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This video game is the second chapter of the horror anthology saga titled The Dark Pictures Anthology. Little Hope is a very interesting game, to enjoy it before thinking about getting all the trophies and without setting too many limits. Almost all trophies are obtained by performing certain actions throughout the game, so you may get them with little effort.

Little Hope's collectibles and head choice trophies

If you pay a little attention, you'll find it easy to get all of the collectibles without needing to replay any part of the game. These trophies are as follows:

Secrets of the Underworld

To get the trophy you will need to find all 23 witchcraft secrets, which are scattered throughout the game. The witchcraft secrets are these:

Book of Paganism - Episode "Reunion".

It's at the beginning of the game, you'll walk behind the bus and find it among the broken glass.

Hidden flyer - Episode "Vince".

You'll find it on a table in the bar near the exit of the bar.

War photo - Episode "Vince

In the bar, on the floor near the exit is located this sorcery secret.

Visitors map - Episode "Deceptions".

This is located at the beginning of the path, to the left of the railing.

Rune Stones - Episode "Another Path".

After leaving the courtyard and going down the cliff, you'll have to turn left and you'll find a barn with the secret inside.

Newspaper: Minister Arrested - Episode "Another Way".

Once you enter the shop through the upstairs window, you'll have to go down the hallway until you reach a hole in the ground. Before you go down, turn right and enter the room this secret is on a shelf.

Hippie Artifacts - Episode "The Bridge".

In the police station, located in the room in front of the phone.

Shattered Statue - Episode "The Bridge".

Just outside the police station you will find this secret of witchcraft, on the right side of the road.

Stone Inscription - Episode "Lost".

At the start of the trail with Daniel, you must continue until you find the map "Little Hope Town" on the left. You will have to stand with your back to the map and go forward and when you find a path on the right go that way. You will find a big rock with the secret.

Lambert's Car - Episode "Troubled Past".

This secret can be found in the museum, on the wall next to the door you came in through. Inspect the frame with the writing and look at the floor.

Maria's Testimony - Episode "Turbulent Past".

In the museum, in this case on the wall behind the mannequins. Inspect the portrait and then you must look down to read the plaque.

Maria's witness statement - Episode "Turbulent Past".

In the museum, in the room after the mannequins. You will have to remove the paper from the wall frame to find this secret.

Illustration of the courtroom - Episode "Turbulent Past".

In the museum, in the room after the mannequins, in the far corner. You must remove the paper from the frame.

Ancient Bible - Episode "Turbulent Past".

In the museum while playing as Daniel. On a table in the hallway, when you leave the room you will find Taylor.

Tilly Johnson's House - Episode "Haunted".

When you leave the museum with Taylor, you'll find him on the right side of the road, in front of the "picnic" bench that Daniel sits on.

Graduation Day Massacre - Episode "Chased".

This one is very close to the previous secret "Tilly Johnson's House".

Execution Site - Episode "Pursued".

After leaving the museum with Taylor, you must follow the road until you see a path to the left with a sign. Follow the road and you will find it.

Photo of the church - Episode "Surrounded".

Inside the church, as you enter the main room with the pews, turn left, and you'll find it on the wall near the door.

Shepherds of Little Hope - Episode "Surrounded".

This secret is in the main room of the church, on the wall by the window.

Mary's Tomb - Episode "Reflections".

On the dirt road, once you find the "historical restoration" sign in front of the factory, you must turn left and continue walking until you find a "picnic" table and the tombstone.

Portrait of Judge Wyman - Episode "In Ruins".

You must go down the stairs of the factory, and you will find the secret in the back room.

Letter from Judge Wyman - Episode "In Ruins".

It's right in the same place as the previous secret "Portrait of Judge Wyman".

Letter from Reverend Carson - Episode "Ouroboros".

From the main hallway in the ruined house, it's in the dining room with the grandfather clock, near the stairs.

How many kills

You're going to get this trophy by completing the prologue.

On a roll

To get this trophy you will have to complete 5 combat events in a row. You'll have plenty of chances to do this when you're towards the end of the game.

There's a Friend in Me

You're going to get this trophy when you play your game with choices with your head, and it will probably be the result of your interactions with Taylor whenever you try to reassure him.


This trophy is awarded when you've made all decisions with your heart. You can tell whether you've made the head or heart choice in the pause menu, so you can control how you progress when it comes to unlocking it.

Coming Deadly

You will get this trophy when you find all the black postcards.

Rays of Hope

You will get this trophy when you find all the white postcards.


To get this trophy you will have to select the "Play Alone" option from the main menu of the game. When you reach the end credits this trophy will unlock automatically.

Family Portrait

You will get this trophy when you find all the family secrets.


You will get this trophy when you find all the postcards, therefore, you will have earned the trophies Deathly Comings and Rays of Hope.

Little Hope Heartfelt Decisions Trophies

If you make all the decisions with your heart and make everyone stay alive all the way to the ruined house you will earn another good amount of trophies. They are as follows:


To get this trophy you will need to play through the "Movie Night" mode you have in the main menu. Completing this game will unlock the trophy.

Benchmark Opinion

This is the trophy you're going to win once you make all the decisions with your head. You will be able to easily differentiate a head choice by the icon of a brain behind the dialogue or action choice.

The Dream of Reason Produces Monsters

This is the trophy you'll get if no one survives, it's closely related to the All Dead, All Rotten trophy.

All Dead, All Rotten

In this case you will get the trophy if no one survives the ruined house. The easiest way to get this is to combine it with your choice game with your heart, and opt to fight the other characters whenever possible. All characters have to survive to the end of the game, but you will also have to pay attention that none of them have the traits that will save them from dying.

A Fate Worse Than Death

This is the trophy you get when Andrew has saved himself from himself and it is possible during the game of choices with the heart.

Trophies when everyone lives in Little Hope

These trophies that you have yet to get are related to maximizing character traits and everyone living in the game. They are as follows:

Use Your Head

You'll need to make Sensible one of John's two main traits. This can be done during the election game with the head without any problems.

Lord have mercy

The trophy is awarded when Compassion has been one of Andrew's main traits, the best choice is usually a combination of head and heart answers.

What not? I'm telling you it is!

You'll be able to get this trophy during your game with either head or heart choices, depending on the choices you make. It's all about Stubbornness being one of Taylor's main traits.

Voice of Experience

Understanding has to be one of Angela's two main traits to get this trophy, it can be a bit difficult but it does eventually unlock.

We All Have Demons

To get this trophy you will need to defeat Taylor's demons. You'll have a chance to get it in the election game with the head.


You will have to save Mary to get this trophy. To do so, you will need to have found the secret of the Old Bible in the museum while playing as Daniel and Taylor.


Once you reach the "In Ruins" chapter of the game, you will find yourself in a situation where you will come face to face with the demon that has been chasing Daniel. If you manage to save Daniel by completing the quick events you will get this trophy.

Free Spirit

You must save Taylor to get this trophy, easily obtained by unlocking We All Have Demons.

Inner Strength

You must save Andrew to get this trophy. You will most likely get it towards the end of your Headed Choices game.


In this case you'll have to save John to get this trophy. When you get to the "Ouroboros" chapter at the end of the game, John will face the demon that has been chasing him and you will have to complete a series of quick events to save him and unlock the trophy.

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