Mario Tennis Aces: Unlock All the Characters and Courts

- Mario Tennis Aces here's what you need to do to get the roster complete with characters and unlock all the playing courts. Are you tired of seeing only Mario and Luigi running from one side of the same field to the other? Are you no longer satisfied with Toad's athletic skills or Bowser's destructive power? Is the Marina Stadium starting to get tight? Don't worry, thanks to this guide you can discover how to unlock and add to your collection all the characters and courts of play of Mario Tennis Aces !

The game initially features as many as 16 playable characters and although you can meet and challenge other athletes in the game's Adventure mode, to unlock these new heroes you must participate in monthly online tournaments organised by Nintendo.

By participating in online tournaments you Mario Tennis Aces will be able to unlock the character "up for grabs" from that tournament. For all Guide: Initial Characters

As we were saying, there are 16 characters available from the start of the game, divided according to their characteristics. The basic characters are the most balanced ones, which are good for learning the basics of the game. The athletes with the Defense feature, are able to block the opponent shots but less strong when it comes to hitting, the opposite of the characters who have the Power as the main feature. The heroes with the Fast skill are the most agile and capable of long shots. The characters of Technique instead have great precision when it comes to aim in the corners of the opponent's field. Close the overview the athletes with Advanced, very strong characters but that require more training to be mastered.

  • Mario (Base)
  • Luigi (Base)
  • Wario (Power)
  • Waluigi (Defence)
  • Peach (Technique)
  • Daisy (Base)
  • Rosalina (Advanced)
  • Toad (Fast)
  • Toadette (Technique)
  • Bowser (Power)
  • Bowser Jr. (Defense)
  • Boo (Advanced)
  • Yoshi (Fast)
  • Donkey Kong (Power)
  • Power (Power)
  • Category (Power)

Mario Tennis Aces - guide: Online unlockable characters

The following heroes bring to 26 the roster of athletes available in Mario Tennis Aces . As already mentioned, to unlock these characters will have to participate in online tournaments or wait for the end of the tournament and the subsequent release, through an update patch, by Nintendo. Finally, although not playable, these characters are already present in the basic copy of Mario Tennis Aces and can be encountered during the Adventure mode.

  • Calamako (coming in the July tournament)
  • Kamek (coming up in the August tournament)
  • Koopa Troopa (coming up in the September tournament)
  • Tartosso
  • Shy type
  • Boom Boom
  • Skelobowser
  • Diddy Kong
  • Koopa Paratroopa
  • Facilities

Mario Tennis Aces - Guide: How to unlock all the game courts in this game.

Initially only one playing field will be available, the Marina Stadium, where you can play on land, clay and asphalt.

To unlock new stages where you can challenge your opponents you will need to complete Adventure Mode by finishing each of the available play areas. The unlocked courts can also be customized by adding hazards to increase the level of challenge.

Once all the adventure mode play areas have been completed the available courts should be as follows:

  • Marina Stadium (Night)
  • Marina Stadium
  • Bask Ruins
  • Piranha Plant Forest
  • Mirage Mansion
  • Snowy Mountain (Snowfall Mountain)
  • Savage Sea
  • Volcano Court

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