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Lego racers is driving simulation game developed by LEGO Medium and released by LEGO in 1999 for the console Nintendo 64.

Predecessor of LEGO Stunt Rally, the game boasts a fun "Circuit race”In which you can compete on 25 different 3-lap tracks, divided into 6 circuits of 4 tracks each and 1 circuit with a single track (the final level). The player's goal is to get more points than the opponents and to triumph from circuit to circuit, while improving their avatar and their racing car. The last race, the one against the reigning champion Rocket Racer, will see you opposed to the latter, in an attempt to win the title of "LEGO Champion".
Before you get to challenge Rocket Racer, however, you need to defeat six other champions, which are in order: Captain Barbarossa (Bluebeard parody), King Kahuka, Basil the Bat, Johnny Thunder, Baron von Baron and Moth the queen of insectoids. Each of these champions can count on the help of four henchmen, who are very obstinate in putting a spoke in the wheel.

Go to the "Build" menu. Select "New Driver" from the "Build Driver" screen. Enter the following codes on the “Make License” screen. After entering the codes, remember to press DOWN and not the A key.
NMRCHTS - Disable all tricks
FSTFRWRD - Faster game
PGLLGRN - Green power-ups only
NSLWJ - Keep your speed off the track
LNFRRRM - Mirror path
NWHLS - No wheels
PGLLRD - Red power-ups only
NDRVR - Removes the driver from the car
PGLLYLL - Yellow power-ups only

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