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Nowadays it is very easy to earn money from home and there are many people looking for ways to do so. That is why today we are going to explain how to do it through the AIRTM platform.

Currently we have reached the point of not believing in the pages to make money on the Internet, because of the fake pages that exist that make profit from it. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and even, have highlighted waves of comments directed to these people, highlighting that even they are self-swallowed by the fact that their pages at the time of being registered by the Marketing association (just to see if it is feasible or not), end up blocking the pages previously created.

We believe that it was necessary to give you this information to emphasize that AIRTM is a reliable and feasible page.

What is AIRTM?

AIRTM is a platform for foreign exchange that has become one of the most popular in Spanish speaking countries generating more than 1 million successful transactions daily.

On the platform you start with a digital account denominated in AirUSD, which has the same value as the dollar, which varies depending on the payment processors with which that currency is exchanged. Users have the possibility of depositing and withdrawing from the different bank accounts in their country.

You also have the possibility to send and request money nationally and internationally.

How does AIRTM work?


These characteristics differentiate it from other platforms and electronic wallets. Having access to a greater number of payment methods worldwide and with very good rates, it gives you a better performance.

  • You register
  • You make changes
  • You earn income

Making money with AIRTM

AIRTM is especially dedicated to the exchange of foreign exchange. At Airtm you can earn money by accepting applications from other members. </Airtm pays you a commission for each request from another member that you actually make.

  1. After registering on the platform, we recommend that you check your account as soon as possible.
  2. Make your first deposit
  3. Perform retreatments>span class=”ql-size-large”> without problems
  4. If you wish to send funds, please do so.

You will earn the money you want depending on the number of exchanges you make and members you bring to the club. It is not a platform that will make you rich, but it can help you increase your income gradually.

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