Metropolis Lux Obscura – Review

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Jason R. Rich

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Metropolis Lux Obscura is developed Ktulhu Solution, independent software house that we see grappling with this particular indie with traits black.

Product that certainly has a particular style, will it be able to satisfy our tastes?

Chronicles of a corrupt city

The story opens with the release of the protagonist John Lockhart, finally a free man after being unjustly accused ofmurder of his best friend. The purpose of our ex-inmate will be precisely to find out who managed to frame him and why, bearing in mind that the key witness is also dead!

The plot absolutely does not follow a linear and predictable trend, we will often find ourselves thrown from one side of the city to the other, an element that can give variety to the plot or even confuse. By virtue of the freedom given to the player, it is possible to visit different parts of the city and thus forge one's own path.

The game features four endings, a factor that undoubtedly increases replayability, although it should be noted that the plot isn't as engaging as I thought. However, we should obviously make specific choices to be able to enjoy the branches that lie before us.

Fights to the death

If we talk about noir, the inevitable elements are the violence and the crudeness of the scenes. The combat system comes in the form of Match3, with a grid of elements to be aligned in groups of three or more in order to perform an action. Not everything comes to help, however, in fact some elements will be deleterious or problematic if used, such as the police emblem. 

The clashes are neither very easy nor difficult, also due to the health of our enemies which can sometimes be a problem! But don't despair, after each fight it will be possible to choose different skills to be developed to help us in battle.

The grid does not present particular irregularities or problems per se, but a bug must be reported that makes the cursor disappear making it advisable to return to the main menu. This type of slowdown is annoying as it makes it necessary to repeat the fight.

Comic with noir and erotic strokes

Metropolis Lux Obscura has that characteristic comic style which makes it particular, often violent, coarse and vulgar. The style of each scene and the linguistic register correctly follow the style of the genre, including the drawings and settings.

Each scene will not only be distinguished by the elements mentioned, in fact, dubbed voices accompany the narration and give more tone to the story. Personally I have found some characters like the protagonist John voiced much better than others, which sometimes are static as a vocal timbre.

To close the considerations on the style, an important mention also to the eroticism in the game, a component that will certainly not be missing even though it has been exploited in an almost forced way in some passages.

A few brief notes on the technical side

Technically speaking, the game is not fully optimized, it is possible to encounter bugs in battle or possible application crashes. We do not know if future patches will be released to overcome these drawbacks.

The music is the strongest point together with the style, quite coherent with each other and suitable for what the game proposes to offer.

Nothing in particular to mention on the graphic side or on the controls, both of which are sufficient to allow us to use the product.

Conclusion on Metropolis Lux Obscura

Metropolis Lux Obscura it is a good buy for fans of the genre who want a short and different adventure than usual. Unfortunately, the game has many defects, especially on the technical and gameplay side, but the low cost favors the purchase.

The different endings and the music help to increase the replayability factor, considering that we will face different choices that will influence our story.

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