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Man of Medan , first episode of Supermassive Games' The Dark Pictures Anthology, features many unlockable endings through the multiple choices the game asks us to make. Just as in Until Dawn, the goal of the game is to make the protagonists of the story survive. Depending on how many characters you save, you unlock a different ending. You can save everyone, just like you can't save anyone.

In this guide we see what endings you can get in Man of Medan and what choices you can make to see the corresponding ending. Obviously, we warn you that this guide contains a lot of spoilers.

Man of Medan | How to unlock all the endings

Note: these are just a few endings for now Man of Medan , we will add more as soon as possible. Many of the following endings do not take into account the number of people saved, but we will unlock whoever is still alive. In the last paragraph, however, you will find described the options to choose to save all of them.

Ending "Rescue the military"

In this ending, the military will arrive on site, but they will NOT rescue the boys. In fact, to keep the secret of Ourang Medan hidden, they shoot the group. There are two ways to get this which is the worst ending.

1. Towards the end of the game, the group will attempt to emit an SOS signal using the radio on the ship's deck. When you contact someone for the first time, they will ask you what's going on. You can either give them the exact coordinates or panic and fail to give your position.

If you give them the coordinates, the military will arrive by helicopter at the end of the game, but they won't save the group.

If you've broken the boat's distributor by not completing the QTEs in the scene with the rats covering Olsen's body, you won't have access to the boat, leaving the group with only one way out, the military.

To recap: Give the right coordinates; break the distributor.

Note that if you miss the first conversation on the radio and somehow can't give your coordinates, turning on the generator right afterwards will solve the problem.

2. When the group arrives at the radio and decides to split up to look for the generator, make sure that Brad and Fliss are together and that Julia goes with Alex.

Soon Brad will go on his own to check the situation and end up running into Olsen, who has the object he needs to start the boat. After some difficulty, Alex shows up to help and urges Brad to escape.

If you choose to stay a few more seconds, you won't be able to escape and break the object.

Once the helicopter arrives, the group will be very happy to see someone coming to help, but in reality this is the worst possible ending because, as mentioned, the military will shoot on sight.

Ending "Run away with the Duke of Milan".

This is essentially the "good" ending that allows the group to escape on Fliss's boat. As long as you can protect the distributor from damage, the group will finally be able to leave Ourang Medan, even if you manage to call the military for help.

Once the credits run out, there will be a scene showing the helicopter arriving on the scene and two men come out and start exploring the ship. They soon run into Danny, who has managed to grab a bat and starts attacking the two men. You, however, will already be safe on the Duke of Milan.

To get it:

Keeping the distributor safe
Switching on the generator or contacting the military will not affect the ending.

No way to get the boat started and no military aid.

This QTE occurs if you don't ask for help using the radio, don't turn on the generator and don't keep the Duke of Milan's distributor intact.

The group ends up stuck on the ship Ourang Medan without food and water, but Fliss chooses to go back to his boat and paddle slowly along the ocean, hoping to catch a current. The others choose to leave her alone and decide to stay on the ship until, hopefully, someone comes to rescue them.

This ending ends with Julia hallucinating and seeing Brad's terrifying face with an evil smile.

In summary:

Don't give your position to the military.
Do not turn on the generator.
Be sure to break / lose the distributor.

Trapped in prison

If you can give your coordinates to the army by radio, but you can't mention the actual name of the ship (it is found with a collector's item), they will come and lock the group in a prison to prevent the world from knowing the real secrets of Ourang Medan and the Manchurian gold.

Also, make sure you lose the distributor again so that the group cannot escape on the Duke of Milan.

So to summarize:

Give them the coordinates over the radio.
Do not mention the name of the ship.
You don't have the distributor.

Conrad saves everyone or he goes crazy.

If Conrad manages to steal the pirate boat at the beginning of the game during the kidnapping, he will eventually return to Medan and bring an even bigger boat to save the group. To achieve this ending you need to have the distributor intact and give the coordinates to the military who, once in place, will not find anyone.

If, on the other hand, you find the distributor and don't give the coordinates to the military, the group will escape before Conrad returns, leaving him to explore the ship and in the end he will go crazy because of the hallucinations of the "Manchuria Gold".

How to save everyone

Below are the choices to make to save all the guys in the group, character by character.

How to save Conrad

Conrad is the first character to Man of Medan be put in danger. During the escape sequence on the boat, after the five characters have been taken hostage by Olson and co, you must make the following choices to make Conrad survive.

  • When Conrad gets beaten by Olson, ask him "what do you want?"
  • You choose not to say anything to Olson.
  • You choose not to say anything to Junior when he tells Conrad to behave himself.
  • Choose to 'sneak in' when asked what to do by Julia and Alex.
  • Pull the right trigger to break the window in time with the thunder.
  • Complete the heartbeat sequence on the side of the boat.
  • You choose to grab the knife on deck.
  • Choose to try to take the gun that Olson offers you.

Alternative Scenario

  • Choose not to take the gun and run away with the speedboat.
  • Complete the QTEs to escape.

How to save Julia

For Julia, the first big moment of survival comes when she and Alex are chased by the other Alex on the ship.

  • Complete the QTE to climb the stairs.
  • You are free to select 'run' or 'jump' when given the option between the two.
  • Anyway, you have to complete another QTE.
  • If you are given the opportunity to "fight" or "continue", choose the latter.
  • Complete the ending QTE to escape the other Alex while you regroup with everyone.

How to save Alex

Alex is at the center of the scene at the conclusion of Man of Medan , in the chapter "Matters of the heart". It can be quite difficult to get through this section with Alex alive.

  • When you meet Olson for the first time, complete the heartbeat sequence to go unnoticed.
  • Press the three buttons correctly to jump the gap in the gangway.
  • Get the distributor from Olson's body.
  • Complete the QTE sequence where three mice jump on you.
  • In front of the monster with two heads, DO NOT stab him with the knife.
  • Ask "who are you?" in conversation with the monster.
  • Don't attack either the rat or the monster with the knife.

How to save Fliss

As you could understand from the previous steps, saving Alex also involves saving Fliss towards the end of Man of Medan . In front of the rat and the two-headed monster while playing as Alex, don't use the knife and you'll find that the two-headed monster is actually Fliss.

How to save Brad

Brad's situation Man of Medan is a little weird. He may be put in dangerous situations or be completely safe for most of the game, depending on who you send into the hull opening after the group has used the radio on the ship. If you send Brad, follow the steps below to save him from danger.

  • He completes his first QTE when he gets kicked out of Olson.
  • Complete the second QTE sequence while Olson is still chasing you.
  • When you confront Junior, first ask him what the fog does.
  • Later, you admit there was something in the last room.
  • Tell Junior you both held your breath the whole time.
  • Select the 'distract' option instead of grabbing the gun.

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