Magic Sword - SNES cheats and codes

Magic sword is an arcade video game, a scrolling fighting game released in 1990 by the software house Capcom.

The protagonist of the game is Brave One (literally The Brave), a barbarian-looking hero who must fight his way through a thousand dangers and penetrate the tower where Drokmar, the villain on duty, lives. The purpose of Brave One is to destroy the magical orb that Drokmar wants to use to take over the world. 
The player can use the sword or magic and save numerous allies, which are then invaluable in defeating enemies. An adrenaline-pumping game, sometimes a bit confusing, but able to offer several hours of fun! If you have it for Super Nintendo, here are some tricks that you might find very useful ...

In the options screen place the cursor on EXIT without pressing it, then press and hold L + R + Start on controller 2, then press EXIT on controller 1. In the new options screen you can set several parameters.

In the options screen, place the cursor on EXIT, then press and hold L + R + Start on controller 2, then press Start on controller 1.

There is a magical door on the 34th floor, which transports you directly from Hydra. To locate this secret door, destroy the two blocks and pay close attention to the two columns. Hit the fourth row of columns on the left to activate the switch that brings up the door.

Magic Sword - SNES


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