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Lately we have come to the point of not believing in websites that make money on the Internet, because of people creating fake websites to make a profit from it. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and even waves of comments directed to these people have been highlighted, pointing out that even they scam themselves by the fact that their pages when registered by the Marketing Association (just to see if it is feasible or not), end up blocking the pages previously created.

We believe that it was necessary to give you this information to emphasize that Globaltestmarket is a reliable and feasible page.

What is Globaltestmarket?

>img class=”size-medium wp-image-30288 alignleft” src=”×63.png” alt=”” width=”300″ height=”63″ />GlobalTestMarket is a solid and veteran paid survey site that we have been using for several years with great results. This website was founded in 1999 no less (almost!), and was created to give its users the opportunity to earn money for free by influencing and giving their opinion on global market research.

Like all companies in this sector, the website offers us the possibility of contributing to the development of products and services through our opinion, although what interests us is that we will be paid for it. And there is no doubt about the latter, since GlobalTestMarket is a serious and reliable company that has been paying its users for a whopping 19 years.

Making money with Globaltestmarket

The first important step within the platform will be to fill in our personal profile 100%. In GlobalTestMarket this consists of 6 sections, and having it complete will allow us to receive surveys as much as possible according to our tastes and preferences.

Once we have our profile 100% completed, we will not have to do anything else. Now we only have to wait for them to send us surveys comfortably to our mail when they are available. There are weeks when they send one every day (or more) and others when they send none at all.

The operation of the page is very simple:

  • You register
  • You earn points
  • You exchange the points for money or prizes

How to get paid in Globaltestmarket

There is a possibility to redeem the points for money directly to our PayPal account. However, there are other interesting ones such as gift cards for Amazon, Ikea, El Corte Ingl茅s, iTunes, etc.

Depending on the terms of the website, the time to receive the prizes can be between 4 and 5 weeks.

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