Legend of Legaia PS1 cheats and codes

Legend of Legaia it's a turn-based RPG genre video game developed for the console Sony PlayStation. The protagonist of the videogame is Vahn, a young man who has to save the world from the "Fog".

Helped by friends Noa and Gala, Vahn explores the world and engages in fights with creatures of all kinds, supported by an equally fierce and skilled party. Although the battles take place in turn as in many other video games of the same genre, the peculiarity of Legend of Legaia is in the attack phase each character can select a certain number of shots in different directions and create a powerful combo.
The plot of the game is as follows: when God created the world, humans immediately appeared as weaker than other creatures. This until the appearance of the Seru, who joined the men improving them in strength and intelligence. The human race was thus able to evolve but faced a new threat that had developed in the meantime.

We are talking about the "Mist" (The Mist), which made the Seru go crazy making them evil and very aggressive: in this state, if they joined a human being, the Seru took total control. A situation that caused chaos and that only Vahn can solve.

You will need around 500 coins (5.000 gold pieces) for this trick. Buy 5 Seru Bread. Go to the nearest shop and sell the bread for 3.000 gold. Use gold to buy more coins and more Seru Bread.

When you go to Sol, get yourself a couple of coins and play the slots. Be patient enough to get a bonus game. You need to get x3 10 or a very high score. Repeat this until you have 3.500 to 5.000 tokens. Exchange the tokens for Soru Bread and sell it in any shop. You will get 3.000 gold pieces for each loaf.

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