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The complete guide to MAX PAYNE 3 ! Are you ready to go for the third fall into self-destruction of a man who has nothing left to lose?
If you're reading these lines, yes, Max Payne is back more angry than ever and in his personal blood and lead rash he will not fail to take some collectables with him!

GOLDEN WEAPONS ( PIECES ): Golden weapons are always divided in 3 parts that you can find in the same chapter ( so if you found 2 pieces and the chapter is finished you surely missed it! ). The golden weapons, in addition to unlock its trophy / target, do not seem to have other special features or abilities ... but the fact of pointing a golden cannon in the face of a terrorist shouting "I'll blow your brains out with 2 KG of golden buckshot bastard!" is really priceless!

INDICES: The clues are of various types and will serve to deepen the delicate subplots of the game and to better understand the whole story. In addition, by collecting all of them you can unlock the relevant trophy / target.

TOURISTS' INDICES: In some chapters you will find hidden people, these people are always part of the INDICES, but they will serve to unlock an additional trophy / goal.
The clues belonging to this category, will have the words [BEAUTIFUL LOCATION FOR A POINT] which is nothing more than the name of the trophy / target attached.

IMPORTANT: The guide has been written on the NTSC version of the game so some names may differ from the PAL versions!


GOLDEN WEAPON -PT 92-Part 1: Just before entering the door from which the first enemies came out, go down to the window to find the piece.

STORY-Rivist of Celebrities: Once you enter the door where the first enemies came through, look at the table in the center to find the magazine.

ARMA D'ORO -PT 92-Part 2: After having jumped down from the terrace, inside a small pool, enter the building again to notice a circular counter with some celestial leds on your left. Look in front of the counter in the left corner of the room to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -PT 92-Part 3: Eliminate enemies in the parking lot, open the shutter with the button and continue to the bottom right to find the golden weapon.

INDICATION-Photo Fall: Continuing from the previous golden weapon, you will find this photo on the ground in your path.


ARMA D'ORO -38 Revolver- Part 1: Behind the big DJ counter as soon as the shooting starts.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Mini 30-Part 1: After examining the chained door, go up the stairs and back to where you broke through the glass at the beginning of the chapter. Look behind the counter to find the piece.

-Nightclub Flyer: Right above the counter where you found the previous piece of gold weapon.

INDICATION-Memorial of the dead footballer: In the same room where you found the previous 2 collectables, you will find the body of the footballer lying in front of a sofa.

ARMA D'ORO -38 Revolver- Part 2: After passing through the corridor with the bright and flashing lights, you will arrive in a "pretty purple" area, climb the stairs on the left and, opening the door, you will arrive at the DJ's station where you will find the piece.

ADDRESS-Piece of torn clothing: From the previous piece head to the left corner of the area, where there are several bright purple triangles to access the bathroom, look at the piece of cloth hanging from the sink to get the clue.

ADDRESS-Ex policeman: Open the central door of the bathroom, mentioned in the previous clue, to talk to the former policeman. [NICE PLACE FOR A DATE]

INDICATION-Portuguese newspaper: When you arrive in the kitchen, you will find the newspaper resting on a counter.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Mini 30-Part 2: When you enter the eastern zone, look inside the central circular zone to find the piece on a table.

ARMA D'ORO -Mini 30-Part 3: Get off the helicopter, go down the stairs and go immediately to the right to enter a door where you will find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -38 Revolver- Part 3: After eliminating several enemies, head to the bottom of the giant red sign, where you helped Joan escape with your sniper rifle, and you will find the piece on the ground.

ADDRESS-Joanna's Necklace: As you go down the fire escape, you will find the necklace on your way.


Victor's frame: Examine the small room next to the one in which you were treated to find the painting hanging on the wall.

BLOOD STAIN-Blood stain on the door: Follow Passos and before interacting with him examine the blood stain on the white door to his left.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M10- Part 1: After having witnessed the interrogation of an enemy by Passos, enter the video room (the one with the monitors) to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M82A1- Part 1: When you arrive in an area with players' cardboard templates, look on the shelf in the corner to find the piece resting on it.

BLOOD MILL in the corridor: After avoiding the sniper by jumping in the door on the right with Passos you will find yourself in a corridor. Examine the bloodstain on the column for the clue.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M10- Part 2: Once you have left the stadium stands, go down to the foot of the stands to find the piece.

ARMA D'ORO -M10- Part 3: Once back inside, you will find on the left a grandstand with several armchairs, look in front of them to find the piece.

INDICATION-Memorial of the Footballer: Shortly after finding the previous piece, you will find photos and wreaths of flowers, examine them to get the clue.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M82A1- Part 2: Back to the outer grandstands, go down the first staircase you will meet and turn left to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M82A1- Part 3: After the various interludes with the snipers, you will have to climb a flight of steps between a brown wall ( on the left ) and the stands of the same


GOLDEN WEAPON -1911- Part 1:
Right after you start the chapter, look behind your first shelter to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -1911- Part 2:
Continue from the previous piece and climb the wooden stairs to find the piece on the floor in a small corridor on the upper floor.

GOLDEN WEAPON -1911- Part 3: After leaving the club, a cut-scene will introduce you to the street fight. Go down the stairs next to your shelter again to find the piece next to the exit door of the club.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M500- Part 1 & ADDRESS-Max's Policeman's Badge: When you get to Max's house, look through the cabinet in the middle of the room to find the badge and on the floor next door to find the piece.

ADDRESS-Newspaper clippings: Enter the room of the man who saved your life and examine the newspaper clippings stuck to the wall near the bathroom.

Brewer's diary address: Look on the work table, near the previous clue, to find Brewer's diary.

GOLDEN WEAPON -SAF 40 Cal- Part 1: When you reach the burnt area, before climbing the wooden stairs, enter the opening on the right to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M500- Part 2: Once you have gone out on the roof, inspect the back of the hut you came out of to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -SAF 40 Cal- Part 2: After the cut-scene of the tank, climb the little wall on the left and inspect the little house at the bottom right to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -M500- Part 3: In the semi-destroyed building, follow Passos and climb the stairs. Now inspect the area that looks like scaffolding to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -SAF 40 Cal- Part 3: In the workshop, go in the door on the right and look on the cabinet near the big white fridge to find the piece.


Helicopter-Advance: As soon as you have control of Max, go straight up to the net at the bottom of the area to examine the helicopter.

ADDRESS-Remand: After Max has stopped to look at a monitor, look at the letter next to it to find the clue.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Micro 9MM- Part 1: When you go out again in the open air, from the place of the previous clue, you will find 3 guys sitting in front of you, looking at our picture, go to the point where max is aiming and climb on the case to find the piece.

ADDRESS-Videocamera: In the room where they held the prisoner, examine the camera with which they filmed her.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Micro 9MM- Part 2: Leave the previous clue room and go straight ahead following the white wall to your right, at the end of it you will find the piece on the ground near the net.

INDICATION-Photos of the Branco Family: When you arrive at the shed with the boat on your left, go to the office at the bottom left to find the photo on the table.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Micro 9MM- Part 3: Climb the stairs and go above the entrance to the office mentioned in the previous clue to find the weapon.

BOATHOUSE-DAYBOARD: When you arrive in another shed similar to the shed where the boat was, look under the stairs to find the newspaper.

INDICE-Star of the Nightclub: From the basement of the previous clue, enter the door opposite to find the tops on the table.

GOLDEN WEAPON -LMG .30- Part 1: As you leave the site of the previous 2 collectibles, you will see the piece of the weapon glittering in a broken container in front of you.

GOLDEN WEAPON -LMG .30- Part 2: Once in a large clearing with shacks, go to the one on the left to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -LMG .30- Part 3: Follow the dock until you are blocked by a white hut with a net. Walk around the hut and keep following the dock to find the weapon right on the other side where the white hut was parked in front of it.


Rodrigo's e-mail ADDRESS & Fabiana's DATA ADDRESS: As soon as the chapter begins, enter the glass office to the right of the port where the guy who will reactivate the servers is waiting for you. Examine the computer to read the emails and the desk to receive the data.

GOLD WEAPON -MD-97L- Part 1: Land near a shelf in the corridor in front of the glass office mentioned in the previous clue.

INDICATION-Model of Architecture: Continuing through various offices, you will arrive in a small room with a model of a building in the middle of it. You will find it on your way however our photo will help you.

GOLD WEAPON -MD-97L- Part 2: After descending the stairs and watching the short cut-scene, turn around to find the piece under a waterfall.

ADDRESS-School boxes: Just outside the room with the waterfall of the previous parcel, follow the corridor looking at the right wall to notice the paintings.

GOLD WEAPON -MD-97L- Part 3: After eliminating enemies in the reception area, examine the glass case on the right to find the weapon.

INDICATION-Dead Technique: When you have to disarm the enemy, you will find him lying on the ground in your path.


ADDITION-Ex-Policeman: After Max has had...emh, unpleasant encounters and after you leave the canal, you will find the ex-policeman in a bazaar on the left.

INDEX-Photos of Serrano:
You will find the photo of Serrano in front of the sofa on which you will have the dialogue with Da Silva.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Sawn-Off- Part 1: Enter the bathroom of the room to find the piece in front of the cup.

TOURIST ADDRESS: Just before leaving the room, look under the bed in a room on the right to notice the tourist.

ADDRESS-Logo of the spray gang: When you arrive at the entrance of the new area, with a padlock on the door, you will see the big yellow logo next to it.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Sawn-Off- Part 2: Starting from the center of the room where Max will be climbing with a chain, go up the flight of stairs in the left corner to find the piece on the upper floor.

ARMA D'ORO -SPAS-15- Part 1: Always starting from the centre of the room, mentioned in the previous parcel, climb the flight of stairs in the central area to find the piece on the upper floor.

ARMA D'GOLD -SPAS-15- Part 2: When you come out into the open, you will find a destroyed machine to the left of the main street. In front of the machine there will be a shelter hiding the piece.

ADDRESS-Logo of gang spray 2: You will see it on the wall near the shelter where the previous weapon was hidden.

GOLD WEAPON -SPAS-15- Part 3: After climbing a staircase and arriving at a balcony, do not continue to the left but jump down to the right to fall exactly on the weapon.

INDICATION-Altare by Claudio: This clue is impossible to miss, you will find it painted on your path with altars and flowers.

ADDITIONAL VOLantino di Giovanna: After having descended into an alley, do not enter the door to continue but read the small flyer to the right of it.

Oxidado's Suitcase: Once you arrive in a square, where the enemies will shoot you from the upper floor of the house in front of you, go up to the second floor of the house to find the drugs on a piece of furniture.

ADDRESS-Logo of gang spray 3: When you leave the previous collector's house, you will see the logo on a wall in the middle of the main street.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Sawn-Off- Part 3: In the clearing where you will be hit by a shower of Molotov cocktails, go to the corner with the table and chairs to find the weapon.


INDEX-Note on Max: In the cabin at the bottom at the beginning of the chapter, on the cabinet next to the shower.

ADDRESS-Bed of Passos: Examine the bed in one of the cabins near yours.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Super Short- Part 1: Enter the fridge area in the kitchen, past the butcher curtain, to find the piece.

Blood trail: On leaving the boat, examine the blood trail on the small wooden jetty that overlooks the water.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Super Short- Part 2: On the upper deck of the boat, and before you go inside, go right to reach the piece.

ADDRESS-Discarded newspaper & ADDRESS-Suspicious wall: Inside the boat, look on the table to find the newspaper and near the table to notice the wall.

ADDRESS-Passport of Daphne: On the desk in the wooden corridor cabin.

Jewelry shelf-index: On a shelf in Daphne's bedroom.

GOLD WEAPON -AK-47- Part 1: Past the small white door that will automatically rise. Look on the left wall to see a painting. Shoot it to reveal a safe with the piece.

ARMA D'ORO -AK-47- Part 2: When you come out into the open with Passos you will find yourself behind a shelter. Examine the right of the area behind you to find the piece.

GOLDEN WEAPON -Super Short- Part 3: When you arrive across the street with the pink placards, go to the bottom right to find the weapon.

Enter the building, go up to notice the access to a fire escape on the right, go down the stairs to find the piece.

INDICATION-Display visitor center: Examine the 2 puppets in the visitor center.

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