Mario Kart Tour - How to Get Free Rubies Guide 100%

Mario Kart Tour : how to get Rubies | It wouldn' Mario Kart Tour t be a mobile game if it didn't have a premium currency. You don't have to spend real money to really unlock everything, but if you really don't feel like spending thousands of hours unlocking any game content, then premium currency becomes a viable option.

In Mario Kart Tour , players can compete with other players in intense competitions starring historical Nintendo characters. There's a wide variety of karts, characters and gliders, so there's a lot to collect in this racing game, but not everything is available right away. To unlock everything you can, of course, play a lot so you can grind coins as if it were raining, winning races and winning cups, but it does Mario Kart Tour allow you to spend an alternative currency called Ruby.

These rubies are used by activating the Warp Pipe, an object that acts as a loot, as you are used to find in titles of this genre. Spending, for example, five ruby will give you a new random pilot, a glider or a new flaming kart. Since you can't use the coins on the Warp Pipe, you'll have to do some good grinding or shell out some real money to get the ruby to spend on new content.

Like most mobile games, it also Mario Kart Tour features a premium currency to buy with real money that allows you to unlock content important to the game. This currency is Ruby.

How to download | Mario Kart Tour To download the game to your device, go to -> Google Play | App Store.

The fastest method is simply to spend money on various packages offered in the store. Here are the prices of gems on tour of Mario Kart Tour :

  • 3 ruby - € 1,99
  • 10 rubies - €5.99
  • 23 ruby - € 12,99
  • 48 ruby - € 26.99
  • 93 ruby - € 49,99

To get free Rubies, follow the instructions in the next video:

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