Metal Slug Advance - GBA cheats

Metal Slug Advance is a video game side scrolling shooter developed by Noise Factory and published in 2004 by SNK for the handheld console Game Boy Advance.

This chapter is the only one ever developed for the homonymous saga not to propose Marco Rossi as a playable character. The adventure begins at a Peregrine Falcons training camp, where new recruits are trained to survive with limited resources and weapons. However, the area is invaded by the troops of General Morden, who wants build a base and capture recruits.
The player controls one of the two characters, Walter Ryan or Tyra Elson, and must make his way through the enemies, completing the levels as already happens in previous Metal Slugs. However, there are two interesting news: the first is one life bar which indicates the hit points of the controlled character, a bar that decreases as hits are received. The second involves the recovery of trading cards, which can be obtained by shooting in certain points of the background of the level you are facing. Such cards can enhance abilities or reveal character details.


After jumping into the airplane in Mission 5 to go to the next screen, quickly press until you get to the top of the screen, then press and hold LEFT.
Now the enemy planes will not appear and if you stay in this position long enough, you will pass the level without facing any enemies.

Collect all 99 cards in the game to get the final card, the hundredth.

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