Loaded PlayStation 1 cheats and codes

Loaded it's a video game known in Japan as Blood Factory. This is a video game developed by Gremlin Interactive and published by Interplay Entertainment su Sony PS1 and Sega Saturn.

The game takes cue from DC Comics and Vertigo Comics comics. Loaded is set in the distant future: the goal of the players is to escape from a maximum security prison, protected by highly advanced technologies. To advance from level to level you need to find cards that allow you to move on to the next phase.
Loaded consists of ben 15 labyrinths, full of enemies of all kinds that can be eliminated using the primary weapon supplied, with infinite ammunition, or bombs available in limited numbers. L'primary weapon it can be upgraded and improved by collecting pieces that do not last indefinitely but only for a certain number of hits. The sequel to the game is called Re-Loaded.

This second chapter almost entirely incorporates the dynamics of its predecessor, however providing the player with longer levels, two new characters (but eliminating two others) and above all a decidedly improved graphics. Loaded is known for his excessive difficulty.

Press Start during the game to bring up the options menu. Keep L1 + L2 pressed until the red cursor stops moving. Keep holding the keys and press: LEFT, DOWN, RIGHT, TRIANGLE, SQUARE, X, CIRCLE.
Select the "Lives" option from the menu for additional lives.

Pause the game and hold L1 + L2 until the red cursor stops. Keep holding them and press X, R1, TRIANGLE, R1, SQUARE, CIRCLE, R2, R2, X to skip the current level.

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