Mobile indie games: android, ios

Enjoy an amazing alternative game! More and more independent studios are launching gamer games to offer unique adventures with very personal graphics. These are known as indie games and they have more and more followers all over the world. At Gums Up we want you to get to know some of the best mobile indie games for Android and iOS currently on the market, so you can enjoy a very fun and unforgettable experience. You will have a great time! ?

The best mobile indie games: Android, iOS 2019

We begin this selection of mobile indie games to tell you about those titles that have come out in 2019 and have been a huge success with fans of this genre. Here we’ll show you the highlights along with their trailers so you can assess which one you’re most interested in downloading. Start the game!


This is a game that, although it seems simple, the truth is that it has some very elaborate graphics and an impressive aesthetic. Mun is the protagonist of this adventure, an explorer who suffers an accident with her spaceship and who needs to return urgently to her planet called Ankora.

During this game your objective will be to help Mun recompose the ship, and to do this you will have to travel to different points on the planet and collect all the pieces. You will need to rebuild the antenna in order to send an SOS and get some food and water to survive. Will you manage to get out of this planet safely?

  • Launch date: January 2019
  • Gender: Indie, Adventure
  • Number of players: Single player, multiplayer

Crashlands ˜

Another mobile indie game we recommend is Crashlands, an adventure game that was released in 2016 but has been updated in May 2019 to offer an improved and high quality story. This is an RPG survival game that will give you a great time while you are sitting in your seat.

In Crashlands you will enter a world where objects of all kinds are generated. You will have to collect them in order to survive in this devastated world and save your life. Can you do it?

  • Date updated: May 2019
  • Gender: Indie, Survival
  • Number of players: One player

Stellar Wanderer

With Stellar Wanderer we will make an exciting journey that will take us to infinite space. This is a star simulator with arcade aesthetics that has been created by Crescent Moon Games, an independent studio that is making a good place in the gamer world.

In this game you can enjoy a thrilling adventure in space with very elaborate graphics and an amazing atmosphere from start to finish. A perfect game for arcade and alien adventure lovers.

  • Date updated: January 2019
  • Gender: Indie, Space
  • Number of players: One player

The best mobile indie games: Android, iOS 2018 and earlier

We continue with this list in which we gather the indie games for mobile phones to talk, now, about other titles that have been on the market longer but are still very well considered within the independent world. They are adventures that were a great success and that, to this day, still have a lot of fans. Here they are!

My Café

My Coffee remains one of the favorite simulation games among mobile users. It is a graphic adventure in which you must become the owner of a restaurant and a cafe. You will start by managing a small and simple coffee shop and, little by little, you will get more benefits and create a real gourmet and high quality restaurant.

The beginning can be a little slow but, as you evolve, you will be unlocking many options that will help you get your coffee shop up to speed and become a great restaurant professional.

  • Date updated: May 2019
  • Gender: Indie, Simulation
  • Number of players: One player

Design Home

Another simulation game that is ideal for the most passionate about decoration and the home is Design Home. In fact, this game has more than 50 million downloads in Android and is an ideal adventure to change the interior decoration of your home or virtual establishment. In this game you will find a variety of objects with which you can improve the style of your home and create ideal combinations.

If you like decorating magazines or are passionate about interior design, you will love this game. You can bring out all your creativity and taste in home decoration to create unique and perfect spaces for you.

  • Date updated: June 2019
  • Gender: Indie, Simulation
  • Number of players: One player

Pou Ÿ

And we finish this list with the best indie mobile games telling you about one of the classics: Pou. It is a brown alien that acts as the Tamagochis used to act: you have to take care of your animal so that it does not die. That is, you have to feed it, wash it, put it to sleep, play with it, etc. A very fun game that has mini games that are a real vice.

  • Date updated: May 2018
  • Gender: Indie
  • Number of players: One player

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