Mega Man Soccer SNES passwords and tricks

Mega Man Soccer, known in Japan like Rockman's Soccer, it's a football video game to Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The videogame was developed by Capcom and is based on the original action-platform game series.

Released in 1994, Mega Man Soccer stars the main characters of the saga. It is a "normal" soccer game (or soccer as they call it in the US) that boasts exhibition, tournament and league modes, to be played in single player or multiplayer mode. Each character has a special shot which temporarily puts out anyone who stands in front and tries to intercept the ball (a feature that we also find in Soccer Brawl e Nintendo World Cup, if you remember).
The game was not as acclaimed as the platforming genre Mega Man, of course, but all in all the reviews were quite positive, despite the game controls not being exactly the best. The plot is as follows: in the middle of a football match, an explosion occurs on the pitch, with the players being replaced by Dr. Wily's Robot Masters. This is how Dr. Light sends Mega Man and some of his Robot Masters to thwart the evil doctor's creatures.


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Mega Man Soccer - SNES


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