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Looking for the easiest way to unlock the platinum trophy? You haven't figured out how to unlock a certain trophy? Read our guide and you'll find all the steps to complete the game 100%.

We also remind our readers that this guide is constantly updated, so come back often to visit us, so that you don't miss even one of our updates.

The latter are the true addition of this return of Sir Daniel Fortesque on Playstation 4, as not present in the PSX version of the game. To find all 19 souls in question, you'll have to make a second run, and partially start a third. However, it won't be an impossible feat, and on the contrary it will bring you closer to the 10,000 gold coins required by the aforementioned trophy.

Medievil - Trophies Guide


Sir Taschepiene

Collect 10,000 gold coins.

As mentioned at the beginning, this trophy could take you a while, especially considering there's no counter to watch for missing coins. However, you won't have to own 10,000 gold coins at the same time: you can spend them to buy whatever you want, as you'll only have to find 10,000.

To get the trophy, you'll be forced to make a second run, better still if you're looking for the 19 lost souls. You'll get money from the coffers, grounded in certain areas of the game, and crushing zombies and rats every time you get the chance. If you are looking for a great area for grinding, we recommend you to choose "The Crystal Cave".

Old school

Try to insert any trick from the original game.

Remember the good old days when you could put cheats in our favorite video games? Well, unlike what happened in the first Medievil one, in this PS4 remake you can't enjoy the effects of codes of any kind... however... you can always try to insert them!

Start any level, open the pause menu by pressing the Options key and, while holding down L2, press the , , , , , , , .

If it doesn't work right away, try inserting it a couple more times, maybe pressing the buttons more slowly, and try until you see the trophy appear.

Drive recklessly.

Defeat both the mechanical little devils and their unbearable drivers.

Trophy related to the game plot, you can't miss it. You'll get it in "Scarecrow Fields", where you'll have to defeat these enemies, hitting them with throwing weapons first on the head and then on their backs.

Dan, master of arms

Get all weapons.

Swirling Destroyer

Defeat 30 enemies using the rotary slash.

By choosing the sword and holding down the you'll get a loaded attack called a rotary slash. Kill 30 enemies with this blow and the trophy is yours.

The chicken is the answer

Throw 42 chicken legs.

You'll get 30 chicken legs as soon as you complete the witch's mission in the "Enchanted Land" stage. To launch 42, it means you'll have to repeat the mission twice to get 60.

The witches' family

Get the Witch Talisman and complete both witches' missions.

To get this trophy, you will have to follow a few steps.

  • First, you'll need to get the Talisman of the Witches. You will find it in the stage "The Cemetery Hill", going up the path full of curves (the one where you have to avoid the boulders), if you fall on the left side of the hill, you will enter a secret area where, opening the trunk you will find, there will be a Clava. This weapon will allow you to destroy the boulders that obstruct your way. At this point, use the Clava to destroy the boulder that closes the door to the witch's cave, which you will find on the right side of the stage. In the final room, you'll find several cells with a container placed in the middle; all you need to do is find a field fire, press the This will open the cells and, after defeating the enemies inside, you can collect both the Talisman and, possibly, the Chalice of the level in question;
  • You will find the first witches' mission in the "Enchanted Land" stage, next to a green cauldron that you will not fail to notice. Get closer to the cauldron and you'll see a prompt command appear asking you to press the touchpad; do what you're asked, select the witches' talisman and a cutscene will start. The witch in question will ask you to sneak into an anthill to collect 7 pieces of amber, a very simple task, as you will find more than the required number. At the end of the stage (near a book to read), you will find the final boss, the Queen Ant: defeat her and you will have completed the mission.
  • The second mission of the witches is placed in the stage "The Pumpkin Snake". After defeating the boss, before leaving the level, reach the cauldron that you will find just before the area of the boss fight, use the talisman and you will see the appearance of a second witch, who will ask you to kill Pumpkin Boss, that is, the boss.

Crispy demons

Fry a dozen demons with the Lightning.

To get the lightning bolt, you will first need to have found 15 Goblets, at which point the weapon will be delivered to you in the Hall of Heroes. At this point, go to the stage "The Vestibule", you will find a lot of demons: kill 10/12 with this weapon, until the trophy is awarded.

Keep your distance from these evil enemies so that they don't steal your weapon.

Give it back!

Recover a weapon stolen by a demon.

You will get this trophy in the stage "The Mausoleum at the top of the hill". As also said in the description of the previous trophy, if these enemies get too close to you, they can steal the weapon you are using. However, don't worry: you will only need to kill them to get the malt back. Do as I say and the trophy will be yours.

Being crazy is not to blame

Don't hurt the crazy family.

This trophy is one of the most diagnostic in the remake of Medievil . You can get it at the "Sleeping Village" stage, where you will be chased by a series of NPCs possessed by a Zarok spell. Since Sir Daniel is still Gallowmere's hero, you won't have to hurt the characters in question, neither with weapons, nor charging with the shield. A single blow to the crazy family will force you to start the level from the beginning.

The only enemies you can hurt and kill are the guards, who will appear at the final stages of the stage. If you have done everything correctly, the trophy will be awarded as soon as you leave the level.

A thousand ways to die... or almost die...

You die seven different ways.

This trophy could mislead you, which is why it is better to clarify a concept right away: "die" means to make the words "Game Over" appear on the screen. Precisely for this reason, you must be sure to have used all the vials of life, so you can start all over again from the beginning and, perhaps, complete the stage where you are, so that the game can keep track of your deaths.

Below, we list a whole series of possible ways to die in Medievil , so that you can choose the ones most congenial to you:

  • Killed by Zombies - Stage: The Graveyard: These are the enemies you will find almost everywhere;
  • Drowning - Stage: The Cemetery: Jump into deep water at the end of the level to drown;
  • Lava - Stage: The cemetery hill: jump into the lava pool at the foot of the mountain, where the rocks roll;
  • Rolling Rocks - Stage: Graveyard Hill: Let the rolling rocks kill you;
  • Fire - Stage: The hill of the cemetery: in the starting area there are several campfires. Stand on the flames, and let the fire burn you to death;
  • Precipitate - Stage: Graveyard Hill: Once you reach the top of the hill, jump down the side and let the fall kill you;
  • Crystal spikes - Stage: The Mausoleum at the top of the hill: in various areas of the level you will find sharp crystals on the floor, jump on them until you get Game Over;
  • Collapsing floor - Stage: The Mausoleum at the top of the hill: after collecting the rune of the earth, the floor will crumble. Don't run away and fall down;
  • Bats - Stage: Scarecrow Fields: In the first building, which requires the blue rune, there will be bats that, if you let them, can kill you;
  • Death in the Grain - Stage: The Scarecrow Fields: Towards the end of this level, walk through the wheat fields and let the corn demons take you;
  • Mill Blades - Stage: Scarecrow Fields: You will find a mill with automatic blades towards the middle of the level; let it kill you;
  • Traps - Stage: Scarecrow Fields: at the end of the level, there will be many traps, let them kill you. You can also try to die in each of the traps here, but it is not clear if each of them counts as a different death;
  • Cannon Bombs - Stage: The dungeons of the Asylum: During this level, there is a room with cannons shooting at you, let them kill you;
  • Giant bird protecting its nest - Stage: The Enchanted Earth: During this level, you will have to reach a giant bird's nest, to steal the eggs you will find there. Let the bird in question kill you with its claws;
  • Crystal Stalactites falling on your head - Stage: The Crystal Caverns: During the boss fight against the Dragon, hit the floor with green crystals, and stay where there is green crystal on the ceiling, letting it kill you;
  • Snake Dragon - Stage: Gallows Gorge: a Snake Dragon will be generated after walking through the fire that requires the dragon's armor. Let it kill you;
  • Cannonballs that will kill / repel you from the ship - Stage: The Ghost Ship: Throughout the ship, there will be many cannons. Let the balls kill you. You can also try to let them push you away from the side of the ship where you will have to recover the red rune;
  • Clock Handles - Stage: The Time Device: There are several traps throughout the level. At the beginning, you will have to take the left path to get the purple rune: along the way there are some clock handles on the floor that can kill you;
  • Electricity - Stage: Zarok's Lair: During the last fight against Zarok, the wizard will generate a power grid on the floor during the final stage of the fight. Walk in this electric grid and let its electricity fry you;
  • Bosses: You can also try to be killed by each of the individual bosses in the game (8 in total);
  • Other Enemies: You can try to be killed by all kinds of enemies in the game, but it is not clear if different enemies count as different deaths;

Addicted to potions

Drink 32 vials of energy.

You'll get this trophy without even realizing it, on your way to platinum. You will need to consume 32 vials of energy, not to be confused with bottles, which have a different shape and function. Simply die and recharge your bottles at the vital energy sources as many times as necessary to unlock the trophy in question.

Now with 50% more magic!

Charm the broadsword.

First, you'll have to get the broadsword from the Hall of Heroes by finding 5 Chalices. Second, you will need to enchant it; to do this, all you have to do is go to a salesman gargoyle, pay the due (100 gold coins), enchant your weapon, and unlock the trophy.

Arms stolen from agriculture

Kill something with your arm.

One of the first weapons our Sir Daniel can count on is... his arm! Kill any enemy with this unlikely means and the trophy is yours.


Avoid all the rolling rocks on the cemetery hill.

The hill of the cemetery is a rather short stage, where the main feat is to climb to the top, passing through a winding path on which will roll some boulders that, in order to obtain this trophy, you will have to avoid. In this case, it will not be enough that you equalize the boulders with the shield, but you really must avoid being hit.

Although the task may seem difficult, it is much less complex than you might think. First of all, always hold onto the rock face and jump: this way, you will avoid 90% of the boulders if you are in mid-air. What you need to pay more attention to, though, are the lava boulders. Always avoid enemies and use every crack to avoid rolling stones, bearing in mind that every four boulders there will be a break that you can use to go further.

Colonel Fortesque's recipe

Turn an enemy into a roast chicken and eat it.

To get this trophy, you will first need to get some chicken legs, and we refer you to the "Chicken is the answer" trophy description to figure out how to get hold of it. Once this wacky weapon is in your arsenal, all you have to do is press the to throw it at an enemy, turning him into a roast chicken.

After that, walk on it, so that you devour it, get 20 health points and, as a result, unlock the trophy.


Defeat the Window Demon using only your arm.

This trophy will be obtainable once the Demon of the stained-glass window, final boss of the stage "The Mausoleum at the top of the hill", has been defeated. To unlock the achievement you will have to beat the boss using Sir Daniel's arm, one of the weapons with which you will start your adventure in Medievil .

The demon in question can only be wounded when he exposes his heart, which you must strike by throwing the arm of our skeletal hero, pressing the button . The boss will have a health of 500 life points, and each shot from his arm will take away 10, which means you'll have to score 50 shots. However, each time the demon shows his weak spot, you'll have time to settle 4 p 5 shots.

To succeed in this task, you must use ONLY Sir Dan's arm, and no other weapon. However, if you accidentally hit the stained-glass window demon with another weapon, don't worry: you can repeat the stage at any time during your adventure.

Totally disrespectful

Destroy 100 tombstones.

You will find the gravestones by exploring the following levels: The Cemetery, Cemetery Hill and Back to the Cemetery. These are common stone blocks, which you can basically destroy with any weapon at your disposal. All you need to do is a bit of grinding to unlock the trophy.

I just wanted to help!

Crush a severed hand.

The first opportunity you will be given to get this trophy will be in the "Cemetery Hill" stage, where you will find many of these severed hands wandering around the various areas. In addition, by collecting just 3 chalices, you will be given the Hammer, the first weapon with which you can crush them.

The walls can't stop me

Go back to Sir Dan's crypt and destroy the secret wall.

On the right side of the initial stage, "Sir Dan's Crypt", you will find a wall whose dragon's armour can only be obtained after facing the Dragon, the boss we will meet in the "Crystal Caverns". This armor has the character to spit fire and, therefore, to burn any enemy you can get in front of it: the ideal to unlock the achievement in question.

Stop hurting yourself!

Get hit by a crystal during the battle with the Dragon in the Crystal Caverns.

To get this trophy, we will have to reach the "Crystal Caverns" and face the Dragon, the boss of this stage. To summon him, we will need two Dragon Gems, which we can get:

  • By completing the witch's secondary mission in the "Snake of the Pumpkins" stage (the one where we have to defeat Pumpkinhead), the hag will reward us with the first Gem;
  • As soon as we release the Mayor, in the dungeons of the Asylum, we will find the second Gem in the same cell from which we released this NPC;

As soon as you activate the boss fight, you will realize the presence of four platforms." Medievil - Trophies Guide


Terror of wolves

Defeat the Cemetery Guardians.

Trophy linked to the plot of the game, you can not miss it.

Glass eye

Defeat the Window Demon in the Mausoleum at the top of the hill.

Trophy related to the game plot, you can't miss it.


Destroy both Devils in the Enchanted Land.

Trophy linked to the game plot, you can't miss it.

Crossed Tibia

Defeat the captain of the vessel aboard the phantom vessel.

Trophy related to the game plot, you can't miss it.


Eliminate the Ant Queen and her subjects.

To obtain this achievement, we refer you to the description of the bronze trophy "The witches' family".

Pumpkin King's mash

Defeat the Pumpkin King in a last-seed fight.

Trophy related to the game plot, you can't miss it.

Not so scary now, huh?

Defeat Lord Kardok and his skeletal steed.

Trophy linked to the game plot, you cannot miss it.


Defeat the Dragon in the Crystal Caverns.

Trophy linked to the game's storyline, you can't miss it.

Almost hero

Give everything you have to the Knights of Gallowmere.

In one of the final stages of Medievil , you'll have to face some soldiers evoked by Zarok, facing them with skeleton soldiers your allies. As often happens in these cases, the enemy militia will be stronger, but you will have a weapon that will turn the tide of the fight in your favor: the Lightning of Good. This weapon will take away your health and give it to your troops, regenerating them and making them stronger.

There is no need to take aim and hit your allies: the lightning will strike the nearest skeleton. According to what is now written, the best strategy to win this battle is to run and move as far and as far as you can throughout the arena, holding down the ...leaving everything to the lightning.

As for the trophy, instead, "giving everything" means draining at least three bottles of life or more, giving the energy contained in them to your allied soldiers. Do everything as we have told you and the trophy will be yours. If not, repeat the fight.

Lost property

Find all the lost souls.

Spiritual Guide

Give eternal rest to all lost souls.

If he crawls he's dead

Kill the Gallowmere Serpent.

You'll get this trophy in the Gallows Gorge stage. After crossing the area with the flames, thanks to the Dragon's Armour in your possession, you'll find an explosive trunk: blow it up and free the Snake of Gallowmere. Defeat him, and the trophy will be yours.

Iron Health (for a dead man)

collect all the bottles of life.

Medievil - Guide to Trophies


Mission accomplished

Complete all levels of the game.

Game plot trophy, impossible to miss.

Morten would be proud

Unlock all voices from the Tome of Gallowmere.

The Tome of Gallowmere is nothing more than a sort of "bestiary", within which you will find the accurate and hilarious descriptions of all the NPCs that you will encounter during the game, divided into three categories: Allies, Enemies and Bosses. The tome includes 70 items, but don't be afraid: beyond a couple, in fact, you'll get them all simply by proceeding in your adventure.

Below, we list all the entries in the Gallowmere Tome, divided into categories, together with the places where you can unlock them.


  • Sir Daniel Fortesque = unlocks automatically during the plot
  • Morten the Worm = unlocks automatically during weave
  • Gargoyles of information = unlocks automatically during the plot
  • Heroes = unlocks automatically during the plot
  • Gargoyles Merchants = Stage: The Cemetery - In the area after the statue of the angel, but you can unlock the voice also in many other places
  • Mr. Organ = Stage: The Mausoleum at the top of the Hill - In the room where you will find the red rune
  • Kul Katura = Stage : The Scarecrow Fields - In a box behind the closed farm, after defeating the two Mecha
  • Pumpkin Witch = Stage: The Pumpkin Snake - At the beginning of the level, on the left side, you will find a cauldron of witches. Use the witches' talisman on it, and a hag will appear.
  • Jack del Bosco = Stage: The Park of the Asylum
  • The mayor of the city = Stage: The dungeons of the Asylum - you will automatically talk to him at the end of the level
  • Witch of the Forest = Stage: The Enchanted Land - you must first have obtained the "Witch Talisman". You will find the cauldron of a witch to the left of where the level begins. Come closer and press the Touchpad to interact with it and use the Talisman. This will make the witch appear
  • Fairies = Stage: The Enchanted Land - First, consult the previous item, to understand where and how to find the forest witch, who will offer you a mission to perform. Accept the quest and you will venture into the anthill. On the right side of the anthill, you will find a wall that can be destroyed. Behind this wall, you will find a fairy.
  • Elephant Dragons = Stage: The Lake - After jumping down into the vortex and having access to the underwater section
  • Chickens = Stage: The Haunted Ruins
  • Captive Farmers = Stage: The Haunted Ruins
  • King Peregrin = Stage: The Haunted Ruins
  • Vulture = Stage: the time device


  • Zombies = Level: The Graveyard - the basic standard enemies found almost everywhere
  • Severed Hands = Level: The Graveyard - you must destroy the hands that run around the graveyard with the Clava or Hammer.
  • Boulder Gargoyles = Level: The Graveyard Hill - unlocks automatically with the game plot, as soon as you reach the top of the hill with the rolling rocks
  • Headless Zombie = Level: The cemetery hill - climbing the mountain with rolling rocks, jump to the left, reaching a secret area below. There you will find two big headless zombies
  • Demons = Level: The Mausoleum at the top of the hill - you will find them at the beginning of the level
  • Cemetery Wolves = Level: Return to the Cemetery
  • Scarecrow = Level: The Scarecrow Fields - they are the rotating Scarecrow, and have many life points
  • Mad Farmers = Level : Scarecrow Fields - make sure you kill many of them, as the item may not unlock immediately
  • Mecha Imps = Level: Scarecrow Fields
  • Corn Killers = Level: Scarecrow Fields - are small creatures that hide in corn fields. Read the book to the left of the closed farm, after defeating both Mecha Imps. This book talks about these creatures, and will unlock their voice in the Tome of Gallowmere
  • Bats = Level: Scarecrow Fields
  • Pumpkin Plants = Level: Pumpkin Gorge
  • Pumpkin Bombs = Level: Pumpkin Gorge
  • Rats = Level: The sleeping village - they run across the floor, you have to crush them with the hammer or the Clava
  • Village Inhabitants = Level: The Sleeping Village - Talk to the first gargoyle on the left side of the level and unlock this item.
  • Guards = Level: The Sleeping Village
  • Mad Monks = Level: The Asylum Park
  • Hedges = Level: The Asylum Park
  • Head Bangers = Level: The dungeons of the Asylum.
  • Dragon Toads = Level: The Enchanted Land
  • Poisonous plants = Level: The Enchanted Land
  • Shadow Demons = Level: The Enchanted Earth - To make the Shadow Demons appear, you must return to The Enchanted Earth after getting the Artifact to open the Demon Portal. The Demons will be freed and you will unlock the entry
  • Ants = Level: The Enchanted Land - Accept the witch's side mission, which will ask you to enter the Ant Hill, where you will find a lot of ants to beat, which will unlock your entry.
  • Armoured Knights = Level: The Marshes of the Living Dead
  • Tentacles = Level: The swamps of the living dead
  • Mud Knights = Level: The swamps of the living dead
  • Ghouls = Level: The swamps of the living dead
  • Fish Monster = Level: The Lake
  • Watchers = Level: The Lake
  • Mellowmede Guardians = Level: The Lake
  • Rinotauri = Level: Crystal Caverns
  • The Condemned = Level: Gallows' Gorge
  • Mummies = Level: Gallows Gorge
  • Snake of Gallowmere = Level: Gallows Gorge - just after you walk through the fire that requires possession of the dragon's armor, there is an explosive chest that you must detonate. This is where the Snake of Gallowmere will come out.
  • Mace Knights = Level: The Haunted Ruins
  • Stone Golem = Level: The Haunted Ruins
  • Jabberwocky = Level: The Ghost Ship
  • Pirate Crew = Level: The Ghost Ship
  • Pirate Officers = Level: The Ghost Ship
  • Flying Clocks = Level: The Time Device
  • Flying Eyeballs = Level: The Time Device
  • Fazguls = Level: Zarok's Lair


  • Zarok = Level: The cemetery hill - will unlock automatically during the game plot
  • Window Demon = Level: The Mausoleum at the top of the hill.
  • Cemetery keeper = Level: Return to the cemetery
  • Pumpkin King = Level: The Pumpkin Snake
  • Dragon Bird = Level: The Enchanted Land
  • Demons = Level: The Enchanted Land. After placing the artifact next to the two demon statues with rays coming out of their eyes, they will turn into the end-level bosses.
  • Ant Queen = Level: The Enchanted Land
  • Ancient Dragon = Level: The Crystal Caverns
  • Ghost Ship Captain = Level: The Ghost Ship
  • Lord Kardok = Level: Zarok's Lair
  • Zarok Beast = Level: Zarok's Lair

King of Cups

You get all the rewards of the Goblets.

Medievil - Trophies Guide


Savior of Gallowmere

Unlock all the trophies.

If you've gone this far, that means you've unlocked all the trophies in the game. Congratulations, you just got the platinum trophy from Medievil !

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