Little Samson NES cheats and passwords

Little Samson it's a platform / action video game developed by Takeru and published by Taito Corporation to NES in 1993; the game is known in Japan as Seirei Densetsu Rikkuru.

Taito released this amazing video game in the heyday of platform games, with the aim of achieving a similar success to that of Hudson Soft with Adventure Island or Capcom with Mega Man. Little Samson is characterized by magnificent graphics especially for the era and for a 8 bit console, especially in the creation of the end-of-level bosses, whose super-accurate details contrast with those of the main character, with simpler graphics.
Little Samson is one of the most expensive NES games and sought after by collectors, with auctions that often reach (and sometimes exceed) 1.000 euros for the boxed version. One day we also hope to have it in our hands, in the meantime we leave you at Password, if you are lucky enough to own it. And beware of fake and repro cartridges: there are too many of them around, especially for sale from Russia and Spain, and very often they are not distinguished from the originals!

Passwords are 4 letters long. The first password is for the EASY level while the second for the NORMAL. Passwords with an asterisk (*) are hidden passwords, not displayed during gameplay. There are no passwords for Stage 4b: Crab Ride.

QLXZ | 2FK Stage 10: Temple
CLZT | GWLH Stage 11: Volcano
J62? | C92K Stage 12: Dark Mountain
40N6 * | 8NBX * Stage 13 Boss + max health & potions
DP03 | GPLH Stage 13: North Castle
&&&& * | JR6P Stage 14: Floating Castle part 1
(none) | BN7Z * Stage 15: Floating Castle part 2
(none) | N0QB * Stage 16 Boss + max health & potions
(none) | 0ZZ6 * Stage 16: Floating Castle part 3
(none) | ? 9MW * Stage 17: Floating Castle part 4
? 2KC | 7XGN Stage 1: Ruins
40N7 * | K7W6 * Stage 1: Ruins + max health & potions
BN&S | KK7B Stage 2: Sky
BCWR * | V5? 3 * Stage 3: Waterfall
5JSQ | XSRR Stage 4a: Mushroom Cave
NS6K | ZW4 & Stage 5: Forest
4RD7 * | FWWF * Stage 6: Swamp
1NWB | 3MTT Stage 7: Bubble Cave
PHC & | XBQQ Stage 8: Mountain Base
VM84 * | D6HL * Stage 9: Ice Palace

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