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In this new part of the guide we will see them all the key missions of the guild low and high rank of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

The novelty of this title is the G rank, the maximum level of difficulty that the game offers. If you have not transferred the saves from Monster Hunter Generations to 3DS, however, the road to reach it seems very long.

So here are all the key missions to quickly cross all the lower ranks of the online guild!

The low and high ranking guild of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Exactly such as village missions, the missions of the guild are divided into various levels, which offer challenges of increasing difficulty. While the first 3 make up the Low Rank, missions from 4 to 7 stars make up the High Rank.

Climbing the guild ranks will also increase our Hunter Rank, or GC, corresponding to the level we have reached. This will determine our ability to join missions taken by other players online.

Once the last urgent mission at rank 7 is completed, we will have access to a completely new location, the only one from which it will be possible to start the infamous G-rank missions.

Since most of the monsters we will encounter they have already been described in the guides al bass ed high rank of the village, in this case we will focus in detail only on the new meetings.

Finally, keep in mind that urgent missions to rank up, in order to be valid, they must be paid for by you. If you join another player's, it will not count towards game progression.

Key missions, on the other hand, will always be valid as long as you are of the same rank as the mission.

Rank 1

  • A Tetsucabra to tame: Hunt a Tetsucabra.
  • Lost in the frontier: Hunt a Gypceros.
  • Local threat: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku.
  • Mixed snow at Lagombi: looking like a huge hare, the Lagombi is able to charge at great speed by sliding on its belly, and to throw giant snowballs at hunters.
  • SOS: Hunt a Royal Ludroth.

The obstacle to overcome for the next rank is the Blagonga, the leader of the Blango packs that infest the mountains, in the mission called "The king of the mountains". In case of difficulty he will not hesitate to call for reinforcements, hide underground and then hit us with a surprise attack.

Rank 2

  • The wolverine of the desert: Hunt a Nibelsnarf.
  • Najarala hunt: Hunt a Najarala.
  • In search of the Yian Garuga: Hunt a Yian Garuga.
  • Registered specimen!: Capture a Nargacuga.
  • Royal assassination: Hunt a Rathian.
  • The Malfestio festival: Hunt a Malfestio.

The mission to access the third and final low rank is "An electrifying experience”Against an Astalos. It will be no different from its counterpart first encountered in the village, except for 4-player health.

Rank 3

  • The wings of darkness: Hunt a Gore Magala.
  • A thousand scales of fear: Hunt a Seregios.
  • Run out of control: Hunt a Gammoth.
  • Bubbles in the moonlight: Hunt a Mizutsune.
  • Paradise in Earth: Hunt a Rathalos and a Rathian.
  • The gladiolus of Glavenus: Hunt a Glavenus.

The final mission is "Two-headed carcass“, Our first meeting with the mysterious Nakarkos. This particular elder dragon with two heads uses a sticky substance to build a bone armor. He can spit it out at a great distance, and if we roll while covered with it, we will be trapped in a cocoon of bones.

In this case we will not be able to kill him, but only reject him while waiting to meet him again at high rank.

The mysterious Nakarkos, an elder dragon capable of swimming beneath the surface of the sea of ​​bones within its lair

Rank 4

This marks our entry into the high rank of the Guild. As already happened in the village, the monsters here are noticeably stronger and acquire new attacks. However, the materials we will obtain will also be of higher quality to further enhance our equipment.

  • Snuffer monkey: Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate tutorial monster is our high-ranking admission ticket. This nimble primate uses many attacks from above, either by hanging from the ceiling with vines or by performing various attacks on glide. In rage it is completely immune to lightning and sonic bombs.
  • To lick the antennae: Hunt a Seltas.
  • Giant Enemy Crabs: Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur.
  • Two drops of water: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku and a Gypceros.

The mission to access rank 5 is "Plesioth on the misty peaks". Again, it will be identical to the one already dealt with in the high-ranking village.

Rank 5

  • The intelligent Malfestio: Hunt a Malfestio.
  • Serpentine Samba: Hunt a Najarala.
  • Fins, speargun and Zamtrios: Hunt a Zamtrios.
  • Worst trip ever: Hunt a Yian Garuga.
  • Sighting Lavasioth!: Hunt a Lavasioth.

To move up to rank 6 we will have to pass not one, but two urgent missions. "A bewitching dance"Will ask us to defeat a Mizutsune, while"The unshakable mountain god"Will prompt us to take down a Gammoth.

Rank 6

  • The crown of lightning: Hunt an Astalos.
  • Insect buffet: do you remember the small and agile Seltas faced long ago? The Seltas Regina, his female counterpart, has arrived to avenge him. She is able to attract the males of the species, and then join them in order to attack together as if they were a single creature.
  • Dwellers of the depths: In this mission our task will be to eliminate the Agnaktor, an agile Leviathan who lives in volcanic areas. Its body is covered in lava armor, which all attacks will bounce off unless it is incandescent. Although it is fire resistant, weapons of this element can help soften it for easier breakage.
  • Duel at the volcanic pit: Hunt a Glavenus.
  • For whom the gong plays: Duramboros is a Brutal Wyvern who has developed an incredibly hard tail, which he uses like a hammer. Rotating on itself it is able to rise into the air for dangerous falling attacks, but hitting it on the legs at that moment will easily overbalance.

In the urgent mission "King of Swords”We will have to eliminate a dangerous Seregios. Also here at rank 6 we have the opportunity to have our first encounter with the fearsome Hyper monsters.

Rank 7

  • Stop the cycle of death: Hunt a Shagaru Magala.
  • Outrageous Wyverns: Hunt an Astalos and a Rathian.
  • Dreams of bubbles and feathers: Hunt a Malfestio and a Mizutsune.
  • A zero degree armor: Hunt a Zamtrios and a Gammoth.
  • Rock and roll!: Hunt a Brachydios.
  • Hammer against blade: Hunt a Glavenus and a Duramboros

At this point we will unlock the assignment "Infernal star“, In which we will have to eliminate the Nakarkos once and for all. The first part of the fight is identical to the mission faced at the low rank, however at some point it will change phase revealing its hidden power.

In fact, in this phase, in addition to exploiting the dragon energy within himself to launch powerful attacks capable of canceling the elemental attributes and status of our weapons, he will be able to use many different elements, depending on the skulls that he will fish from the ground.

This concludes our journey within the low and high rank guild of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

In the next and last part of the mission guide we will find out how to access the infamous Rank G, as well as how to face the new challenges that will pose us.

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