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Miracoulos Ladybug and Cat Noir is a video game in which you must join Marinette and Adrien, aka the superheroes Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, on their rescue mission in Paris. The game was distributed by Crazy Labs by TabTale and is available for iOS and Android devices.

Available: Android, iOS
Gender: Runner
Players: One player


Miracoulos Ladybug Trailer + Game Images

Paris is in danger of being destroyed by supervillains, and only you, Marinette and Adrian, aka the superheroes Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir, can save it from destruction. Turn normal teenagers Marinette and Adrian into the amazing superheroes Miraculous Ladybug and Cat Noir. Here is the official trailer for the game so you can start to understand its storyline and gameplay.

Enter the universe of Miraculous and run and jump through the streets of Paris while avoiding obstacles and super-villain defeats. What are you waiting for? Paris needs you! Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

Tricks and tips for Miracoulos Ladybug

Miraoulos Ladybug is a very simple game, although as you level up its playability becomes more and more complicated. Its mechanics do not change at any time, so you just have to get the trick of the game and go with it overcoming the challenges and testing your ability to react. That’s why we’ve decided to explain some tricks and tips so that you know how to handle the game and be able to win more easily:

  • Collect all the objects that you find: in the levels you will find resources that you can collect, and although the stickers are the most valuable collectibles, there are also other elements that will help you to overcome the different levels.
  • Collect the stickers and earn points:  The sticker book is made up of different sets of stickers and if you collect all three stickers from a set, you will earn a permanent score multiplier.
  • Remember that you have special powers: you can improve each of your powers up to five times with each update. In this way it is convenient to update all the special powers so that during the games their effects can last you much longer.
  • Don’t trust standing cars: In the more advanced levels you will find cars standing with their lights on. Be careful with these because when you approach them they will accelerate against you to surprise you.
  • Butterflies and Ladybugs: Butterflies are like the game’s premium coin (you know, there’s one in almost every mobile game). To get butterflies you can see ads in the store or open gift boxes when you can. But if you need to open a gift box you better use ladybugs and not butterflies.

Free resource generator for Miracoulos Ladybug

Although resources are not a major issue in advancing this game, they can give you an advantage in reaching your goal. That’s why we want to recommend you TrukoCash.com a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate butterflies and ladybugs for Miracoulos Ladybug for free so you can unlock all possible skins.

Basic guide to playing Miracoulos Ladybug

Miracoulos Ladybug is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences, although it can sometimes seem a little frustrating. The game tells you what to do from the start, so there’s not much to lose. However, there are a few points you should consider before you play. Here’s a video of how to play the game, so you’ll find it easier to get started.

Analysis of Miracoulos Ladybug

Miracoulos Ladybug is a very intuitive game that has been adapted very well to all kinds of audiences. It is entertaining and addictive and its playability is very simple. Besides, the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that must also be taken into account. Here is an analysis of this


  • Wonderful graphics
  • Very faithful to the series
  • Entertaining and simple


  • It may seem like pay to win.
  • Slow controls
  • Faults in some devices

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