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If this is your first Monster Hunter, seeing the huge variety of weapons, equipment, items, endemic fauna and enemies especially at the beginning is sure to be daunting. But don't worry, in this guide we will give you various tips that will allow you to better face your hunts to gradually become a veteran.

Game camera

The default settings as soon as you start the game will be set to always keep the big monster the center of attention. This is a useful feature as it keeps track of the monster's location. You can fine-tune the settings to suit your preferences and improve your performance in battle.

Get ready to hunt

The first thing to do is to know your prey, normally the game gives you a time limit of 50 minutes to complete your mission, our advice is to take 5 minutes to study the monster and learn its moves and the various openings. In this way you will be able to optimize your skills more and more.

Focus on the story

The easiest way to become familiar with the game mechanics is to follow the main story missions. This will allow you to unlock new areas, increase your resources and access new structures.

Familiarize yourself with the various weapons

Monster Hunter Rise contains 14 different weapons, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Our advice is to test them all, on mission and within the training area to understand which weapon is best suited to your style of play. For example, the sword and shield are suitable for players looking for a weapon with high mobility. Others may find that the Greatsword would attract them due to its long range.

Upgrade your equipment

Your starting equipment will become less efficient as you progress through the game, so try to forge new weapons and armor with the various monsters you will unlock during your adventure.

Endemic fauna

Endemic Fauna is one of the main resources to use in the course of your missions, the various endemic fauna that you can find within the map will offer you various upgrades ranging from simple increase to attack to temporary improvement of healing items and much more.

Cash box items

The guild will regularly provide you with various items that can come in handy during your hunting trips, so always keep an eye on the blue chest in the various base camps scattered throughout the game map.

Learn to use the insectophile

The use of the insectophile is literally essential to be able to get the better of the monsters, but also to allow you to climb and move freely in the game environments. In addition, each weapon has various unique moves that will allow you to ride the monster after a certain amount of damage.

Take advantage of the canyne mount

Another novelty introduced in Rise is the Canyne, your furry friend can be ridden and will allow you to use objects and even sharpen your weapon in total movement and without consuming your stamina.

Play together with your friends

If you need to create equipment that requires hunting more monsters and maybe even difficult to kill, remember to call your friends, in order to shorten the time and above all to have fun hunting in company.

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