Mega Man V - Game Boy cheats and passwords

Mega Man V, which in Japan is known as Rockman World 5, is a video game developed and published by Capcom to  Nintendo Game Boy in 1994.

As the game title states, it is the fifth and final episode of the Mega Man saga for Game Boy. The protagonist is logically always Mega Man, who must defend the Earth from a group of powerful robots called "Stardroids". One of the main novelties of the game are the final bosses, which are not the same as appeared in previous chapters for the NES but are completely new.
The game is set in the 21st century, a few months after the events of Mega Man IV, in which Dr. Wily had once again seen his plans to conquer the planet fail. Mega Man and his sister Roll are out in the open when a group of robots, the Stardroids, attack our hero, who can do nothing in the face of their power. Mega Man awakens in Dr. Light's laboratory and here is equipped with the new "Mega Arm“, Which will help him in his quest to save the planet from the madness of these robots.

The underscore _ means that you must leave white space.
TRTRT, EER_R, TRRRT, RRE_ _, ER_TR: Start the game with all items that can be purchased from the shop.

_ RRE _, ET _ E _, T _ ERE, RETET, _ ERRR: You will have all the items, all the bosses already defeated and the maximum available lives.

Lose all lives and choose "Continue". Repeat this for a total of 4 times and you will receive an upgrade in the firing speed of the cannon placed on your arm. By pressing “Continue” 4 more times you will receive an additional upgrade. 

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