Mario Kart Tour - All Methods of Making Coins

How to get coins in Mario Kart Tour | Coins are the lifeblood of . Players who don't want to rely on the game's premium currency, will have to make a pile of coins to get items or new drivers. You can use coins to buy items that will be placed in the section where you can find a content of your choice in the game every day. These purchase options change frequently enough to offer players a fair amount of variety. But they are expensive. You have to play a lot to get the coins you need.

Let's see below, then, the methods to earn coins at will.

How to make coins in Mario Kart Tour

In this guide, we see how to make coins, currency in game fundamental to unlock everything you want to the whole of Mario Kart Tour .

Repeat the Coin Rush several times

There are some methods for coin farming. The most obvious option available for players is to engage in the Coin Rush activity. Coin Rush is a race where you will receive a multiplier based on how many Rubies you spend to complete it. Here are the rubies you have to pay to receive the respective coin multiplier:

  • 5 rubies: coins x 2
  • 15 rubies: coins x 6
  • 25 rubies: coins x 10

When you're inside the circuit, you'll drive as Gold Mario, a gold version of Mario. Calamita on himself any coin he approaches along the way, making it easier to collect all the coins on the track. Many of the coins you receive will be multiplied based on the multiplier you unlock.

Choose a preferred track

Per has a favorite. You can check which routes your pilots have as favorites by displaying them in the "pilots" option in the menu.

By choosing a preferred path, you increase the probability of getting more useful objects. The more damage and chaos you cause on the map to the other drivers, there will be more points for you at the end of the race. You also have the chance to get three boxes of items with coins inside.

Best track to collect coins

The best and easiest track in which you can stuff coins is the Koopa Troopa Beach. This track is simple because it's not a challenging track that requires difficult maneuvers to collect coins.

When you start the course, it is better to devote the first round to collecting coins rather than trying to get a higher position in the race. After collecting them, you can then concentrate on the race to earn a good place in the ranking or even win the race.

Receive Tour gifts

Another way to earn coins is to get the tour gift. You have to win the Cups and complete the Tours which can also reward you with coins. If you have the Gold Pass, you can increase the number of coin prizes with the tour gift.

Can you buy coins?

In addition to the standard method of play, do players have the opportunity to buy coins? The answer is no. While players are free to buy premium currency from Mario Kart Tour the game store, they do not have the opportunity to buy coins. However, it is a logical choice because by purchasing the premium currency you can then turn it into coins through the first method of this guide, Coin Rush. There is no method to pay a certain amount of money for a certain amount of coins in the game.

The advice is to prefer method 2, i.e. play with one of your drivers on the corresponding favourite track. You will receive a lot of coins and you can unlock everything you want: hang gliders, drivers, vehicles.

You can't buy coins with real money, but there is a premium currency that can be used to unlock a large amount of coins, so it's a bit like buying them, in fact.

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