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When we talk about making money with online photos we mean making money with a passion, you can get paid just by publishing your best pictures of any kind. And for the photo to stand out, it is necessary to travel to places never seen before or already seen but not captured by the magic eye of the camera.


Lately it has become fashionable make money either way on the Internet, and there are so many ways that it’s almost unbelievable For what was society like before this change, well, before if people didn’t have a concrete way to earn money because of the amount of unemployment in the world, they had to look in magazines and newspapers for a job that was honorable and gave what they needed to support themselves. But now things are so simple that you can earn money from the comfort zone of your home, from looking at pictures, and more.

The reason why you can generate income to your pocket if you are one of those passionate people with the photographs and have too many photos and also very good quality to fill several catalogs, let me tell you that entering here was your best option, then, we will explain you carefully and step by step how to achieve that you crave. Maybe it is to live from what you like to do, right?

Selling photos on the Internet can be a little complicated at first, but you have nothing to worry about because throughout the article we will teach you how to progress in what you are surely good at, but you don’t know how to exploit talent. First you could start with looking at pictures and give me like for it, that over time the company to which you are giving these will recognize you and you can have your chance for sure there.


There are a lot of pages where you can offer your service to generate income with good taste to satisfy the needs you may have either at home, with your partner or simply to satisfy your desire to give you a luxury that will be pleasant to have.

The requirements they are asking for are simply simple, you just have to:

SUBSCRIBE: This is the first rule that you have to follow to start working from the Internet watching photos, or uploading to become known as a professional photographer, it’s like accepting a job.

NOTICE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN IMAGES: This is like a test run to see if you have what it takes to start working with the company you subscribe to. It’s not hard, you just have to pay attention.


When we talk about making money by focusing on what we like, it can be a fun and feasible income for you.

Making money selling photos online is a feasible option for those people who are passionate about photography, because, the more you like it, you don’t have to be forced to do it, you can be your own boss and earn the amount of money you deserve for your original and professional work.

If you consider that you are a being with high quality photographs you will have no problem selling the photos through the networks, Instagram, Twitter and even these networks that advertise to the TV stations can be interested in your work.

There are other feasible and reliable ways that may interest you, and in this article the main thing is that you can find the solution to fulfill your goal in the best way.


This option is one of the most money-producing options for the curiosity of mankind. There are even magazines that promote these kinds of photos to the public over 18 years of age. But when we talk about getting involved in the networks, the main thing will be:

FIND A PLACE WHERE THEY’RE USEFUL. For example, the pages that focus on this content will surely be interested in the photos without having much to say, and depending on the views that it has they will see if you are useful to them and if it was a bad investment, which most likely is not.

CREATE A PAGE TO PROMOTE THEM. So, in case the sites you sold a batch of these pictures to are not interested in your work, you can start a new one by creating your own website. And the rest will be profit to your pocket.


Selling photos to agencies on the Internet is not as simple as it sounds, but if you are a person considered totally good at business proposals it will surely not be a problem for you. There are many types of agencies that you can provide your services to, for example, photo agencies:

AUTOMOBILE:If you have included in your catalogs panoramic photos of cars with very good quality, do not hesitate to take this option as the main one, you can certainly make the amount of money you once dreamed.

GLASSES: If a glass agency is interested in getting publicity through photos on the internet you can offer your service and you can be sure that you will also do well.


When we talk about selling photos to magazines we refer to the most difficult and dreamy option of every photographer (to be accepted by the agency of a well-known magazine), because it is not so easy to be accepted by the amount of requests in photos that come from all over the world. But it is also a very good option if you are only looking for magazines that focus on the same thing as you. For example:

NATURE. If you are a nature lover and you like to take pictures of nature, get a magazine agency that promotes these kinds of photos and you will surely be able to get a good source of income.


People who create books also need help in the area of photos, because they usually write not to focus on how it will look or make the cover, if you give your service the best you can give:

AN IMAGE ACCORDING TO THE BOOK. If the book is about animals, it is logical that you cannot put a volcano on the cover ¦. Well, that is what we mean. It’s sure to be a good source of income, too.


Newspapers are another area that depends on photos, especially all the events in the world, so anything you see or find interesting you can take a good picture and bring it to a newspaper center, if only:

GOOD FOR THE PRESS. Well, they won’t accept something that is simply good and already, you have to stand out and you are sure to be hired as the photographer assigned to all the events.


This is one of the most outstanding and recommended options, because this is a page that accepts any type of photos for sale, which means that they can be of all kinds only if:

THEY PROMOTE QUALITY IN QUANTITY. Since people sell photos around here the competition will be high so you can sell yours but if you are lucky and good at it, your income will be high.


Instagram is a social network in charge of promoting the most outstanding photos, and for them to keep one of them it has to be a highly professional job. With:

QUALITY PHOTOS. Since it is a network that moves only through the world of photos, they do not accept proposals from anyone who wants to sell any photo. They only choose the most professional ones, if you consider that your work is based on professional photos, don’t hesitate to sell photos to Instagram, it will surely be your best option.

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