Michael Jackson Moonwalker Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker it's a video game in which the protagonist is one of the most loved and successful singers ever: the king of pop, Michael Jackson.

The game was created by US Gold e SEGA in 1989 in three different versions, all with the same plot and story, taken from the movie Moonwalker. In Michael Jackson's Moonwalker the protagonist is the good Michael who, using his skills as a dancer, must save the children kidnapped by the evil “Mr Big“, the bad guy on duty. The game uses synthesized versions of Songs such as Beat It, Smooth Criminal, Bad and Thriller, hits that in those years sold millions of copies a year and projected Jackson to the top of the world charts.
There are four levels of the game: the first is a sort of multi-storey maze based on the Speed ​​Demon music and in which you have to collect various objects with the final prize being the bike. If you're stuck in the game, want additional lives and bonus content, here are some "cheat”Which will be of great help!

At the home screen, press UP, UP, DOWN, LEFT, RIGHT, A, A, C. You will earn 15 extra lives.

Hold UP + LEFT + A on controller 2 while starting the game. While holding these buttons, press START on controller 2. Now press START on controller 1 and select a one-player game. After pressing START you will see the words “Round 1” appear. Press LEFT or RIGHT to select the starting level, then press START.

To do the mythical moonwalk, all you have to do is use Michael's kick attack while walking; if you keep going in the same direction both before and after the attack, Jackson will do the moonwalk.

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - Sega Mega Drive


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