Medievil: Resurrection PSP cheats

MediEvil: Resurrection it's a video game released in 2005 for the console PlayStation Portable. This is the remake of the famous MediEvil, released for PlayStation 1 in 1998, and certainly one of the most popular PSP games ever.

The plot of MediEvil: Resurrection takes up that of its predecessor, although the gameplay and the structure of the levels are very different. A century has passed since the battle in which the evil Lord Zarok, a powerful wizard, was defeated by King Pellegrino's army. In the lands of Gallowmere, in these 100 years, peace has reigned, but Zarok has hatched vengeance and has now enchanted all the citizens of the kingdom.
In addition to enslaving humans, he also raised the dead from their graves. The sorcerer's spell, however, also brought back to life Sir Daniel Fortesque, captain of the Kingsguard and regarded as the one who defeated the wizard. He must therefore defeat the enemy again, restoring peace to the realm.

Each level is characterized by a Chalice of Souls in which collect the souls of enemies defeated. Once the goblet is full, Daniel can visit the Halls of Heroes, where weapons can be obtained by awakening the souls of past heroes.

Pause the game and press R at the same time (while holding it), then press DOWN, UP, SQUARE, TRIANGLE, TRIANGLE, CIRCLE, DOWN, UP and simultaneously press SQUARE and TRIANGLE. You will see the cheats appear on the game pause screen.

Take fire towards the end of a level and when you have 1 HP left go through the exit portal. The next time you enter a level, your health bar should be at zero but you won't be able to take damage.

Medievil Resurrection - PSP


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