Marvel's Avengers - PlayStation 4 version review

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The adventures of marvel super heroes are back on the big screen, with a new branded game Crystal Dynamics e Eidos Montreal and published by Square Enix.

It is the first time in years that the development house is detached from the famous Tomb Raider franchise that they have masterfully managed, giving it a new personality.

Under certain within Marvel's avengers you will feel strongly an influence from the previous works in some phases of the game / platforming.

But will they have managed to make this adventure enjoyable to play? Find out with us in this review.

Avengers united!

Let's start by saying that you shouldn't expect anything related to the MCU created in recent years, starting from the structure of the characters and history, but this does not mean that they will lack charisma.

It all starts with a girl named Kamala khan, who is strongly passionate about the Avengers we can almost say a "fangirl". The storyline will start in the same way as the alpha / beta that players have had a chance to experience.

During an event dedicated to the avengers called A-Day, in San Francisco the city is attacked by a mysterious threat, which will try to attack the chimera and San Francisco.

Obviously we will go to counter the threat with the group of avengers, but despite everything the damage will be irreparable and the situation will not go in the best way.

From there, following the explosion of an untested material, the inhumans (Which if you have seen the SHIELD series will not be new to you as a name).

With all the damage done to the population and San Francisco, the avengers are forced to withdraw from sight for 5 years.

During the absence of our beloved super heroes, the worldAIM the company that has taken the place of stark industries will threaten the world, or rather the inhumans, by treating them as people of "treat“, In all this it will be up to our Kamala to save the situation.

We can treat it a little like the sticky to start the story, in fact we will go in search of evidence to stop AIM with Ms. Marvel (Kamala) who by now has almost taken full control of the US, but obviously she will not be able to do everything alone and from there our research starts gods missing members of the Avengers.

In all this overall the story will be pleasant and will flow without major problems, giving the right characterization to the characters inside.

The story will not be very long, it will last approximately between 10-13 hours based on how we play, if we do a lot of side missions or not. We think the short duration of the story is just positive for the chapter to avoid it being forcibly prolonged.

Small choices

We will have the possibility to select various activities, if to leave for the mission main, secondary or participate in sessions multiplayer or workouts in the hall H.A.R.M.

The secondary missions will not be anything too exceptional, indeed very often we can say that they will be repetitive and created only to collect a better loot and know some extras about the story.

Instead in the HARM room, we will be projected into a training system where we can practice with the various characters of the marvel cast, starting with iron man, hulk, captain america and others.

In all this, the secondary activities will not be compulsory, on the contrary we can safely avoid them and conclude the story without problems.


The gameplay mechanics of the avengers series will not be the most complicated, indeed we could say that the simplicity plays like a master.

Everything will be structured as an action with components from RPG inside a dummy open world e linear, which just gives us the impression of being in an open way but in reality it will be very limited.

There will be within the worlds / missions points of interest, which can range from trunks scattered or inhumans to save, or find some places of the SHIELD around the map.

Each character will have their own personality and specialty, for example: Thor and Iron Man will be able to fly inside the game, or Ms. Marvel will have the ability to hook onto objects thanks to her extendable arms.

Il combat system it can be said that it is as simple as it is effective, we will have a light attack, a heavy one and the ability to aim to hit objects from a distance, all accompanied by 3 skills that recharge over time and the possibility of using a "stamina" bar for certain actions.

Obviously, if there are skills, what can never be missing? The branches to be upgraded with skill points, which we can use to add combos to light / heavy attacks or skills, or reduce the loading time of a skill and more.

In short we will have the possibility to customize our character based on our preferences.

The combat system in fact we can say without problems that it is well established and manages to give satisfaction with any character thanks to an excellent diversity of style of play, despite everything often the actions are revealed in a chaos on the screen that reduces the visibility of many. enemies on screen or their own actions.

Technical sector disappeared like the avengers

The title is not written by chance, it is a interrogative that we set ourselves during our examination of the product.

In certain situations, the developers seem to have left the battlefield a bit like the Avengers in Marvel's films, leaving the technical sector adrift, not really caring about problems gravi that afflict him.

We have analyzed everything from a PlayStation 4 first model, the fat to be clear, where the optimization is almost nothing, the console struggles to start the game and framerate drops are the order of the day.

At certain times the general performance was discreet, but as soon as the setting appeared in a more articulated place, the first discrepancies between low quality texture and a dancer frame rate.

The in-game movies are of excellent quality, the polygonal models have an exceptional and sometimes cinematic yield, but then destroy everything as soon as they get out of the kinematics, with a yield totally below that seen previously. The care is marginal, the environments are surrounded by low quality textures.

Despite the efforts to lower the graphic rendering on the basic models, the title cannot be stable for its entire duration, especially in the most excited phases, creating a frustration in the user due to the incessant problems.

Even the localized version in Italian is not far behind, in some videos missing audio files for dubbing, finding characters who speak in a "silent" way, forcing us to fall back in subtitles or even in the English localization.

The normal PS4 version is almost totally rejected, it would have required more attention especially now that we are at the end of the generation.

Final comment

The product has many technical problems, which ruin the gaming experience that without them would be a pleasant adventure within the marvel universe. We are hoping for a possible patch that solves all the problems currently present.

We currently advise against the product on PlayStation 4 Fat and prefer it on the Pro version.

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