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The low-ranking village di Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate constitutes the entry point for those who approach the title. It represents the lowest difficulty level, a sort of tutorial to get to know the basics of the game.

However, many will want to move on to the more advanced missions as quickly as possible, quickly leaving these simple tasks behind.

In this first part of the mission guide, we will begin to take care of them.

The four main villages Pokke, Bherna, Yukumo and Kokoto

Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate Low Rank Village

Unlike Monster Hunter World, the main and secondary missions are not separate, and it is very difficult to distinguish one from the other. Here too, it will be enough to complete the key quests to unlock the urgent missions that will allow us to advance in rank.

But be careful: the Hunter Rank of our guild card is only linked to guild missions!

The village missions are divided into due macrocategorie, those of Low Rank and those of High rank, unlocked after completing the first ones.

Below is the complete list of Low Rank missions needed to advance in the Village.

Rank 1

  • Mow the fern!: in this simple mission we will have to deliver 8 special ferns to the red items box; they can be found in almost all areas of the Jurassic Frontier.
  • Fungal hunting: this mission also consists in delivering 5 objects, the abyssal mushrooms obtainable in areas 9, 10 and 11 of the Jurassic Frontier. For missions of this type it is advisable to use the Mohawk mode, as the cats have infinite stamina to move quickly.
  • A blow to the Maccao!: our goal is to kill 10 Maccao, raptors covered in green plumage, scattered all over the map.
  • The revenge of my lady: this time our targets will be the Jaggi, small raptors with orange-purple skin. We will have to eliminate 10, but beware: the Jaggia, their female counterpart with a much more robust build will not count in the total.

Once you've completed these four missions, we'll unlock our first urgent one: Agile Outlaw. The Great Maccao, leader of the Maccao, is our first large monster, stronger than his minions and with a large yellow crest on his head.

Beware of his sudden charges, but he has a weak point: hitting it on the tail while balancing on it will cause it to unbalance and fall to the ground.

By completing this mission, we will have access to the Rank 2 missions.

Rank 2

  • Rowdy Rhenoplos: another very simple task, we just need to find and kill 5 Rhenoplos.
  • Gendrome traffic jam: This is our first mission in a new map, the dunes! Here it is recommended to always bring cool drinks, or the sweltering heat will lower our health. Our opponent is the Gendrome, a large yellow-brown-skinned raptor. As the Great Maccao is very agile, his fangs are imbued with paralyzing poison and he will often ask for the help of his minions.
  • The land shark: The Cephadrome spends most of its time in the sand, only occasionally coming out with surprise attacks. Using a sonic bomb, or a hunting horn with the soundwave melody, it will be possible to force him out and stun him for a while.
  • Big game: back to the dunes, we will have to get rid of 5 hermitaurs, species of red crabs with a white armor.

It is already time for the urgent mission again, Whimsical Fangs! The Tetsucabra fruits its huge fangs to dig into the ground and throw huge boulders at us. They can be broken, to weaken some of its attacks.

Its roar will stun us for a few seconds, but it can be canceled by dodging at the right moment, with the special dodge of the valiant style, with the white-orange buff of the insect glaive, parrying with a weapon equipped with a shield, or with the ability to plug ears (can be activated by accumulating 10 "hearing" points in the armor).

Rank 3

  • Troublesome fauna: Yian-Kut Ku is a monster symbol of the series. He is able to attack both with sudden charges, and by spitting fireballs. In the rage stage, it will do both at the same time.
  • Sprouts of the abyss: this mission, which involves the delivery of 8 abyssal mushrooms, has a peculiarity. We will start not at base camp, but in zone 10, and we will immediately come face to face with a Glavenus. More experienced players will be able to try to hunt him to get some materials right away, but it is also possible to ignore him completely.
  • Giant lurking: Our target is the Daimyo Hermitaur, a larger version of the little Hermitaurs. The monster skull he carries on his back is very durable and our weapons will easily bounce off of it. Pay particular attention to his surprise attacks when he goes underground.
  • The wolverine of the desert: The Nibelsnarf is a monster that leaves only its huge head out of the sand, which it uses to bite and blow powerful jets of sand. When it charges, it is possible to push it to swallow a previously placed large barrel bomb: in this way it will be stunned, and it will be possible to "fish" it to force it to stand helpless out of the sand for a while.
  • Soaking wet: This mission will only become available after completing “Sprouts of the Abyss”. Our target is a royal Ludroth, a leviathan capable of accumulating water within its spongy collar. The latter can be broken twice.
  • Shiny booty: The Gypceros fights similarly to the Yan Kut-Ku, but with two differences: it is capable of spitting poison instead of flames, and the crest on its head is capable of firing powerful flashes. If you are hit by these, you will be stunned for a few seconds, but with a shield or dodge at the right time you can avoid their effects. If you hit the head, the crest will break, but the monster will keep trying to execute that attack to no avail. When he is dying, he will pretend to die, then suddenly get up again doing damage to nearby hunters, so watch out! Finally, it is immune to shock traps.

Once all of these assignments have been completed, it's time for urgent mission again, this time against the Malfestion. This sneaky owl is able to inflict confusion status via the golden scales it releases from its wings, a condition that will reverse direction commands.

This status becomes especially dangerous when he launches his hypnotic attack, a cone of blue light that will put us to sleep if we cross it. From this moment on, the roar of all the monsters will stun us if we are not prepared, as with the Tetsucabra.

Extra tasks before continuing

The time has come to carry out some missions that we have left behind. While it has not been mandatory for us to complete them so far, they will be needed later in order to unlock some key missions. They are:

  • 2 * What kind of grain are you, Velociprey!: Kill 10 Velociprey.
  • 2 * Hunt the Velocidrome: We will have to kill a Velocidrome, the alphabeam of the little Velociprey. Its fighting style is very similar to that of the Gendrome.
  • 2 * Kill the Giaprey: Uccidi 10 Giaprey.
  • 2 * The Mountain Tamer: We will have to kill a Bulldrome, monster looking like a huge boar. While it only does easy-to-avoid frontal charges, it can do massive damage.
  • 2 * Bye bye, Jaggia: Kill 8 Jaggia.
  • 2 * He Arzuros principle: Kill an Arzuros.
  • 3 * Local threat: Uccidi uno Yian Kut-Ku.
  • 3* S.O.S.: Kill a Royal Ludroth.
  • 3 * The shadow in the mountains: The Khezu is a completely blind white wyvern, with an extendable neck and capable of generating electricity. Its roar is more powerful than the other monsters, in fact only 10 points in ear plugs will not be enough to cancel it. The areas where it lives are very cold caves, so it is advisable to use a hot drink to avoid reducing your maximum resistance.
  • 3 * In the wyvern's lair: We will immediately come face to face with the Astalos, as we try to steal two wyvern eggs from its nest. While carrying an egg we cannot roll and we must avoid getting hit or falling from excessive height, or it will break.
  • 3 * Deep recall: Popo are docile herbivorous monsters, but we will have to kill them to get 3 Popo tongues and deliver them to base camp. Trying to stop us, a mighty Gammoth will appear.
  • 3 * Brawl in the woods: the target is our old knowledge, the Bulldrome. Unfortunately, there is also a dangerous Mizutsune in the area.

Rank 4

  • Wrath of the Rathian: Rathian is a green wyvern, capable of spitting fireballs and poisoning us through its tail. When it is flying behind us you have to move sideways, or it will hit us with its poisonous quills.
  • Eyes of fire: the Nargacuga will use its immense speed to hit us, forcing us to dodge very often. His most powerful attack consists in turning 180 ° and smashing his powerful tail to the ground, but at the end of the move he will remain open for our counterattack.
  • Serpentine Samba: the Najarala has two methods of attack: first it will throw scales at us which will then explode, stunning us. Then it will try to crush us in its coils, paralyzing us if we try to escape. In this case the diving dodge (pressing B while running away from the monster) can save our life, allowing us to escape from its grasp.
  • Tales of the swamp: Kill a Khezu
  • Crustacea infatuation: the Shogun Ceanataur is a cousin of the Daimyo Hermitaur who lives mainly in volcanic areas. Its sharp limbs can inflict bleeding status, which will cause us to lose life constantly unless we consume some meat or crouch for a while. Warning! The monster must absolutely be captured, killing it will lead to the failure of the mission.

The urgent quest this time will be Dark times, who will see us against a Yian Garuga. It looks like a purple Yian Kut-Ku, but don't be fooled. It is much faster and stronger than its cousin, and its tail is soaked in poison. It will often use its roars to stun us and treacherously attack us with its mighty beak.

Rank 5

  • L'artiglio thunder: the Astalos is back, and it's our job to hunt him down. During the mission some parts of his body will be charged with electricity, enhancing his attacks. By repeatedly hitting those parts it will be possible to unload them, staggherelo or even blocking it to the ground.
  • The unshakable colossus: Gammoth has a very high number of HP, so the battle could be very long. Through its trunk it is able to spit blocks of snow capable of freezing or immobilizing us.
  • The charming dancer: the Mizutsune is a unique monster, able to generate soap bubbles on which to slide easily. If we are hit by one of them we will earn a bonus to the invulnerability frames during the dodges, but they have a contraindication: if we are hit a second time we will suffer the "soapy" status, in which our hunter will not be able to stand up by sliding off. continuous.
  • The enemy of the fisherman: Lagiacrus is a large electric leviathan, which will attack us with numerous ranged attacks capable of covering even large areas of land. At close range, however, it should not be underestimated.
  • The king in steaming robes: the Rathalos is the male counterpart of the Rathian. Equipped with red scales, the venom is contained in the claws of the paws rather than the tail, and spends much more time in flight. It is advisable to bring lightning bombs to blind him and make him fall in these cases.
  • The fury of the volcano: Our target is the Uragaan, a brutal wyvern with a body covered in minerals. It is capable of secreting a soporific gas, balling up to roll against us at full speed and throwing explosive rocks. If pushed to fall, it is possible to use the pickaxe to extract minerals from his back.

Our adventure in the Lower Grade is nearing the end with The red-hot sword, mission that will ask us to shoot down the Glavenus. He will use his mighty tail as if it were a broadsword to attack us, sometimes stopping to sharpen it.

The latter can be cut, but only while in the incandescent state. If the monster's throat is glowing red, you can hit it to create an explosion that will make the monster fall for a while.

Rank 6

  • The wings of darkness: the mysterious Gore Magala will be our opponent. This completely blind dragon uses the scales it scatters around to perceive us. Coming into contact with them will make us suffer the status virus: if we manage to eradicate it by doing enough damage to the monster we will be rewarded with a bonus to the weapon's affinity, otherwise we will temporarily lose the red part of the life bar, canceling the possibility of regenerating ourselves from part of the damage suffered.
  • Territory violated: in this mission we will have to hunt the Zinogre, a fanged wyvern that attracts numerous lightning insects to its back to charge itself with static electricity. The moments in which he stops to accumulate energy are an opportunity to attack him, but beware of the electrical explosion that marks the transition from the first phase to the second.
  • Tigrex by the tail: this time it's up to the Tigrex, a monster with such powerful roars that we will suffer damage if we are in front of it. He attacks with several straight charges, being exposed after each one.
  • A thousand scales of fear: Our target is the Seregios, a very agile flying wyvern capable of attacking from a distance by throwing its razor-sharp scales at us. Like the Shogun Ceanataur, he is capable of inflicting bleeding.
  • Brachydios mio!: The penultimate mission of the low rank asks us to face the brutal wyvern Brachydios. He secretes an explosive slime with which he covers his forelimbs. If we get hit by the slime, we will suffer the blastblight, so we will have to quickly roll 3 times on the ground or we will suffer a powerful explosion.
  • Stop the cycle of death: Shagaru Magala is the adult form of Gore, which we have already dealt with previously, so they share many characteristics. As an elder dragon, however, he will be completely immune to traps.

Extra activities before graduation

However the things to do do not end there in this section of the game. In fact, by completing all the missions of the first 5 ranks, excluding those exclusive to the hunter mode, we will unlock a new very special assignment.

The mission "Advanced: From the pan ...Is an arena fight against the lone Deviljho, and then against a Tigrex and a Nargacuga at the same time. Completing it will reward us with the Hayabusa Feather, a helmet with 15 points in the Critical Eye skill.

Only by equipping this helmet, therefore, will we instantly activate the Affinity + 2 ability.

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