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In this last part of the guide we will find out what they are the key missions to advance into Rank G di Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate.

If you have transferred your save data from Monster Hunter Generations or followed our guide on the previous two ranks of the Guild, you are ready to take on the ultimate challenge of the game.

The G-rank of Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate

Since the dawn of the saga, Capcom has always introduced, after some time, a renewed and extended version of the previous chapter, introducing the G-rank.

As in the transition from Low to High rank, here the monsters gain new moves, greater offensive power and higher stamina. However, even the hunters, by killing them, can further evolve their weapons!

Unlike the other two ranks, which also have a one-player variant in village missions, rank G exists only in the form of online missions. However, it is still possible to tackle it alone.

Once again, in this guide we will only delve into the monsters that we have not already discussed in the previous parts.

So here's the full list of key G-rank missions!

Rank G1

To access the new online hub, we will first need to complete a special assignment. After taking down the Nakarkos, a new urgent mission will appear at Rank 7 of the Guild. It is "Legendary Skills?“, Which will ask us to hunt a Devils.

This flying wyvern, despite its species, loves to dig into the ground to perform attacks from below. Most of his attacks consist of several front charges with which he will try to hit us using his mighty horns.

Once defeated, we will be rewarded with a new rank on our Guild card, and the chance to face the dangers of the G-Rank.

  • Asphyxiating bird: Hunt a Yian Kut-Ku.
  • In search of the relationship lost: Hunt a Gypceros.
  • Surprise!: Hunt a Daimyo Hermitaur and a Cephadrome.
  • Challenge against the greatest: Hunt a Bulldrome and a Giadrome.
  • Aquatic challenge between monsters: Hunt two Royal Ludroths.

The quest to go to the next stage is "Inexperienced seller“, Which will ask us to eliminate a Barroth.

Rank G2

  • The queen of elevated ruins: Hunt a Rathian.
  • Shadows at the desert lake: Hunt a Plesioth.
  • Congalala's love for mushrooms: Hunt a Congalala.
  • Ecological study on Nerscylla: Hunt a Nerscylla.
  • The evolution of humanity: Hunt a Volvidion and a Great Maccao.
  • The mobile stone: Caccia a Basarios.

The move to G3 rank is marked by one of the most iconic monsters in the series, il Lao-Shan Lung. In the mission "Invasion of the giant dragon”We will have to be able to defeat him before he reaches and breaks down the gates of the fortress.

Failure will therefore not only depend on the death of the players or the shorter time limit than usual, but also on the conditions in which the castle will be!

Rank G3

  • Pioneers at the ruins Elevate: Hunt an Astalos.
  • Infernal desert: Hunt a Glavenus.
  • Dreams of knights and jungles: Hunt a Mizutsune.
  • The Bard's Tale: Hunt a Barioth.
  • The waters of the frozen sea: Hunt a Gammoth.
  • The threat of the Gravios: Hunt a Gravios.

To go to G4, the last stage of the G rank, we will have to complete the mission "Traffic in the sky". The Valstrax, monster present on the cover of the game itself, will be the obstacle to overcome.

Rank G4

  • Horns in the sand: Caccia a Diablos.
  • Deviljho Hunt: Hunt a Deviljho.
  • On the trail of the Tigrex: Hunt a Tigrex.
  • Glacial alarm: The Rajang combines power and speed in one monster, making it a great challenge the first time you face it. After each attack, however, he is exposed to fierce punishment from the hunters.
  • Armor indestructible: Hunt a Glavenus and a Gravios.
  • Titanic clash: Hunt an Agnaktor and a Duramboros.

We finally came across the final boss of rank G, the mysterious Athal Ka. This monster will switch phases numerous times, with such huge differences between one phase and another that it will feel like fighting two different monsters!

Furthermore it can grow in size, to the point that sometimes it will be possible to climb onto his body, which will then become the new battlefield until we fall.

To avoid unwanted spoilers, we have avoided inserting images of the Athal Ka

Once the Athal Ka is eliminated, our hunter rank it will be "unlocked". This means that increasing it will no longer be tied to completing certain urgent missions, but will naturally grow as you complete any type of mission.

New monsters will become available only after reaching a certain hunter rank, so it is worth continuing to explore the game content well beyond this point.


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