When you hear about impalement in Minecraft you may not be clear on what it is, as its name is not indicative enough of its usefulness and characteristics.

In fact, unless it is accompanied by the word “Enchantment”, it may not even occur to you that impalement is one of these, and that you can only apply it to one item in the game.

How to do an impalement in Minecraft

Once we have the trident, it’s time for enchantments and they can be loyalty, conductivity, aquatic propulsion, impalement, unbreakability, repair and vanishing curse.

Now we have to get the impalement enchantment, that is done through the merchants and vendors that you will find throughout the adventure, so as soon as you have the opportunity do not hesitate to acquire it.

Below is a video that explains perfectly how to get this enchantment.

What is the impale spell for?

After clarifying that impalement in Minecraft is indeed an enchantment available to cast, it is worth establishing exactly what it is for to know and apply it.

In this sense, the first thing you should know is that it is a spell that works only on the “Trident”.

Why is this? Because the impalement in Minecraft serves for the enchanted Trident to have an increase in the damage it can cause. But, not to just any creature, as it is limited to those that are naturally created in the ocean.

Get the spell

Before you can perform the impalement enchantment in Minecraft, you will need to have the specific spell for them, meaning you need to know which ones are worthy of such a trick.

The most natural way to do this is to search for it in the different villages on the map and try to trade with the vendors that are always found in those places, although the likelihood of finding it is not as high as you would probably like it to be.

How to perform an impalement in Minecraft

After you have the enchantment, or know the relevant symbols, you must have a wide range of ingredients, so that you can perform the spell successfully.

You will also require an “enchantment table” and, as you would expect, a fairly extensive library.

If you already have all the requirements, you can proceed to the “Enchantment Table” and insert your “Trident” into the slot corresponding to the object to be enchanted.

You can then remove your enchanted weapon. You do this by dragging it into your inventory. From now on, you will be able to use it and its new impaling power.

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