Low G Man NES passwords and codes

Low G Man, also known by the full name of Low G Man: The Low Gravity Man, it's a platform game genre developed by the Japanese software house KID and published for NES in Europe since Nintendo and in North America from Taxan.

Low G Man is divided into five chapters, each of which is in turn divided into scenes, for a total of fifteen levels that guarantee the game a good longevity. At the end of each level it is necessary to defeat a final boss in order to move on to the next stage.
After finishing the game and watching the final scenes and credits, the game will automatically restart from the first level of the first chapter. Low G Man can be said to be actually completed after you have finished the game three times. Not an easy feat, for which you may need Password, which we provide for the Standard level, basically for the first time you complete it.

Chapter 1-2 - MATT
Chapter 1-3 - HNRY
Chapter 2-1 - MICH
Chapter 2-2 - DANM
Chapter 2-3 - JIMG
Chapter 3-1 - ELLE
Chapter 3-2 - MALZ
Chapter 3-3 - HISA
Chapter 3-4 - ETSU
Chapter 4-1 - ISAC
Chapter 4-2 - KUNI
Chapter 4-3 - KAWA
Chapter 5-1 - BILL
Chapter 5-2 - ISHI
Final - KID (heart)

Get to the Walker in Chapter 1, Scene 2, freeze him and kill the driver to get into the vehicle. Move a few steps to the left and use the Walker's special jump. You will reach the upper edge of the screen, where you will see a sort of landing. On this landing is a secret door which acts as a warp.

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