Mega Turrican Sega Mega Drive cheats and codes

Mega Turrican it's a shooter video game developed in 1993 by 5 factor and published in 1994 by the software house Data east.

Intended initially for Sega Mega Drive, the videogame was also converted for Amiga with the title Turrican 3: Payment Day. The Amiga version was the first to come out on the market, in 1993, published by Rainbow Arts in Germany and by Renegade in the rest of European countries. Mega Turrican in the Mega Drive version was left without a distributor company until 1994, when Data East took on the task and distributed the game in North America and Europe.
The protagonist of the game is Bren McGuire, on a mission for the United Planets Freedom Forces. Out of the blue, he sees his worst nightmares turn into reality. Years earlier, the man was the only survivor of the spaceship Avalon 1, wiped out by The Machine, which was trying to take over the galaxy. Bren, eager for revenge, destroyed The Machine on the planet Landorin. But no one expected the return of the bad guy on duty, who is gathering his armies to try again to take over the galaxy.

To go directly to the next level, pause the game and press RIGHT, LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, B and un-pause. You will go directly to the next stage.

For infinite energy, press START to pause the game. Now press A, A, A, B, B, B, A, A, A. Press START to take the game out of pause and you will have unlimited energy.

For this trick to work, collect all the diamonds on Stage 1. Make sure your score contains two zeros (eg 5700 or 8005). When you get to the end, take the elevator that will take you down. Don't shoot any enemies, otherwise your score will change and the trick won't work. When you get to the bottom, run right and you'll have access to a secret screen!

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