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Sony kindly offered us to preview for you "Let's go crazy“, The latest title in the PlayLink series that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a game controller.

How will this function be implemented? Let's find out together!

NapNok Games returns to the stage

The developers of Frantics, another game in the series PlayLink, they return to the field showing a new party game for the whole family, where instead of playing animals as in the previous title we will be common chimpanzees.

In order to use the phone as a controller, as always, you will need to download the title application from Google Play Store and by 'App Store, application that hovers over the 33MB of total weight.

It will be a fundamental requirement that the phone or tablet have a version equal to or higher than Android 4.4 or a later version of iOS 9.0.

Don't forget that each player will need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the Playstation.

Let's go crazy bro!

Before starting with the game it is mandatory to talk about the Customization of the character; each player just connected to the game via phone will have to take a selfie to represent the face of the chimpanzee they will play, and based on the number of players in the game they will receive their own primate of a specific color that cannot be replaced.

This will not be the only type of customization available, since during the games you will win points that can be used to randomly unlock items for our pet; it will in fact be possible to customize the headgear footwear ed an additional accessory..

"Go col bongo!"

After this initial phase we start having fun: we will have 4 categories of games available immediately, namely:

  • Board game: a more full-bodied game than the others, where we will have to challenge our friends to a race on the board; For each minigame, based on how many points will be earned, precise stars will be given that will be used to advance from box to box, and according to the rules the last in the row will be able to roll a die to advance further boxes.
  • Individual challenge : This solitary mode will be based on defeating the great orangutan "Orangutan" in three random challenges where quickness of hand and reflexes will be the key to success.
  • Random game: in this game minigames are selected at random and the winner will be the player with the most stars received in the games.
  • Custom match: by customizing the game you can have a selection of minigames chosen by the whole group, where the winner will be whoever collects the most stars.

The feature that has been most appreciated is the game-in-game advancement in a "Board Game" style, capable of making the gameplay more funny e long-lived although the game will usually last around 20 minutes on average.

While these are positive factors, the minigames are few e repetitive compared to the previous title "Frantics".

Where I go?

All minigames will not have directional controls but will be based on the momentum; our chimpanzee will always tend to turn around and the only way to move it will be touch the screen of the device when the animal moves to the desired area.

This will make the gameplay a lot chaotic e inaccurate, leaving less room for the individual skill of the player and therefore often and willingly rewarding the good and old Goddess Blindfolded.

Another pattern of movement of our creatures occurs while in the air, where depending on the minigame you can swoop into the ground or perform a double jump.

Ugly but original chimpanzees

NapNok games has adopted a strange design for its characters and in particular for this chapter, where even if the chimpanzees are not beautiful to look at (especially for a child, target user of the game) they are original and with a very cartoon style often reduced to almost comic facial expressions.

The engine used to bring it all to life is Unity, which despite not enjoying much fame on consoles manages to make a good impression showing very strong and lively colors, accompanied by a well-made "board game" map.

And the music?

Music is a question mark; with the exception of the music on the very “natural environmental” menu, the rest is a lot anonymous. The fact that it's a party game doesn't justify its lack of songs, which don't even go as far as catchy or impactful.

Final impressions

Let's go crazy having fun ... but he just does it for the first 30 minutes, eventually getting lost between random checks, a few very repetitive minigames and music that is not exactly the maximum of originality.

At the price of 19.99 EUR it is not highly recommended, as it does not even meet the minimum standards of a game of the genre of its big brother "Frantics”, From the same developer and at the same price.

We recommend reading ours  review about!

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