Metro Exodus - Guide to Trophies and Achievements

Set about two years after the events narrated in Last Light, the player will find himself playing Artyom, a 23-year-old boy who decides to leave the Moscow subway tunnels and explore the outside world to find out if there were any other survivors of the nuclear holocaust.

Needless to say, the dangers we will face will always be enormous, just as few will be the help we can count on.

If you're already looking for the way to get the coveted platinum trophy and/or all the achievements in the game, follow our continuously updated guide.

Before you go any further, you should make one premise: THIS GUIDE TO TROPHIES CONTAINS SPOILER ON THE GAME TRAME! Proceed further in reading at your own risk.

If you're already wondering what difficulty the platinum trophy presents, we'll tell you right now that getting it won't be an impossible task. Just two runs will be enough to unlock all the achievements in the game.

Our advice is to start at the simplest level of difficulty, so that obtaining the various collectible items will be a real walk in the park. In case you miss any of them, as soon as you finish the main plot, you can easily select the chapter to "rake" and get what you need. Immediately after completing the first run, you'll have to face the more complex objective of Metro Exodus : the Ranger Hardcore difficulty level.

Although there are no bug trophies, there are four missing achievements: Maximum Strength, Eternal Journey, Your Destination, An Unbeatable Estate.

Metro Exodus - Trophies Guide



Disconnect all cars in the MOSCOW level.


Complete the MOSCOW level.


Name the locomotive.


Get in the boat.


Get on the cart.

Friend of the crew

Find the guitar and the teddy bear in the VOLGA level.

Long-distance train

Find the passenger car.


Kill the catfish.

Lower the bridge!

Complete the VOLGA level.

Legitimate revenge

Kill 90 cannibals.

Dinner ruined

Complete the YAMANTAU level.


He drives the Bukhanka.

Daredevil Guide

Kill 50 monsters with Bukhanka.


Use the elevator in the CASPIO level to reach the oasis.

Complete road map

Find the maps in the lab.

New order

Complete the CASPIO level.


Attend the wedding in the SUMMER level.


Destroy the largest statue in front of the children's camp on the TAIGA level.

Master of the forest

Defend yourself from the bear the first time you meet him.

5 p.m.

Have tea with the admiral on the TAIGA level.

Son of the forest

Complete the TAIGA level without attacking anyone and without getting caught.

Sword of Damocles

Complete the TAIGA level.


Go through the putrid tunnel.


Execute at least one kill with each weapon.


Install a modification for each category on a single weapon.

Cleaning Man

It uses 500 chemical resources to clean weapons.


Use 500 consumable resources for manufacturing.

An unbeatable outfit

Find all the upgrades for Artyom's estate.


Fix the gas mask.

Last Breath

After you run out of filters in a radioactive zone, make one as you start to lose your breath.


Kill 300 mutants.

Stay back!

Kill 50 enemies from afar.

Silent Sniper

Kill 30 enemies with the Tikhar.

Robin Hood

Kill 30 enemies with the crossbow.


Kill 300 human enemies.


Kill in one melee or stun 50 enemies.


Kill 3 enemies using the viewfinder while wearing the gas mask and night vision.


Kill a demon with fire.

Old world images

Find all 21 postcards.

On air

Find a song on the radio.

Metro Exodus - Trophies Guide



Duke survives.


Damir stays with the crew.


Alyosha isn't hurt.


It crosses the research institute without killing even one blind mutant in the DEAD CITY level.

Eternal Journey

Save Anna by paying the highest price.


Find all 70 hidden pages of the diary.

Metro Exodus - Trophies Guide


Maximum strength

Duke and Damir stay with the crew and Alyosha doesn't get hurt.

Supreme difficulty

Complete the game in difficult Ranger mode.

Your destination

Take command of the Order.

Metro Exodus - Guide to Trophies


Platinum trophy

Get all the trophies.

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