Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time - Trophies List

Bandai Namco has always accustomed us to excellent video game transpositions of the most famous anime and/or manga around. If the sagas of One Piece: Pirate Warriors and Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm represent the two most famous manga and anime of the last years, if Dragon Ball FighterZ has been a huge success, it's now the turn of Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time . This umpteenth product, baked from the Land of the Rising Sun, started its "career" as a double short film, from which a TV series, distributed by Netflix, and as many as three manga series were made. Could he ever miss the landing in the world of video games? Of course not! After the official announcement, which took place last summer, we finally had the chance to get our hands on the game.

If you are looking for trophies that can be obtained in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time , in this article you will find a complete list of all the objectives to unlock. Before proceeding any further, it is necessary to make a necessary premise: THE LIST TO THE TROPHIES OF THE GAME CONTAINS SPOILER! Therefore, proceed at your own risk.

All trophies in Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time

Let's start right away by saying that Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time you will receive 26 trophies, including 9 bronze, 9 silver, 7 gold and the inevitable platinum trophy. Most of them will simply require the completion of all the dungeons in the game, as well as the discovery of all collectible items. Precisely for this reason, as many will have already understood, getting to the platinum trophy in this game will not be an impossible mission at all, but it may take you quite a bit of time, as the contents available in the title Bandai Namco are really many.

We remind our readers that the following list of trophies will Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time be updated later with ways to get all achievements as quickly as possible. Precisely for this reason, we recommend that you return cyclically to this page, so that you do not miss any updates published by us.

Bronze Trophies

Forest Explorer Mimosa
Obtain the Mimosa Key and defeat the Great Treant in the Mimosa Forest.

Regulus Mines Explorer
Obtain the Regulus Key and defeat the Giant Slime in the Regulus Mines.

Mt. Ankaa Explorer
Obtain the Ankaa Key and defeat Cerberus on Mt. Ankaa.

Shaula Desert Explorer
Obtain the Shaula Key and defeat the Ant Queen in the Shaula Desert.

Gienah Tundra Explorer
Obtain the Gienah Key and defeat the Divine Dragon in the Gienah Tundra.

Labyrinth of Pollux Explorer
Obtain the Pollux Key and defeat the Time Demon in the Labyrinth of Pollux.

Queen of Spice
Become the Queen of Spice in the Super-Spicy Showdown.

Legendary Broom
Obtain the Shooting Star Replica.

Luna Nova News (LNN) Scoop Reporter
Obtain the journalism club microphone.

Silver Trophies

Magic Within
Recover 18 Chariot Cards.

"Nightfall" Collector
Collect all volumes of "Nightfall".

Second Wonder
Complete the Guard Dog and the Pendulum.

Third Wonder
Complete the Hourglass of Fire and Ice.

First Wonder
Complete the Time Demon and the Labyrinth.

Final Wonder
Complete the Ghost Witch and the Last Nightmare.

Prodigal Witch
Learn all of the battle spells.

Decorator Extraordinaire
Collect all of the room decorations.

Laundry King
Earn the title of Laundry King in the Laundry King Championship.

Golden Trophies

Frog Girl
Watch the Akko Episode.

The Ordinary
Watch the Lotte Episode.

Mushroom Poison Queen
Watch the Sucy Episode.

Dark Horse
Watch the Amanda Episode.

Mega Mecha Otaku
Watch the Constanze Episode.

Food Fighter
Watch the Jasminka Episode.

Cool Beauty
Watch the Diana Episode.

Platinum Trophy

The Moonlight Witch
Collect all trophies.

As usual, you'll Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time only get the platinum trophy after you unlock all other trophies in the game.

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