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Verse is an app that has a promotion of 5 euros free in January 2021 for installing it in your mobile, applying a code and moving 5 euros between your contacts. But what is Verse? It is an application whose purpose is to be able to send or receive money from anyone from your smartphone. This innovative utility is free and suitable for Android and IOS systems. But what can Verse do? Is it really like they say? Will it succeed among so many new fashionable apps? These are some doubts that I will try to clear up. But for now, try and install Verse on your mobile, which is free and you can win 5 euros by entering the code P3D8JJ

How does it work?

Verse is the application that wants to revolutionize the market with its simple formula for managing money. It is a payment platform registered with the Bank of Spain, operating throughout Europe and with all the guarantees of the European Central Bank. To give you an idea, it is something similar to Bizum but with more advantages. Therefore, it works in Spain and in other European countries. In fact, its founders are Spanish. All you have to do is install the app from any of the Android or IOS shops (depending on the operating system of each phone) and fill in the data requested at each step.

How to make money with Verse

  • VersaTrivia: The VersaTrivia and other games are common for users of this app. You only need 1 cent which you get back the next month.
  • Inviting friends: If a friend downloads the app from your link and you both put the corresponding code, you will win 5 ? each.
  • Surprises: From time to time you will be notified of: if you send 0.01 euro to a friend we will give you 3 euro. Be careful!

Send or request money

You have to access your contact list from your Verse app and once you select the person you want to send money to, you either ask him/her to send you money or you can send money to that person through this app with your mobile phone. You can even add a concept to all the operations you make to reflect the concept that each payment or movement has been made within the app. In order to use this app, you will have to have a credit or debit card from any other bank, so you can activate your Verse app.

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