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Merge Magic is a game by the creators of the praised Merge Dragons in which you must discover stories and magic missions through their mysterious world. The game was distributed by Gram Games and is available for Android and iOS.

Available: Microsoft Windows
Genre: Adventures
Players: One player
Launch date: 2019


Merge Magic Trailer + Game Images

Merge Magic is an adventure and puzzle game in which players must heal a magical land, harness the power of creatures, solve fun puzzles and build their garden to grow their creatures. All game items can be combined and merged to produce unique artifacts and create a variety of effects. Below is the trailer for the game so you can begin to understand the game’s storyline and how it works.

There are creature eggs, bushes, treasures, stars, bright plants and the creatures themselves, all of which interact with each other and help players overcome mysterious puzzles. Do you dare? Here are some images of the game to help you get familiar with it.

Merge Magic tips and tricks

Although the first few levels of the game are fairly simple, as we progress through its wonderfully different scenarios we’ll come across new mechanics that will make the gameplay experience much more complex and challenging. That’s why we’ve decided to explain some tricks to you so that you’ll know how to handle the game and succeed in it more easily:

  • Merge as many elements as you can consecutively: Although Merge Magic only needs you to combine 2 similar items to get its best version, going for a combo of 5 or more can sometimes reap better rewards as well as increase your overall efficiency.
  • Investing in houses and coin stores from the start: It may not immediately occur to you in the first part of the game, but your garden, which houses your magical creatures and the rewards you get from completing levels and challenges, should be home to the statues available exclusively in the garden.
  • Keeping things organized: Since your garden and the various levels of Merge Magic! can be increasingly crowded with objects, finding copies of the magic object you want to merge can soon become a difficult task on its own. To prevent this from happening and have the mergable objects in one place, try to organize each object as much as possible.
  • Complete as many missions as you can: Missions are present in both the adventure and garden modes, and you should always remember to browse through the available ones, as some can be done easily.
  • Play stages of the game again for extra rewards: From the third level on, the other levels can be replayed to collect rewards. You will be able to see the levels you have completed and the rewards you will receive if you play again.
  • Don’t forget to unlock the chests: chests are rewards for your achievements, so don’t let them get away.

Free resource generator for Merge Magic

Although resources are not a major issue in advancing this game, they can give you an advantage in reaching your goal. That’s why we want to recommend you a very useful and reliable resource generator that will generate coins and gems for Merge Magic for free.

Basic guide to start playing Merge Magic

The Merge Magic game is a very intuitive game adapted for all audiences, although it can sometimes seem a little frustrating. The game tells you what to do from the start, so there’s not much to lose. However, there are a few basic points you should keep in mind to start playing. Here’s a video of how to play the game, so you’ll find it easy to get started.

Merge Magic Analysis

The Merge Magic game is a very intuitive game that has been adapted very well to all kinds of audiences. It is entertaining and addictive and its gameplay is very simple. Besides, the graphics are wonderful. However, there are some negative points that must also be taken into account. Here is an analysis of this


  • Very visually and graphically pleasing
  • Great variety of objects and creatures to combine
  • Simple but entertaining gameplay


  • The levels are very easy
  • Getting gems is very difficult and expensive.
  • Problems and failures with updates

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