Luigi's Mansion 3 | Solution: Gems, Boo, Rare Ghosts

Luigi’s Mansion 3 is ready to bring terror and frights to Nintendo Switch, and just like in the old episodes of the series, this third instalment is full of secrets, coins and gems to find. In our complete solution guide to the game's story and gems, we'll also show you where to find rare ghosts, where to find boo and how to clean up the entire Miramostri Hotel from its treasures.

Luigi’s Mansion 3 | Complete solution

In this solution we will show Luigi’s Mansion 3 you how to cross and pass all the floors of the Hotel Miramostri, find the elevator buttons, unlock the secret rooms and always find the many coins and banknotes hidden in the game.

In our guide you can also find the location and procedure to unlock all 102 hidden gems that you can collect in the Gallery section of Strambic's Laboratory. Below is also a short legend with which we will highlight the objects in our guide:

Important Objects: The objects or places you will find highlighted in this way will be essential to continue the adventure and will give you new skills. We will also highlight in this way all the ways to get coins, ingots and money that you will need to get the Rango S at the end o Luigi’s Mansion 3 f .

Gems number: The gems will be highlighted with the Rare Ghosts (9 in total) are hard to find prey and we will always indicate where to find them in multiplayer; the Bosses (16 in total) that we will indicate accompanied by the strategy to defeat them and that will release the buttons of the elevator useful to continue the game and finally there are the Boo, historic collectible series hidden one per floor (16 in total). To facilitate the consultation of the guide the Boo will be inserted in a special section that you can reach from here or from the summary above.

The guide is also divided by location, i.e. all floors of the Hotel Miramostri:

  • FLOOR B1: Basement
  • FLOOR 1: Grand Hall
  • BOSS B1 - Welcome: Lift Button 1 and 5
  • FLOOR 5: Spectral Rooms
  • BOSS Floor 5 - Ghostbuster: Elevator Button 3
  • FLOOR 3: Hotel shops
  • BOSS Floor 3 - Senti Nello: Button 2 of the elevator
  • FLOOR 2: Mezzanine
  • BOSS Floor 2 - Chef Panique: Elevator Button 4
  • FLOOR 4: Concert hall
  • BOSS Floor 5 - Ivan Spettrinsky: Elevator button 6
  • FLOOR 6: Mystery Manor
  • BOSS Floor 6 - King Scaredy: Elevator Button 7
  • FLOOR 7: Botanical Chambers
  • BOSS Floor 7 - Dr. Plantagrane: Elevator button 8
  • FLOOR 8: Paranormal Productions
  • BOSS Floor 8 - Morty Ciak and his set: Lift Button 9
  • Poltermicia 1: Pursuit and strategy
  • FLOOR 9: Museum of Unnatural History
  • BOSS Floor 9 - Troglospectrum and the Tyrannosaurus: Lift Button B2
  • FLOOR B2: Boiler rooms
  • BOSS Floor B2 - Brugle: Lift Button 10
  • FLOOR 10: Egyptian Halls
  • BOSS Floor 10 - Ectopatra
  • FLOOR 11: Illusory rooms
  • BOSS Floor 11 - Magic, Amalia and Divine
  • FLOOR 12: Pirates' Lair
  • FLOOR 13: Fitness Center
  • Poltermicia 2: Pursuit and strategy
  • FLOOR 14: Disco
  • FLOOR 15: Penthouse
  • Final Battle

Step by step guide to the main adventure

Load your proton packs, or change the filter on your vacuum cleaner, it's time to explore the Hotel Miramostri, Enjoy your stay everyone!


-Explore the lobby for fun animated scenes, then talk to the receptionist to continue. Then visit your room, even the bathroom, and when you're done interact with the bed to rest. When you wake up open the drawer to the left of the bed to find some coins and then go out and visit the other rooms in search of your companions until you reach the elevator.

-After the animated intermezzo run to the left, avoiding obstacles, and use the trapdoor on the wall to reach the laundry room.

Floor B1 - Basement

-Pursue by interacting with everything you can to get coins. Just before you leave the area you will see a green gem in a washing machine. Now you won't be able to pick it up so get out of the laundry room and enter the garage. Go to the bottom right to finally find the Poltergust G-OM inside the car. Now you can suck or repel enemies or jump to destroy the surrounding objects thanks to the Bounce. (you can also go back to the laundry room to absorb a lot of money especially from the top shelves or by turning the red crank just before the washing machines with the gem).

-Go out and continue to the right, there's a gem in the painting but you can't take it now. Use the strobe of light with the Strobobulb to open the door blocked by the device. In the next room use the Strobobulb again to activate the vending machine and get coins. Use the suction jump in front of the fire extinguisher to break it and get more coins, while in the under staircase you will also find a casket with various gold bars and banknotes. Go up the stairs to the top to find yourself in the hotel lobby (just below the end of the stairs you can see another gem that you can't take at the moment).

Floor 1 - Large Hall

-Fantasma -Fantasma: Eliminate the ghosts in the middle of the hall and then use the pumpkins in the right corner to hit and destroy the 4 billboards with Luigi's and his mates' faces (just suck and then fend off the pumpkins). In this way you will get a lot of money.

-In the left area of the hall there is a gem in a painting on the wall, while if you go up the stairs and look in the crack of the wall on the left you will see another gem. At the moment you will not be able to take them so take the key hanging behind the reception, using the jerk to get there and climb the stairs upstairs to open the central door.

Floor 2 - Mezzanine

-Follow the ghost puppy until you need a key. -Mm-hmm. Enter the door to the right of the one where the puppy disappeared to find yourself in the dressing room. Go to the area on the right and you'll see a switch on the wall in the mirror. Use the Strobe to turn it on and pop the key out of the wall.

-Get back to the previous room, defeat the two ghosts, and open the door with the key. Before opening the safe indicated by the puppy, remember to suck out all the curtains from the objects to get lots of money and open the chest in the corner. Then, open the safe to unlock the Rainbow Light, which allows you to bring certain paintings back to life.

-Liberate Professor Strambic and head back to the Garage. -Mm-hmm.

Floor B1 - Basement

-Fantasma BOSS -Welcome: Enter the garage with Stambic to trigger the fight. Avoid the suitcases that he will throw against you, then use the Stroboluce and slam him like the other ghosts. Once defeated you will get the buttons of the elevator 1 and 5.

-Help Strambic to set up his workshop so that it gives you access to various options including the Multiplayer, the Gallery (to view Gems and Ghosts) and the hotel floor map. He will also give you the Virtual Boo and a Planner to install in the elevator. Now you can also shoot with the Suction Cup Hit by pressing L and access the map menu with +.

-Go to the elevator, place the Strambic devices and when you are done exit again before going up to floor 5.

-Go back to the vending machine in the right door and use the suction cup to drop it and reveal a secret room. Here you can find some scattered money and earn more using the Rainbow on the coin painting.

Floor 5 - Spooky rooms

-Pursue to the right using the suction cup and go down the stairs. Use the Strobobulb on the dispenser and after collecting the money pull down the dispenser with the suction cup to access the floor laundry.

-Get in there, suck it all in and use the suction cup on the center washer to reveal a Golden Ghost. Defeat it like normal people to get different money.

-Go out and suck out the left curtains until you find a window crossed out by boards. Use the suction cup to clear the street, go out on the ledge and come towards the screen to turn the corner of the building. Use the Rainbow Light to make the missing brick of the ledge appear and vacuum out the bubbles to make it stable and reach a casket full of money.

-Follow now with the ledge to the north, enter the hole in the wall and, paying attention to spiders, climb the stairs and after you have made your way with the sucker open another chest.

-Get back to the main corridor and after you see the cleaning cart running away, vacuum the wallpaper on the left wall. Enter to find yourself above the elevator shaft where you will find several coins and bills.

-Get into the 504 and clean it, then get into the 505, use the suction cup on the closet to find a secret room with a painting of coins to get with the rainbow.

-Clean the 506 thoroughly, then enter the 507 and suck in all the towels and wallpaper. Bats will come out of the wallpaper on the left hand side of the wallpaper and you will earn a lot of money. If you light the empty wall north of the room with a rainbow and then suck in the balls, you will see the closet full of hearts and gems. Even if you use the suction cup on the wall bed right in front of the closet you will get several coins. In the bathroom instead, suck the paper from the wall and in the new room (where you can see a purple gem) use the suction cup on the panel and then a strobe to activate the ventilation duct and then a rain of bills.

-Before entering the 508, use the strobe on the right panel to obtain ingots and coins.

-Get into room 508 and after seeing the ghost escape with the briefcase, clean the area of the coins and then go out to face some ghosts dressed as a waiter.

-Fantasma BOSS - Ghostbuster: Enter room 507 and after using the stroboulbo to make the ghost material, shoot him with a suction cup at the height of the case. Then suck the rope and slam it. Enter 505 and then 504 and repeat the process. Once defeated, you will get the case and the button on elevator 3.

-Get back to the laboratory to get your gummy copy: Gummiluigi. Then continue to floor 3.

Floor 3 - Hotel shops

-Go to the last bathroom on the right and use the suction cup to open the right door and find a key.

-Go back to the elevator and open the left door. After the film you will reach the indicated point and take the key of paintings.

-Go to the shop on the left upstairs and use Gummiluigi to get in. Use the square key on the cashier to get the heart key after defeating the ghosts.

-Go downstairs and go to the store on the right. Use Gummiluigi to get in and then the heart key in the cash register. The one with spades will pop out, but it's possessed by ghosts.

-Ghost - Mini- Ghost: Use the strobe to activate the switch behind the cash register and vacuum the stack of coins. Several mini ghosts will pop up. Eliminate them like normal ghosts do to get the key of spades. Then suck out all the gold you can and before going out pull the rope on the right side of the area. It will reveal a dressing room with a ghost. Eliminate it and then enter the grate to take out some money.

-Go up and enter the store on the right. Use Gummiluigi to get in and vacuum everything to make some money. Above all, vacuum the rotating display to the left of the cash register to get it up and let out 3 golden mice. Don't forget to go to the left to enter the cafeteria and find a golden ghost in the fridge. Now use the rainbow on the missing cash register to get the flower key. To get out you'll have to fight with some mini ghosts and some ghosts who are immune to the rainbow, use the bump to make them lose their glasses and make them vulnerable.

-Go to the last remaining shop and use Luigi to vacuum one of the two flowers on the top of the scissors. Then evoke Gummiluigi and vacuum the other one continuing until the central scissors change position and open the passage.

-Go in with Gummiluigi and vacuum the two chairs on the right at the same time. Turn them so hard until 2 golden ghosts come out. Then use the rainbow next to the sink to make the safe appear and get the star key. Go out and climb the escalator to fight...

-Ghost - Sfascione: Stun him with the strobobulb and then turn around and suck him out of the tail.

-Reach back to the star door at the beginning and open it to face...

-Fantasma BOSS Senti Nello: Use Gummiluigi to cross the grate and then, paying attention to his water gun, use the jerk to blow the glasses to the boss and then the strobobulb and suction to make it tangible and suck him in. Once defeated you will get the button of the elevator 2.

Floor 2 - Mezzanine

-Please insert the elevator button and go to the second floor. Turn the corner and use the suction cup to remove the sign to the restaurant area.

-Follow the ghost puppy to the big break room and defeat all the ghosts, to make them slam into each other first.

-Get into the kitchen, position Gummiluigi in suction towards the smoke and then use Luigi to suck in the smoke until the boss is revealed.

-Fantasma BOSS Chef Panique: Use Gummiluigi leaving him inactive so that he directs his rotating attacks on him. Aspire a pumpkin, and when the ghost shields himself with the pan, shoot it at him to make him fall. At this point capture him as always. When he escapes just repeat the process until his vital points are exhausted. If you run out of fruit and vegetables to throw at him, the boss himself will provide you with big fish between attacks.

-Take the button that will be stolen by a mouse. Chase him into the big hall, take a slice of cheese from the basket above the mouse's den and leave it in the middle of the room, hiding to let him out. When the mouse is intent on eating, use the strobobulb to remove it and get the button.

-Unfortunately it will be stolen again and by another rat. Go out and follow him down the hall to the arcade. Go to the lockers and prepare to fight...

-Santasm -Hiding: Like the classic ghosts but able to attack from a distance and hide. Find him by interacting with objects and furniture in the room and then eliminate him as always.

-Shoot the sucker on the cupboards and destroy them until the mouse comes out. Chase him into the bathroom, he'll hole up in the female one that's locked. Enter the male one and let Gummiluigi enter the grate on the left wall to reach the next bathroom.

-Shoot a suction cup on the center door and vacuum the mice to get the elevator button 4.

-Get back now to Professor Strambic to find out how to spend the money collected so far in Golden Bones, FindBoo and FindGemme. And also install the new feature to capture Boo or return to the lab instantly.

Floor 4 - Concert Hall

-Air the bottles to the left and shoot them on the crates above the elevator to get bills and coins. Then continue until you get to the cork that makes waves. Avoid them with the jolt and after eliminating the person in charge interact with the left basket to find three gold rats and a wagonload of bars.

-Inspect both bathrooms for coins and ingots. Remember to also use the rainbow in the women's bathroom to make a passage to Gummiluigi appear, and also open all the sinks. Then enter the large room to face...

-Phantom BOSS Ivan Spettrinsky: Initially he will throw all the chairs in the room at you so keep moving to avoid them all. Once finished you will have to defeat the ghosts in ball gown. Use the jerk to drop their masks and the usual method to catch them.

The boss will now take possession of the piano. Keep moving to avoid being crushed 3-4 times then use the jerk to avoid the shock wave of the last attack that will open the piano revealing the boss. Hit him with the strobobulb to make him escape on stage with the whole piano. Aspire one of the bombs that will throw at you (one that is not flashing). Then aim it and throw it into the piano to overturn it. Use the suction cup in the circle engraving and slam the piano to bring out the ghost. Now hit it with the strobe and suck it in. Repeat the process about 3 times and you'll have the upper hand.

-Use the Rainbow and free the Toad from the painting, take it back to the elevator and go to floor 6 with the button obtained from the boss.

Floor 6 - Mystery Manor

-Suck on a helmet and shoot it on the right armor to find a golden ghost.

-Get to the gate and use Gummiluigi to get through it. Go down to the right to go over the railing and open the casket with several ingots. Go down to the left to suck the rope and open the gate.

-Get into the manor and break all the armour with the suction cup. Behind the second on the left you will find a room with a chest full of ingots.

-Before going down into the arena, destroy the barrels behind the fruit stand to open the casket with the ingots.

-After the movie, go to the left door and break the armor to get money. Here you defeat the ghosts and if you want you can use the suction cup on the wall in the middle of the weapons racks to open a secret room where you can find a helmet to suck to break through the armor.

-In the next room, go down the stairs and use Gummiluigi to overcome the traps and get Luigi through. Once in the cellar, spread the ghosts and then uncork the first barrel on the left with the suction cup. Enter it and press X on the left to open a door that leads to a chest and a golden ghost. Go out and uncork the central barrel to find a key.

-Open the door and in the next one use Gummiluigi to go over the spikes and suck the rope. Go back to Luigi and pull the chain in the left corner. Once underneath use the strobobulb to activate the monster's flaming mouth, suck the torch and light it near the fire. Now you can burn the cobweb and continue.

-In the room with the elevator take turns with Luigi and Gummiluigi to go down sucking the fans on the wall. Then use the rainbow on the right arch to reveal a golden sarcophagus. Use it to reach a new room with archers. Use Gummiluigi to pass them and suck the rope over the archers' device. Once the right side is broken, go back to the left side and suck the other rope to stop the archers for good and let Luigi pass and when he reaches the casket he will get a key.

-Fantasma - Mini-Sascione:-Go back to the lift room and face the Mini Sfascioni. And then continue to the left door to reach the prisons. Use Gummiluigi to suck the chain near the exit door and lower it all to the grate. Enter with Luigi, suck the key and get ready. Two ghosts will melt Gummiluigi by trapping you. Recreate him quickly and send him to defeat the ghosts and free you before you are crushed.

-In the next room suck the chain to the right of the entrance door and blow or suck the fan on the wall to solve the simple riddle of the bridge. If you want to go down between the spikes under Gummiluigi to open a casket with ingots. Once the bridge is lined up, go on paying attention to the tilting shutters.

-In the new room with the archers, use Gummiluigi to suck the cart on the right and place it in front of the first 3 archers. Then go to the left and, after having used the rainbow to make the chariot appear, do the same.

-Cross the entire corridor and remove the tapestries from the walls by vacuuming them. After taking off the last tapestry, shoot with the rainbow to reveal the treasure room door of Maniero Misteryo full of ingots and coins.

-Fantasma BOSS King Fright: Wait for him to point you with the spear and just before he catches you to throw you in the air hit him with the strobobulb. He'll be stunned, so use the sucker on the armour and slam him. Repeat this process 3 times.

Broken the armor will be invulnerable thanks to the shield that protects it. When it swirls towards you, run away and tire it out without getting hit. Now use the strobe to make it tangible and then aspirate it. Defeated will release the button on elevator 7.

Floor 7 - Botanical chambers

-Pursue until you pick up the button. -Mm-hmm. After the film and the appearance of the tree, climb up, aspiring to everything in your path. Aspirate the creeper to overcome the abyss and then the bush to access the next room. Aspirate the leaves on the wall to reveal the door and continue. However, ghosts will appear, stun them with the strobobulb and then suck away their flower before you eliminate them as always.

-In the next room aspirate all the petals to get ingots, coins and a golden mouse. Then vacuum the left wall and press X to continue. After the movie avoid the pineapples and once on top vacuum the bush to remove it from your path. Go into the bathroom and aspirate all the leaves then take the big vase with the suction cup, drag it and bang it against the toilet releasing a point from which to destroy the brambles that block your way.

-Stritospectrum Ghost: After unblocking the road will appear this new invisible ghost that can be seen from the mirrors. Eliminate it as always. After him a Sfascione with a face full of leaves will appear. Use the jerk to find out and then suck him from behind to eliminate him.

-Go out and continue to the next floor, using Gummiluigi to avoid the pineapples that this time will be double. Enter the new room, activate the rotary saw on the strobe and then saw everything, including furniture, plants and everything in the room. Once you have cleaned it properly from above the bed a chest will fall down, using the rainbow on the hole in the left corner of the entrance door you will find a grate for Gummiluigi and you will also find another one on the right of the exit door. Use everything to earn a lot of money. Then saw the branches in front of the exit and continue.

-As soon as the branch crushes you, use Gummiluigi to free yourself and cut it with the rotary saw. Enter the bathroom with the watermelons and remove the big one by firing a suction cup with Luigi and after having sucked the rope create Gummiluigi and fire another suction cup to remove it in two. Defeated the ghosts you can continue in the hole on the wall.

-Blow with the Poltergust to unroll the branches of the plant and reach the room with the mushrooms. Move the cart with the mushroom to the front of the room and aspirate it. Now climb on the blue branch and then on the mushroom to use the bump and climb. Continue (using Gummiluigi in the duct and taking the chest above the bed to make money) and use the other mushroom to climb. In the upper room aspirate the hammock to reveal a golden ghost. Then use the mushrooms on the side of the canopy bed to climb on it and above the bed use the rainbow to reveal a chest full of pearls and banknotes. Now suck the leaf out the door and get out.

-Breathe in the branches and vines to continue. At the top of the plant use a suction cup with Luigi on one side and a suction cup with Gummiluigi on the other to open it. Then interact with X with the leaf to the south to quickly descend below and pick up the fallen button.

-Phantom BOSS Doctor Plantagrane: Aspirate the rotary saw and hide behind the giant peanuts, attract the carnivorous plant so that it notices you and when it attacks you stand ready to shield yourself with the peanut to get it trapped. Now with the rotary saw cut it out of the pot and then vacuum the boss as usual. Repeat to remove it and get the elevator 8 button.

Plan 8 - Paranormal Production

-Pursue until you get to the closed door. -Mm-hmm. Turn on the TV in the corner with the strobe and then interact with it via X. You will end up in the initial area. Use the suction cup to open the door and obtain the key. Also remember to use a suction cup on the last painting on the right to open it and get a glove and lots of gold. The glove is used to break through the top boxes to get coins and bars.

-Use the key and continue. go straight into the door on the right and vacuum everything, destroying the figurines to make many ingots. Then vacuum the machine on the central table until the golden ghost appears. Finally, use the rainbow under the table to reveal 3 ingots.

-Suck as much as you can and get close to the monkey statue and then jerk off to receive lots of gold.

-To continue, you must necessarily return the requested object to the ghost director. To do this you must first enter each of the 4 sets and activate the corresponding TV so that you can teleport to the central room and then face the 4 sets as follows (remember to suck everything you can from each set, especially by opening the electrical boxes with the suction cup):

-SET 4-

Use the camera and activate Gummiluigi. Shoot the sucker on the box and open it. Suck it all in and take the green cap from the bottle. Deactivate the camera and go, teleporting with the TV in set 1.

-SET 1-

Throw the cap in the well and then activate the camera. Use Gummiluigi to get closer to the well from which a statue with the cap full of water will come out. Take it and go, always on TV to set 2.

-SET 2-

Activate the camera and wait for the boulder to destroy the cart revealing a small plant. Use Gummiluigi and pour water on the plant to make it grow to the tower. Eliminate the ghost invasion then climb up the tower and take the torch.

-SET 3-

Turn on the camera and defeat the ghosts, then use the torch near the central burning door to light it.

-SET 4-

Bring the lit torch to set 4, again via TV, open the box and burn giant spider and cobweb to get the red megaphone.

-Fantasma BOSS Morty Ciak and his set: Once on Morty's set you have to fight some kind of Godzilla ghost. Run until it shoots a big energy ball at you, at which point you blow with the Poltergust to send it back at him. Use the flash to stun him and make him stop firing the small spheres and wait for the big green sphere instead. To send it back at him you will also need the help of Gummiluigi. Now repeat the process for the last time and then quickly press A to defeat the Ghost-Godzilla. Now normally capture the remaining ghost to get the elevator button 9 from Morty. Before leaving the floor, go to the director's room and capture Morty as well to add him to your collection.

-Fantasma BOSS Polthermicia

  1. When you get in the elevator, a ghost cat will steal your button. Chase him and when you get to the 4 televisions use the rainbow to see which one to enter. Defeat the ghosts and then use the rainbow to find kitty's hiding place. She will escape by hiding under the bench first and then in the house on the left. Leave Gummiluigi outside and enter her new hideout. As soon as she comes out go back to Gummiluigi and flash her while she is under the bench.
  2. Wait with Luigi and prepare Gummiluigi. When the pussycat comes down wait until a second before she attacks Luigi and then use the strobe flash with Gummiluigi. Suck her to remove his first tail.
  3. Chase her into the room with the 4 TVs. Get Luigi on the forklift and use Gummiluigi to blow on the knob and get him up. Use the flash on the kitty with Luigi, she'll run away and slip into the ground. Go to the elevator to be attacked by a basket poltergeist. Blow him to the ground with the suction cup and release him from the poltergeist first by lighting him with the strobe and then by sucking the purple balls. Finally take the elevator and get rid of the ghosts inside it and then go down to the Botanical Chambers, floor 7.
  4. Reach the central area and eliminate the mini ghosts just outside the hive. Use the rainbow on the plant and follow the Poltermicia's footprints. Enter the room on the first floor and inhale the ivy in the left corner to reveal the closet. Open it to let the pussycat escape and hide in a bright flower. Open them all with the flash and suck them all up until the kitty is back in the closet. Before opening it with Luigi, place Gummiluigi outside and as soon as the kitten comes out flash her with Gummiluigi. Repeat now the procedure of point 2 to rip off another tail.
  5. Follow the Poltermicia in the bathroom, blow the petals away until it escapes from the window. Now go upstairs and enter the bathroom from the bedroom. You will be attacked by the Tongue-tied Ghost. To defeat him use Gummiluigi and the flash to free Luigi. Then suck one of his tongues with Gummiluigi and one with Luigi at the same time.
  6. Enter the bathroom and use the rainbow in front of the cup to reveal a grate for Gummiluigi. Bring down your clone and on the wall at the bottom right, always use the rainbow to rebuild the tubes. Now go back to Luigi and blow the knobs of the tub to fill it with water. Call Gummiluigi back and together with him break the big watermelon. The Poltermicia will find herself splashing around in the water. Use the strobobulb to enter the nth phase of the fight already described in point 2. Suck his last tail to get the elevator 9 button.

Floor 9 - Museum of Unnatural History

-Pursue to the big red tent and open it by sucking the ropes together with Gummiluigi.

-Fantasma BOSS Troglospectrum and the Tyrannosaurus: Get to the big Tyrannosaurus skeleton to start the fight. Aspirate one of the two eggs and shoot it at the tyrannosaurus that will chew it. While it is chewing, run immediately to the other egg to shoot it in its bright weak spot on the chest. Now you'll have to repeat this process but instead of the first egg just leave Gummiluigi in front of the dinosaur who will stick to chew it like a piece of gum. Finally the tyrannosaurus will detach from its support. Stay away from him and vacuum the various bones around the area by shooting them on his chest (hit him from the sides).

Once hit 3 times it will crumble and you'll have to face the ghost inside. Wait for it to load the attack and when it hits the bone on the ground dodge and avoid the shock wave with a jolt (or take it in full with Luigi and then summon Gummiluigi while the first is stunned). Use the ghost flash while trying to remove the bone from the ground and aspirate. Now release the Toad to receive the elevator button B2.

-Before leaving the floor use Toad or the scattered bones to break all the windows and get pearls and coins.

Floor B2 - Boiler rooms

-When you get there, use the duct on the left, use the rainbow to near the right shelf to make a ladder appear and go behind the elevator to get money and coins, a casket with ingots and golden mice respectively.

-Breathe in the white wall near the first duct to Gummiluigi in order to reveal the right duct to reach the key.

-In the next room eliminate the ghosts then place all three hands of the knobs on the far right and bring Gummiluigi down the duct. Go on as long as you can then go back to Luigi and position the knob hand on the right to the left. Go forward again as long as you can with Gummiluigi and then return to Luigi and position the central knob hand to the left. Now you just have to move forward again with Gummiluigi and with Luigi move the left hand to the left to turn off the last water jet and reach the switch with Gummiluigi.

-In the circular room use the revolving bridge by operating the machine with suction/blowing. Use Gummiluigi to reach the casket on the right and then Luigi to climb the yellow staircase. After the film enter the door and continue. Go down the stairs, climb up the inflatable duck and move around blowing. Reach the duct to Gummiluigi and go down with X. Pass your green clone through the various ducts and at the bottom aspirate the ball to open the passage. Return to Luigi and continue with the inflatable duck.

-Turn the knob at the bottom to block the water and then continue with Gummiluigi and open the passage again. Continue alternating between Luigi and Gummiluigi to pass through the various areas, making haste with Gummiluigi before the duck holes up.

-Defeat the ghosts and set the 2 valves on the background with light on the right (for the one on the left) and the opposite for the other. Then use Gummiluigi and let it enter the left tube. Now with the green clone set the light of the valve upwards while with Luigi move the right valve to make the right light illuminate. then re-enter the tube with Gummiluigi to go back to the beginning and then enter again to reach the top button. Use the suction cup on the button and once the water has drained you can finally continue.

-Go back to the left to revisit the flooded areas and find more gold. You will also find a possessed chest. To defeat it, make it eat Gummiluigi and light it with a rainbow. At the end, go up and go back to the room where the ghost technician had blocked you. Open the door to the last vault and prepare for battle.

-Fantasma BOSS Brugolo: To defeat him you will have to avoid his attacks being careful not to crash into the thorny walls otherwise you will have to swell a duck and go back into the water. Avoiding its attacks with the fan (or by blowing up a bomb near it) the ghost duck will start spinning and you can suck its inflatable duck and then shoot it against the spikes around the area. Once this is done run to the ladder, press X to go out and flashare and suck the ghost. Repeated this process about three times you will defeat him.

-The problem is that the button on lift 10 will end up in the water but you only need to pull the red button with the suction cup to get it down. To exit follow the map, the exit is not very visible but you just need to come to the wall of the screen to see it.

Floor 10 - Egyptian Rooms

-Go right and suck the carpets off the walls to make money. Suck the sand out of the door and come in. There will be a very big room full of sand, if you don't want to suck it follow the next steps:

  • There are 2 Gems buried in the area.
  • If you suck out the first pile on the left, you'll find a treasure chest.
  • By using the sucker to uncork all the sand shovels on the walls you will get different money and you will find golden bats in the one at the bottom left.
  • On the right, near the initial wall you will find a magic lamp. Suck it in until its genius, a golden ghost, comes out.
  • Pay attention to the small island on the right because there is hidden a Sfascione and many mini-fantasma, as well as another casket.
  • The beach ball Boo must be shot at the tip of the pyramid to get golden bats.
  • Finally you will also find several visible amphorae to break with coins and pearls.

-To continue, climb the stairs of the pyramid and examine the statue on the left. Enter and examine the sarcophagus. Once you have fallen, aspirate to the left and examine the statue. Come out of the crack on the wall blowing sand to reach it. Use Gummiluigi to pass the arrows and block them by sucking the rope. Once you have climbed the stairs, enter the sarcophagus to reach the first room where you fell.

-In the new room open all the sarcophaguses that can be opened with the suction cup and use the rainbow on the left pedestal to reconstruct the statue of the cat and get several ingots... To defeat the mummies you'll have to make a jolt and throw them to the ground, then suck them to rub them. Pay attention to where you put your feet because you could operate the Boo balls that will take away 30 life points.

-Get into the room on the right and eliminate the snakes. Blow the sand towards the statue and reach it to activate the laser trap. Quickly blow the sand towards the pedestals with the lasers and when you are close, use the jerk to turn them off before the ceiling collapses on your head. Once the purple ghost has also been eliminated, examine the statue to restore the purple stone snake.

-Get in the room on the left and you'll have to face the riddle of the scales. To get the crocodile weight, put one of the 4 golden sphinxes on the scale, a bit of sand (blowing it) and yourself. A mechanism will be triggered and the barbed ceiling will slowly descend on your head. Put only yourself and very little sand on the scale to reach the second weight. Now you have to load the scale to the maximum. Put all 4 golden sphinxes to overcome the riddle and activate the statue that will restore the blue stone snake.

-Get in the middle room to face the poison trap. -Mm-hmm. You'll simply have to insert the shapes of the elevator quickly.

Floor 11 - Illusory rooms

-Suck the wall on the left and use the rainbow to reveal a door (if you shoot the dice and make 6 you will get several bills). In the next room if you suck and then blow (procedure to be repeated about 3 times) the saw on the box, it will open in half and reveal 2 golden ghosts.

-In the corridor with the paintings, suck the ball to the right and pull to get a pearl. Suck the painting into the central painting to reveal a stack of coins to be shown with the rainbow. Interact with the red device in the corner to obtain ingots and banknotes. Finally, pull the other ball across the hall to reveal a safe.

-After the ghosts have reversed your gravity. Use the strobe on the clock on the left and then quickly use Gummiluigi with the rainbow to make a door appear behind the bed. Enter, defeat the possessed chest (if you operate the toilet before interacting with the chest you can get a fish to shoot in its mouth to stun it) and get the key.

-In the next room, open the panel next to the dispenser with the suction cup and then use Gummiluigi to move quickly between the display cases and collect the ingots. Rotate the central table and once you have aligned the lights in the same place use the left jerk and go on stage. Stand in the middle of the lights and 2 golden ghosts will appear after bowing. Take the suction cup down and enter the new room.

-Send Gummiluigi in the grate on the floor and then go back to Luigi and suck the left wall. Use the rainbow to reveal a door and then go back to Gummiluigi to suck the balls. Interact with the key then suck the rabbit and with your clone hit it with the rainbow to get a key.

-In the room with the bed hanging, vacuum the curtains in front of the mirror to reveal a door. Continue through the next doors until you reach the three ghosts. Now the rooms will no longer lead directly to the next. You will have to pass several rooms and many fights before you can return to the magicians:

-Fantasma BOSS Magic, Amalia and Divine: You will have to wait for the three hats to approach you with the red border. At that moment jerk and then suck the rope that comes out of a hat to pull one of the sorceresses out of her top hat and defeat her as always. Things will get harder and harder shift after shift. That's why it is important that you always keep an eye on the right hat so that you don't pull the bomb out and have to start again. The last round is the most complex because there will only be one ghost and two bombs. Always follow the hat with the ghost and when the lights go out try to keep the right hat under control by jumping to avoid the cards. Defeat, you will get the elevator button 12.

Floor 12 - Pirate's Lair

Body of a thousand whales! It's time to face an entire plan dedicated to pirate ghosts, in this video solution all you have to do to overcome it and defeat the boss.

Plan 13 - Fitness Center

After all these plans, it's time for a little gym, but the Hotel Miramostri has several traps in store for Luigi, discover how to overcome them in this video solution.

Final clash with the Poltermicia

Again on the hunt for the Polthermicia, get ready, this time it will be the last time!

Floor 14 - Disco

The complete guide to overcoming and defeating the boss of floor 14 of the Hotel Miramostri.

Floor 15 - Penthouse

We have now reached the top of the Hotel Miramostri but to defeat the king of ghosts there is still some work to be done.

Final Battle

The final battle of Luigi Mansion 3, find out how to defeat the final boss and watch the secret ending that can be achieved by collecting lots of money, but if you followed our guide you shouldn't have any problems!

Luigi Mansion 3 | Guide to Gems

If you want to complete the Gallery and collect all 102 Gem Luigi’s Mansion 3 s you have on your way. Thanks to our guide that shows the location of each Gem and the process to collect them you will be able to find them without problems.

Floor B2 - Boiler Rooms

The total number of gems is 6 with wrench-shaped:

  1. Gemma: Where you take the initial key. From the wooden walkway go left to reach the gem.
  2. Gemma: In the first circular room enter the door immediately to the left. Move the yellow bucket and let Gummiluigi enter the duct. Go back to Luigi, move the valve above you, continue with Gummiluigi and enter the duct behind the casket (after moving the valve again with Luigi).
  3. Gemma: In the small connecting room between the first circular room and the next. Go to the left of the entrance door and use the rainbow to make the small boiler appear on the table. Then go near the glass window with the controls and use the strobe on the green switch.
  4. Gemma: After draining the area from the water, go to the left until you see a periscope sticking out of the ground. Use the suction cup to release it and let in Gummiluigi, who will end up in a submarine. Aspirate the flaming box and use it on the right to boil the pot and get the gem.
  5. Gem: In the corner of the previously flooded area tied on the ceiling. Use Gummiluigi to pull the black sphere on the wall and make Luigi go up with the elevator.

Floor B1 - Basement

The total number of gems is 6 and square in shape:

  1. Gemstone: Use the Rainlight in the painting on the wall just before the garage door.
  2. Gemma: In the washing machine in the laundry room, use the suction cup shot with L on the glass to vacuum the suction cup and break it.
  3. Gemma: In the garage. Go up the stairs to the left and use Gummiluigi to get over the net. Use the suction cup to open the left electric panel and then the strobe to activate the switch.
  4. Gemma: To the right of the workshop, vacuum the cloth over the car and use the strobobulb to open the hood.
  5. Gemma: Go to the bottom right corner of the garage, the one just behind the car in which you found your weapon. Use the suction cup on the right panel and enter the elevator shaft. Go up the stairs to the top then use Gummiluigi and go to the left, where the floor has cracks, so you can slide down to the lower floor and reach the gem.
  6. Gem: Go up the stairs to the room with the vending machine and once at the top use Gummiluigi to climb the grey trapdoor and slide down from the gem.

Floor 1 - Large Hall

The total number of gems is 6 with diamond shape:

  1. Gem: Go to the reception and use the suction jump to go behind the counter. Use the strobe light of the Strobobulb on the right green light to open the central cupboard and find the gem along with a lot of money to suck.
  2. Gem: Near the lift, slam the vase with the suction cup to break it.
  3. Gemma: Use the suction cup in the circular coat of arms on the cabinet under the picture to the left of the elevator. Once you have sucked in the suction cup the coat of arms will rotate revealing the gem behind the painting.
  4. Gemma: Go up the left central staircase and reach the left balcony. Go to the end of the balcony and use the jerk to roll up the carpet. You will reveal a trapdoor into which Gummiluigi will slide. Do this and use the Bump next to the gem to drop it.
  5. Gem: Go to the entrance of the hotel and look in front of the left and right table. You will notice two switches on the floor. Go up to the left one to lower the chandelier. Without going down, turn on Gummiluigi and go up to the right one. Now suck the chandelier and when it turns, staying on the button and continuing to suck, go back to Luigi without deactivating his copy. Suck the chandelier also with Luigi to make the gem and a shower of coins appear.
  6. Gemma: In the left hand zone. Use the rainbow to reveal a couch and a ghost under the window. eliminate it to get the gem.

Floor 2 - Mezzanine

Total buds are 6 and oval in shape:

  1. Gem: This is the one you saw from the hall in the crack in the wall above the stairs. Aspirate the large chandelier at the top to make it swirl, in the room where Strambic's painting was hanging, and open the left wall where the gem is hidden.
  2. Gemma: In the dressing room, where you took the key to reach the safe with the Rainbow Light. Aspirate the long purple dress in the left side of the dressing room and use the Strobobulbo to open the safe.
  3. Gemma: In front of the door of the large dining room at the end of the central mezzanine corridor. Suction the fan on the right window and turn on the 3 ceiling lights continue to suck in evoking Gummiluigi. Use your clone to remove the sign and also vacuum the fan on the left. Turn on the other 3 lights and the gem will appear.
  4. Gem: In the billiard room to the right of the central corridor. Go up to the raised area with the stairs and wait for the cupboard to open with the target shooting, mirroring the pig's butt. Then go to the left of the billiard table and draw your sword from the wall. Now throw it into the target shooting to get the gem.
  5. Gemma: In the bathroom on the right. Open the last door on the right with the suction cup. Suck the newspaper and then the ghost who was reading it to get the gem.
  6. Gemma: Reach the kitchen through the large dining room. Use the suction cup to open the left refrigerator door and enter the freezer. Suck in the giant fish lantern and then suck in the shelves until an ice cube blocks your suction. Go back and bring the barrel of your weapon with the ice cube closer to the stove to find the gem.

Floor 3 - Hotel Shops

The total number of gems is 6 and drop-shaped:

  1. Gem: In the closed bathroom just to the left of the elevator. To reach it you have to enter the adjacent bathroom and use the rainbow to make the grating appear on the floor at the point indicated by the mirror. Then use Gummiluigi to go down, reach the valve and close it so that the water leak in the adjacent bathroom stops. Go back to Luigi and use the suction cup to open the trapdoor in the wall to the left of the sink. Call Gummiluigi back and let him go through the new grate that has just been revealed. You will end up in the adjacent bathroom and since you have closed the water you can reach the gem without any problem.
  2. Gem: In the heart shop. Use Gummiluigi to get in and then shoot a suction cup on the left mannequin bust and suck it to open a room behind the mirror further ahead. The gem is above the chest, suck it in until you get it.
  3. Gem: In the picture shop. Attach a suction cup in one of the two middle cases and use it to release the gem from the window at the bottom.
  4. Gemma: Use the rainbow to make the stairs to the left of the flower shop appear. Go up and open the casket to find the gem.

Floor 4 - Concert Hall

The total number of gems is 6 with a musical note shape:

  1. Gem: Use Luigi to blow on the trombone, just outside the elevator, until the gem comes out and at the same time Gummiluigi to aspirate it.
  2. Gemma: Down the first corridor to the left. Continue to use the strobobulb on the Pop-cron machine until it explodes.
  3. Gemma: In the little room to the left of the stage. Use the rainbow on the piano and then play it.

Piano 5 - Spectral Rooms

The total number of gems is 6 and rectangular in shape:

  1. Gemma: Throw down the suction cup machine to access the floor laundry in the area to the right of the elevator. In the left corner of the laundry room, use the suction cup on the hatch to reveal the gem.
  2. Gem: After room 505, suck the ball into the left alcove and shoot at the statue in the right alcove to get the gem.
  3. Gem: In 508. Go to the bathroom and suck the cloth covering the hole in the wall. Enter the new room and remove the objects in front of the opening in the wooden fence that separates you from the gem.
  4. Gem: On the balcony of room 508, look through the telescope until a ghost appears. Defeat it to get the gem.

Floor 6 - Mystery Manor

The total number of gems is 6 with sword-shaped:

  1. Gem: Just past the castle gate in the corridor with the 3 armor. Use the rainbow to make the missing armour appear in the second alcove on the right, then destroy it.
  2. Gem: Immediately after the area where you can see the arena from above. Enter the left door and use the suction cup on the central wall between the weapons racks. Once you open the wall you will find the gem in the casket.
  3. Gem: In the cellar. Open the large barrel on the right, enter it and go to the right to climb the stairs and reach the gem.
  4. Gemma: In the room with the elevator. Go down and as soon as you exit the elevator blow on the fan on the left to bring down the cage with the gemstone. Use Gummiluigi to take it.
  5. Gemma: In the treasure room on the floor. At the end of the last corridor before the final area, suck the tapestry out of the wall and then use the rainbow to reveal a door to the room.
  6. Gemma: After you have defeated the boss of the area, go up the exit steps and at the top, vacuum out the second armour. The sword-shaped gem is planted in it.

Floor 7 - Botanical Chambers

The total buds are 6 with flower-shaped:

  1. Bud: In the first room after the tree appears. Use the suction cup to open the bedside table to the right of the bed and then Gummiluigi to slip into the pipe. Above the bed use the strobe flash on the flower to make the bud appear.
  2. Gem: In the bathroom with the petals. Suck the petals into the tub to reveal the bud and then those in front of the cup to reveal a Gummiluigi conduit. Go down and once at the bottom of the area aspirate the wall to remove the ivy and find the right conduit that leads to the gem.
  3. Gem: In the bathroom with watermelons. Use the rainbow in front of the cup to reveal a grate on the floor. Go down with Gummiluigi and at the end on the left use again the rainbow to connect the pipes. Now go back to Luigi and blow on the knobs of the tub until some water will make the flower grow next to Gummiluigi. Use the strobobulb flash to open it and find the bud.
  4. Gem: In the room with the mushrooms. Aspirate the curtains of the bed and pass over the blue branch until you come down behind the sofa. When you reach the bottom of the room open the bright flowers with the strobobulb. In the one in the left corner is hidden the bud. Use Gummiluigi to reach it from the duct (the entrance is on the wall shortly after going down).
  5. Gemma: In an alcove at the top of the floor on the right. To reach it go up to the top of the plant, go left and suck the branch to continue. Suck the ivy from the wall to reveal an entrance that will lead you to the bud.
  6. Gem: In the initial corridor under the last painting on the right. Use the rainbow to reveal it.

Floor 8 - Paranormal Productions

The total number of gems is 6 and coil-shaped:

  1. Gem: Aspirate the helicopter propeller at the entrance until it lowers and releases the gem.
  2. Gem: In the area after the initial corridor where there is a TV in the left corner. Break the plant with the suction cup near the TV and vacuum the carpet from the corner where the plant was to lift it.
  3. Gem: In the area of the previous gem. Suck in the golden film in front of the counter and unroll it. You will reveal an alcove with the bud. Use Gummiluigi to reach it.
  4. Gem: On set 3. Suck the blanket wrap over the bicycle to reveal a ghost. Break it down to receive the gem.
  5. Gemma: In the central hall with the 4 TVs. Use the orange forklift on the left to pick up Luigi and leave Gummiluigi to blow on the fan to raise the platform. Taking care not to fall, reach the gem trapped in the ice and take it downstairs. Activate the TV 3 by turning on its counterpart in door 3. Suck the gem into the ice and carry it to set 3 via the TV. Leave the gem on the set and go to the camera. Use Gummiluigi to move around the set, suck in the ice cube and bring it near the fire to get the gem.
  6. Gem: In the big bottle of set 4. Use Gummiluigi to get in.

Floor 9 - Museum of Unnatural History

The total number of gems is 6 with impressions:

  1. Gem: Under the desk opposite the entrance. Blow the chair by turning it as fast as possible but staying outside the rectangular platform around it so that it rotates and reveals the gem.
  2. Gem: In the corridor on the left. Aspirate the flowers to the right to reveal a green switch. Operate it with the strobobulb to raise the Tyrannosaurus skeleton on the back wall. Use the strobobulb again on the revealed safe.
  3. Gemma: In the area in front of the curtain facing the second room, inside the case on the right. Break it with a bone or Toad when you release him.
  4. Gemma: Break the pterodactyl skeleton at the top just outside the elevator with a bone or Toad when you release it.
  5. Gemma: In the window in the right corner of the first area. Break it with a bone and then break the vase inside to reveal a ghost. Defeat him to get the gem.
  6. Gem: In the display case in the left corner of the first area. Break it and use the rainbow on the pedestals.

Floor 10 - Egyptian Halls

The total number of buds is 6 snake-shaped:

  1. Gemma: Down the first corridor. Suck the tail of the snake to open its mouth, then use Gummiluigi to get the gem.
  2. Gemma: To the left of the pyramid. Suck in the big pile to unearth the gem.
  3. Gem: To the right of the pyramid in the mouth of the stone snake. Dissect the three parts of the snake and then use the rainbow to reassemble it.
  4. Gemma: In the room with the two big stone balls. Open the right sarcophagus with the suction cup until a crystallized ghost comes out.
  5. Gemma: In the room with the poison. Break the vases next to the statue to find one of the blue forms that will be shot in the left wall in the antechamber of the area (watch out for the mummy).

Floor 11 - Illusory rooms

The total number of gems is 6 with nut-shaped:

  1. Gem: In the first room on the left. Suck the circular board from one side until the gem appears (do not get hit by swords).
  2. Gem:

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