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Lately we have come to the point of not believing in money making websites because of the people who create fake websites to profit from them. This has become a real problem in all parts of the world, and there have even been waves of comments directed at these people, highlighting that even they themselves are self-scammed by the fact that when their pages are registered by the Marketing Association (just to see if it is feasible or not), they end up blocking the pages that were created before.

We thought it was necessary to give you this information to highlight that Snuckls is a reliable and feasible website.

If you are interested in learning more about this site and how to make so much money with it, it is best to follow the article and learn the tricks and tactics that will get you there.

What is Snuckls?


Snuckls, a website that works almost identically to Baymack (the two belong to the same owner). By the simple fact of watching Youtube videos we have the chance to win quite succulent prizes that can reach thousands of dollars. All completely free, no catch, no catch, no catch.

And the modus operandi of this website is very simple: a percentage of the profits obtained by playing the videos are distributed among all users through a daily draw. The rest is kept by the website.

Cómo Snuckls works

We can assure you that Snuckls is a website that works. It has been offering its services to different companies and users who want to earn money for a few years now. Since its beginnings, Snuckls has always paid its users, demonstrating its reliability and seriousness. It should be noted that over time, Snuckls has managed to earn an unrivalled reputation.

The way the site works is very simple:

  • You register
  • You earn points
  • Redeem points for cash or prizes

How to earn money on Snuckls

The way this site works is very simple. It is about watching Youtube videos with which we will get participations (tickets) for the daily draw.

The first step is to go to the “Get a ticket” menu on the homepage. The task is to press play and let the video finish playing. It is not necessary to watch the video, so we can switch tabs and continue doing other things. What is important is to at least pay attention to the audio, since at the end of the video we will have to complete a captcha in the form of a question.

This will consist of assigning a category to the video (pop, rock, rap, jazz, etc.). If we make a mistake with the answer, the video will not be counted and we will have to watch a new one. For every 5 videos completed correctly we will win a ticket for the daily lottery draw.

Available prizes

The prizes available on Snuckls consist of cash via PayPal or Amazon gift vouchers. In some countries such as Spain, bank transfer is also available.

Best of all, as the minimum amount to claim a prize is so ridiculously low, it’s not unreasonable to claim multiple prizes in the same week.

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