamble, we at are right here to give you our first opinion on this new chapter!

Back to hunting!

Downloaded the demo and started, we immediately felt at home, we are introduced to the new game with an animated menu, which presents a new figure of the game, Minoto, that delights us with a wonderful song.

Here we will have two choices, the first is solo hunting, the second, online hunting. We've obviously tested both modes because the game thrives when played in multiplayer.

The missions for both modes remain the same, we will have two tutorial quests, useful for trying out the new features, such as the Wyvern Rider and the wire bugs.

Finally, we can do two hunts, one with the Gran Izuchi as I show target and the other with the Mizutsune returning from Monster Hunter Generations in all its glory and nastiness.

Once the mission has been chosen, we are confronted with the choice of the class to use, all are present and 14 iconic classesBarring last-minute surprises, Rise shouldn't have any new ones.

Each class already has a pre-set set that cannot be inspected for skills, piece names and stats, probably hiding the presence of some monsters not yet announced by Capcom, but which can be easily identified by looking closely at your hunter's armor.

Better to review

Not having touched a classic chapter of Monster Hunter after the advent of World, we preferred to follow the two tutorials first in order to get back to the game for a moment and above all we recommend it to those approaching the series for the first time.

Both tutorials aren't very long, you will have Master Utsushi to be your guide, who will teach you the basics of gameplay and will make you feel it with your hand the Ride Wyvern.

During the first, which compared to the second makes the entire area available to us, while the second is limited to an arena, we took the opportunity to review through the hunting notes.

Inside, you will find all the information on the game, useful both for newbies and for the more experienced, especially to better understand some unpublished aspects of the new chapter, coma the endemic fauna, the wire insect and the new trusty steed that will accompany you during the hunts with the inevitable Felyne.

Canyne and Felyne

With great surprise the iconic companions of every hunter return, the Felyne, which unfortunately cannot be customized in the demo, but are given randomly, you will not even be able to access their menu for be able to peek at the armor set and stats.

In addition to them, i Cayne, quadrupedal animals, which can be ridden. You just need to press the A button to get on the back of your trusty steed, to be able to run around the game map.

The operation of the mount is the same as that seen in Monster Hunter World, except for some extra functions, such as being able to sharpen the weapon while we explore or being able to collect the various ingredients, minerals and so on without having to get off the Cayne.

In addition to the possible interaction during the ride, you can jump, climb walls to reach high points, thus taking advantage of the verticality of the new map and you can even attack various monsters.

Its behavior when controlled by the AI ​​is similar to that of the Felyne, so it will help you in battle by attacking the target.

In the demo it was not possible to see if this new companion can also have equipment, skills or the possibility of being able to be customized.

The Foil, the Endemic Fauna and the Thread Insect

In addition to the Cayne, we got to try the Fioretto, a new instrument, which it allows us to absorb the power of the various Spiriuccelli, new creatures that will give hunters life, stamina, buffs and more.

Once found, these new creatures can be used immediately or later, as if they were consumable items.

Definitely welcome this new integration into the game che also gives an important role to the surrounding area, since we will be able to exploit the various animals in our favor, for example in a hunt we attracted the Rathian to the Mizutsune through a fetorbestia.

Once the creatures met, they engaged in battle, giving us a chance to deal free damage to both of us.

Another function that moves well with the verticality of the map, which for the first time on Nintendo consoles no longer has loading moments between one area and another, is that linked to the Wire Insect which will allow us to climb many walls devoid of vines, but which will not make us reach that high.

In fact, many times we found ourselves on the ground after using the Wire Insect, since the action is limited to a momentum towards the chosen direction, if the hunter is then faced with a hold, this will be climbed autonomously. If, on the other hand, there is nothing present, if not a very large wall, you will return with a leap to the ground.

For the moment it is the only function that has not fully convinced usobviously, being a demo, we only have a single map available, so we hope that in the final release of the game, this mechanic will be refined and exploited properly in the other maps.

Another use of the Wire Bug is related to the Wyvern Ride, the new feature that goes to replace the old mount, introduced in the series with Monster Hunter 4.

The tool will allow you to use two moves Ivory which differ for each type of weapon in use. Each Silkweave move will consume one charge, and these can be temporarily increased via the Thread Bugs, which you will find scattered around the map.

After landing several Silkweave moves, you can harness the monster and ride it. Yes, you can climb on top of a Rathian and roam around the map, making it fight with the monsters you will encounter along your path.

The new mechanic is a clear evolution of the previous ride, which it was limited to mere button smashing in order to land the monster in this way.

We only hope that it is available for any creature in the game and that it is not limited to those of smaller dimensions, since Monster Hunter has also accustomed us to really huge monsters.

The RE Engine shows its power on the Switch

From what little we have been able to see through the demo, on the technical side at the moment we can tell you that the title presents well-made models, full of details and environments (the sacred Ruins) well thought out, which thanks to the introduction of the Endemic Fauna become even more alive than before.

The title runs on Nintendo Switch at a fixed 30 FPS, we have never noticed a decline during our hunting sessions, either alone or in company, so let's say that we are at a good point with regards to the optimization of the title, which is entirely managed from the RE Engine.

The game catches up a resolution of 960 × 540 in portable mode and 1344 × 756 in docked mode, in both cases the frame rate does not change, but rather, in addition to a general improvement, the rendering resolution of the UI changes, in fact in the laptop this will be in 720p, while in the dock it will be 1080p.

Two months before the hunt opens

With this test we are satisfied with the work done by Capcom, which on paper and joy-con in hand show a product that is ready as regards the technical side, instead for the gameplay we only hope that it will be further refined before its debut.

Now we just have to wait until March 26, to be able to return to hunt monsters and who knows what future projects Capcom will have in store regarding possible updates or DLCs.

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