Lightning Returns Returns FFXIII - Getting Soul Seeds

During the course of the adventure of Lightning Returns Final Fantasy XIII you will meet a man named Baird who, through one of Luxerion's complementary missions, will introduce you to the search for SEEDS OF SOUL. Let's see how to get them quickly and easily!

These particular seeds are represented by small fragments that sparkle with a purple aura and can only be found in CAOS ZONES, dark areas that appear randomly in certain locations and where you can encounter enemies with enhanced stats. Within these zones you'll find seeds on the ground and you can collect them as simple objects. When you collect 50 seeds and sell them to Baird or one of his colleagues in another region of the world, you'll get, in addition to several Gils, the "RISK COLLECTION" trophy/object . If you continue collecting up to 100 seeds you will get an Elixir and the "MYSTICAL FILTER" trophy/goal from now on this miraculous potion can be purchased by Baird and colleagues.
Finding 100 soul seeds, however, is not an easy task. In my guidebook I will show you how to find them all in a short time and without particular effort:

Complete the Complementary Mission of Yusnaan THE SAFARI OF DEATH.

Begin Yusnaan's Complementary Mission to eliminate enemies in an area of chaos. Seeds will be generated automatically in this area and you will only need to collect a fair amount of seeds without ending up killing the required number of opponents. Collected some seeds will be enough to exit the area interacting with the panel near the entrance door. In this way you will lose the progress in mission but the seeds collected will remain in your inventory. Repeat the process to collect all the seeds you need. In about 2 hours you will be able to collect the 100 seeds required for the trophy/goals.

IMPORTANT: Remember to use Chronostasis often, during the collection, in order to eliminate time losses as you will quickly recharge PE thanks to the enemies you will meet in the dark zone.

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