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Lucky Luke it's a video game which, over the years, has been developed and published on numerous consoles and home computers. One of these versions, one of the most beautiful, however, is the one for Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

Most of these games just like that for SNES, it was developed by the French software house Infogrames. While all of these titles made their way to Europe, the only two games on Lucky Luke that made it to North America were those for Game Boy Color and PlayStation. 
La graphics by Lucky Luke for Super Nintendo is very colorful and captivating and faithfully reproduces the typical atmosphere of both the comic and the TV series. Although it cannot be said that this is one of the best platformers ever produced, it is true that it is still enjoyable and fun, especially considering the fact that it is usually found at more than reasonable figures.

We especially liked the Game Boy version: if you happen to, play us a game!

On the home screen, go to Options and then Password.

Joe 4000 Jack 3000 William 1000 Avrell 0000 (Easy): Revolt in the Penitentiary
Joe 7000 Jack 1000 William 4000 Avrell 9000 (Easy): The Fort
Joe 1000 Jack 8000 William 3000 Avrell 9000 (Easy): The Indian Camp
Joe 5000 Jack 3000 William 7000 Avrell 1000 (Easy): The Pacific Railroad Part 1
Joe 6000 Jack 8000 William 1000 Avrell 5000 (Easy): The Saloon in Coyote Gulch
Joe 4000 Jack 5000 William 2000 Avrell 6000 (Medium): The Indian Camp
Joe 0000 Jack 6000 William 3000 Avrell 9000 (Medium): The Pacific Railroad Part 2
Joe 1000 Jack 9000 William 5000 Avrell 7000 (Medium): The Saloon in Coyote Gulch

Lucky Luke - SNES


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